A generic shape descriptor using Bezier curves

Sohel, F. A.; Karmakar, G. C and Dooley, L. S. (2005). A generic shape descriptor using Bezier curves. In: IEEE International Conference on Information Technology, Coding and Computing (ITCC '05), 4-6 Apr 2005, Las Vegas.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/ITCC.2005.11


Bezier curves are robust tool for a wide array of applications ranging from computer-aided design to calligraphic character, outlining and object shape description. In terms of the control point generation process, existing shape descriptor techniques that employ Bezier curves do not distinguish between regions where an object's shape changes rapidly and those where the change is more gradual or flat. This can lead to an erroneous shape description, particularly where there are significantly sharp changes in shape, such as at sharp corners. This paper presents a novel shape description algorithm called a generic shape descriptor using Bezier curves (SDBC), which defines a new strategy for Bezier control point generation by integrating domain specific information about the shape of an object in a particular region. The strategy also includes an improved dynamic fixed length coding scheme for control points. The SDBC framework has been rigorously tested upon a number of arbitrary shapes, and both quantitative and qualitative analyses have confirmed its superior performance in comparison with existing algorithms.

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