Open Source Mythologies and Reality in the Web-based Periodicals

Baravalle, Andres and Chambers, Sarah (2006). Open Source Mythologies and Reality in the Web-based Periodicals. In: www2006: 15th International World Wide Web Conference, 23-26 May 2006, Edinburgh, UK.



Large organisations have announced in the last 3 years wide Open Source migrations. Open Source is announced as the panacea that will solve cost problems. Nevertheless, the reality shows that Open Source is not accepted in some contexts, and confusion about the reality of Open Source migrations is still wide.
Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Austria are leading experimentations, while the United Kingdom seems to be unaffected by this stream. In this paper we aim to investigate the approach of the media when discussion Open Source, analysing three web-based periodicals from Italy, United Kingdom and USA.

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