High Tech Fantasies: Science Parks in Society, Science and Space

Massey, Doreen; Quintas, Paul and Wield, David (1991). High Tech Fantasies: Science Parks in Society, Science and Space. UK: Routledge.

URL: http://www.routledge.com/books/High-Tech-Fantasies...


Science parks are becoming established in increasing numbers in almost all parts of the world. Promoted as places on the frontiers of science where a new breed of scientist-entrepreneur invents a new future, extolled as high-status workplaces where a new style of employee and flexible labour process is in the making, they are seen as the potential saviours of local and national economies.
High-Tech Fantasies criticises the divisive hype of science parks arguing that both the theory and practice are unproductive for the economy and for any socially progressive science and technology. Questioning responsibility, innovation and symbolism, the authors explore the mutual determination of society, science and space.

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