Community composting activity in the UK - 2006

Slater, R. A. (2007). Community composting activity in the UK - 2006. Integrated Waste Systems, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.



This report presents findings from a comprehensive survey of the community composting sector across the UK in 2006. The report characterises community composting activity in terms of:
'The types of groups and organisations involved in the sector 'The range, mix and details of composting and related activities 'Volunteer and employment opportunities 'The sector's work and relationship with local authorities 'Barriers, problems and opportunities 'Evaluation processes 'Income and funding 'Age of the sector and future plans

This report is one output from a Defra funded project called 'Unlocking the Potential of Community Composting' (WRO211). The project is lead by the Integrated Waste Systems research group at the Open University in association with the Community Composting Network (CCN), London Community Recycling Network (LCRN) and the New Economics Foundation (nef)

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