Options for authoring curriculum content

Martin, Ian (2007). Options for authoring curriculum content. JISC, UK.

URL: http://www.elframework.org/projects/xcri/Currciulu...


This report discusses the requirements for an authoring tool to help users in the process of creating documents that adhere to a particular structure. This tool will be primarily used to help create XML documents conforming to the eXchanging Course Related Information (XCRI) schema that defines a generic course description specification for the UK. However, ideally, it should also be able to function as a useful tool in a variety of different scenarios that require the production of structured documents. This report explores the requirements of the XCRI scenario and compares these requirements with the experience of authors in other structured authoring environments. The features of a selection of currently-available and soon-to-be released tools are examined as they attempt to meet the envisaged requirements of the XCRI scenario. The overall objective of this research is to both draw attention to the tools' varying strengths and weaknesses by means of a comparison and also to use this comparison as a learning exercise to further refine the initial structured authoring requirements for the XCRI project.

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