Tutors as learners: overcoming barriers to learning ICT skills

Warren, James P. and Gaskell, Anne F. (2002). Tutors as learners: overcoming barriers to learning ICT skills. In: The European Conference on Educational Research, ECER 2002, 11-14 Sep 2002, Libson, Portugal.

URL: http://brs.leeds.ac.uk/~beiwww/BEIA/ecer2002.htm


This paper explores the use of ICT to provide distance training for UK Open University (OU) Associate lecturers (ALs) and identifies the range of outcomes and issues which emerged. There is an increasing demand from many of our students for the University to provide more facilities and functions (both administrative or course-related) online or by electronic mail. To this end the University has attempted to increase the awareness of these computing-related issues with ALs by offering various methods of increasing ICT skills. One programme involved a contingent of ALs participating in an online short course. This paper will summarise some of the qualitative feedback along with the quantitative results in order to establish whether this course did indeed assist in tutors gaining some new computing skills. Furthermore, tutors made many additional comments about the process of learning and the experience of being a learner. Many of the issues raised were found to be important when designing a programme of study for those who take courses as a form of staff development.

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