Public action and women's empowerment: experiences from Latin America

Johnson, Hazel (1992). Public action and women's empowerment: experiences from Latin America. In: Wuyts, Marc; Mackintosh, Maureen and Hewitt, Tom eds. Development Policy and Public Action. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 147–172.



About the book: This book concentrates on the concept and changing role of the state in influencing Third World development and on the wider ramifications of various forms of public action. It examines the extent to which state action helps or hinders other forms of public action. The book deals with the recent changes in the concept of the State and the implications for public action, discussing the shift in mainstream theory from the "public" to "private" interest view of state action. It then scrutinizes case study material selected to illustrate and reinforce the theoretical frameworks of the first section. The case studies are mainly, but not exclusively, country-based and consider pertinent topics.

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