Guia Básico Sobre as Autárquias Locais

Hanlon, Joseph (1997). Guia Básico Sobre as Autárquias Locais. Maputo: Ministério de Administração Estatal e Associação de Parlamentares Europeus para Africa.



An explanation of the nine laws and the constitutional amendment agreed in 1996 and 1997 which allow for the creation of municipalities with elected governments. The basic guide is organised by topic, such as "finance, "division of powers" and "avoiding conflict and corruption", and brings together the material from various laws relevant to that topic. For example, 12 articles in two of the new laws impose conditions on the new municipalities about documents and other items which must be made public; these references are collected in one section of the guide in an attempt to show press, public, and new local officials everything that must be publicly available.

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