Complexity, Management and the Dynamics of Change: Challenges for Practice

McMillan, Elizabeth (2008). Complexity, Management and the Dynamics of Change: Challenges for Practice. UK: Routledge.



In this profoundly important text, Elizabeth McMillan shows how the insights of complexity science can allow today's managers to embrace the challenges and uncertainty of the twenty-first century, and successfully oversee organizational change and development. Complexity science refers to the study of complex adaptive systems. These can absorb information, learn and then intelligently adapt in response to environmental changes. This book brings these ideas into an important new arena by: outlining the historical relationship between science and organizations; reviewing current perspectives on organizational change and best practice; citing real-life examples of the use of complexity science ideas; and discussing issues which may arise when using ideas from complexity.Written in an accessible style to bridge the gap from scientific theory to commercial applicability, this ground breaking text shows how organizations can become more effective, democratic and sustainable through complexity science. It is a key text for all students of business and management, and all practitioners working in the field.

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