Environmental Changes: Global Challenges

Brandon, Mark A. and Clark, N. H. eds. (2003). Environmental Changes: Global Challenges. Milton Keynes, UK: Open University Worldwide.

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This book introduces global environmental issues through two case study examples: small oceanic islands and the continent Antarctica. Both locations were 'discovered' relatively recently, and thus give us a clear and dramatic record of human impact. The book looks at how we deal with human-induced environmental change on an increasingly interconnected planet, and ways in which distant places are linked. It considers the severity and complexity of environmental problems, and how we can distinguish the human contribution to local and global environmental change from that which is caused by the Earth's natural variability. This leads on to the challenge of how we manage and direct our relationships with the physical world and the ecosystems we are part of. It also raises the vital question of who gets to participate in decision-making processes.

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