Monk, John (2007). Belosimania. In: One Minute Videos, 10 & 24 Nov 2007, Tate Modern, London, UK.



Signs inform. Signs direct. Signs have an aesthetic. Signs have meaning that is context dependent. This is a video of a common form of sign that implies a flow or movement. These signs can also act as pointers and in some cases, not illustrated here, purely as pointers. The choice of expression to signal something like flow is a mere convention but inspired by some aspect of an earlier way of life. In this case it is a metaphorical adaptation of a component of mediaeval weaponry that conjures up an image of swiftness and directness. Any sign, as a product of a convention, might be replaced by another provided it has a widely recognised and accepted form. Thus any sign is vulnerable to developments in presentation technologies. Any sign or sign system is a candidate for substitution in an electronic form. Predictions about the advancing front of electronic technologies therefore might pay attention to sign systems that have not yet capitulated to newer technologies.

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