Automatic Feature Set Selection for Merging Image Segmentation Results Using Fuzzy Clustering

Ali, Ameer; Dooley, Laurence S. and Karmakar, Gour (2005). Automatic Feature Set Selection for Merging Image Segmentation Results Using Fuzzy Clustering. In: 8th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT '05), 28-30 Dec 2005, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



The image segmentation performance of clustering algorithms is highly dependent on the features used and the type of objects contained in the image, which limits the generalization ability of such algorithms. As a consequence, a fuzzy image segmentation using suppressed fuzzy c-means clustering (FSSC) algorithm was proposed that merged the initially segmented regions produced by a fuzzy clustering algorithm, using two different feature sets each comprising two features from pixel location, pixel intensity and a combination of both, which considered objects with similar surface variations (SSV), the arbitrariness of fuzzy c-means (FCM) algorithm using pixel location and the connectedness property of objects. The feature set selection for the initial segmentation in the merging technique was however, inaccurate because it did not consider all possible feature set combinations and also manually defined the threshold used to identify objects having SSV. To overcome these limitations, a new automatic feature set selection for merging image segmentation results using fuzzy clustering (AFMSF) algorithm is proposed, which considers the best feature set selection and also calculates the threshold based upon human visual perception. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis prove the superiority of AFMSF algorithm compared with other clustering techniques including FSSC, FCM, possibilistic c-means (PCM) and SFCM, for different image types.

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