Bandwidth Borrowing Schemes for Instantaneous Video-on-Demand Systems

Azad, S.; Murshed, M. and Dooley, L. S. (2004). Bandwidth Borrowing Schemes for Instantaneous Video-on-Demand Systems. In: IEEE International Conference Multimedia and Expo (ICME '04), 27-30 Jun 2004, Taipei.



A controlled multicast scheme provides instantaneous service, but limited server bandwidth causes some user requests to be either delayed or rejected when insufficient free bandwidth is available. Two borrowing schemes are proposed for instantaneous video-on-demand (VOD) that reduce the user request blocking rate by borrowing bandwidth from ongoing video streams when there is insufficient free bandwidth for the server to deliver a new video stream. Both these new schemes have proved to be successful in reducing blocking rate and increasing bandwidth utilization at the expense of temporarily degrading the video quality.

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