Bounding the Risk Assessment of a Herbicide Tolerant Crop

Levidow, L.; Carr, S.; Schomberg, R and Wield, D. (1996). Bounding the Risk Assessment of a Herbicide Tolerant Crop. In: van Dommelen, A. ed. Coping with Deliberate Release: The Limits of Risk Assessment. Tilberg: International Centre for Human and Public Affairs, pp. 81–102.



About the book: The negative response of environmental and consumer groups to the introduction of transgenic foodstuffs and crops has revealed a need for more public discussions around the issues. This book looks at everything from the science of risk assessment to regulatory considerations and political conditions.

This is the beginning of a much-needed public debate on the issues arising from transgenics. People in the countries surveyed show the ability to balance benefits and risk of science and technology. This calls for public involvement in the process of risk definition and assessment.

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