How do South African firms respond to trade policy reform?

Kaplinsky, Raphael (2000). How do South African firms respond to trade policy reform? In: Jalilian, Hossein; Tribe, Michael and Weiss, John eds. Industrial development and Policy in Africa: Issues of De-Industrialisation and Development Strategy. Edward Elgar.



About the book:
This book surveys the current state of industry in sub-Saharan Africa and examines claims that Africa is de-industrialising. It focuses on the challenge for economic policy to find ways to reverse this trend.

The contributors begin by analysing general issues relating to industrialisation in Africa, including the question of Africa’s comparative advantage in industry, the role of small-scale enterprises and the scope for infant industry promotion. They then focus on issues such as:

• evidence of de-industrialisation within Africa
• comparative industrial performance between African countries and economies outside Africa
• the role of regional trade integration
• lessons to be learnt from industrialisation in East Asia
• policies of major lending institutions towards industrial loans

The authors then consider evidence from country studies including export performance in Nigeria, protection and transport costs in Uganda, public enterprises in Tanzania, enterprise reform in South Africa and the impact of free trade policies in Southern Africa. They find that the diversity of experience in the region and the complexity of the issues caution against accepting simple generalisations on African industrialisation.

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