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Donnachie, Ian and Hewitt, George (1989). A Companion to Scottish History from the Reformation to the Present. London: B.T.Batsford Ltd.

Hammersley, Martyn (1989). The dilemma of qualitative method: Herbert Blumer and the Chicago tradition. London: Routledge.

Hanlon, Joseph (1989). SADCC: in the 1990s: development on the front line. London, UK: Economist Intelligence Unit.

Leinders, Jef; Drury, Stephen and Rothery, David (1989). Remote sensing. The Open University of the Netherlands.

Paton, Rob (1989). Reluctant Entrepreneurs: The Extent, Achievements and Significance of Worker Takeovers in Europe. Milton Keynes: The Open University Press.

Edited Book

Blyton, Paul; Cornforth, Chris and Széll, György eds. (1989). The state, trade unions and self-management: issues of competence and control. Walter De Gruyter Inc.

Cooper, C. and Kaplinsky, R. eds. (1989). Technology and Development in the Third Industrial Revolution. Frank Cass.

Donnachie, Ian; Harvie, Christopher and Wood, Ian S. eds. (1989). Foward! Labour Politics in Scotland 1888-1988. Determinations. Edinburgh: Polygon.

Hanlon, Joseph ed. (1989). South Africa: The Sanctions Report. UK: Penguin Books Ltd.

Murray, Linda A. and Richardson, John T. E. eds. (1989). Intelligent Systems in a Human Context: Development, Implications, and Applications. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Ramchand, Kenneth and Nasta, Susheila eds. (1989). Foreday Morning: Selected Prose 1946-1986. Longman Caribbean writers. Harlow: Longman.

Book Section

Alkhateeb, W.; Bromley, J. M.; Ibbotsen, V.; Javadnia, A.; Ruddock, K. H. and Terry, A. (1989). Parallel and sequential processing in visual discrimination of simple geometrical patterns. In: Kulikowski, J. J.; Dickinson, C. M. and Murray, I. J. eds. Seeing Contour and Colour: Proceeedings of the Third Symposium of the Northern Eye Instiute, Manchester, UK, 9-13 August 1987. Vision and Visual Health Care (3). Oxford: Pergamon Press, p. 419. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Burgess, Hilary (1989). Curriculum practice in the primary school: the case of mathematics. In: Cullingford, Cedric ed. The Primary Teacher, The Role of the Educator and the Purpose of Primary Education. London, UK: Cassell, pp. 16–36.

Burgess, Hilary (1989). A Sort of Career: Women in Primary Schools. In: Skelton, Christine ed. Whatever happens to Little Women? Buckingham: Open University Press, pp. 79–91.

Cornforth, Chris (1989). Worker co-operatives in Britain: a review of the literature. In: London Business School Library, The ed. London Business School Small Business Bibliography. London, UK: London Business School.

Cornforth, Chris (1989). The role of support organizations in developing worker co-operatives: a model for promoting economic and industrial democracy? In: Széll, György; Blyton, Paul and Cornforth, Chris eds. The State, Trade Unions and Self-Management: Issues of Competence and Control. de Gruyter Studies in Organization. Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, pp. 107–124.

Cornforth, Chris (1989). Lake School of English. In: Thomas, Alan and Thornley, Jenny eds. Co-ops to the Rescue. London, UK: ICOM Co-Publications.

Fridlund, C. V. M. and White, G. J. (1989). Recent observations of the molecular outflow source L1551 IRS5. In: Winnewisser, G. and Armstrong, J. T. eds. The Physics and Chemistry of Interstellar Molecular Clouds: mm and Sub-mm Observations in Astrophysics. Lecture Notes in Physics (331). Springer, pp. 198–200.

Gerschel, Liz and Nasta, Susheila (1989). There's no such thing as only literature : English teaching in an anti-racist and multicultural context. In: Brooker, Peter and Humm, Peter eds. Dialogue and Difference: English into the Nineties. New Accents. London: Routledge, pp. 132–148.

Gilhooly, K. J. and Green, A. J. K. (1989). Learning problem-solving skills. In: Colley, Ann M. and Beech, John R. eds. Acquisition and Performance of Cognitive Skills. Chichester, UK: Wiley, pp. 88–111.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1989). Industrial Restructuring in LDC's: The Role of Information Technology. In: Fleury, M. ed. Padroes Tecnologicos e Politicas de Gestao: Comparacoes Internacionais. Sao Paolo: Universidade de Sao Poalo e Universidade Esrtadual de Campinas.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1989). Intellectual Property and International Trade. In: Juma, Calestous and Ojwang, Jackton B. eds. Innovation and Sovereignty: The Patent Debate in African Development. Nairobi: African Centre for Technology Studies.

Katritzky, M. A. (1989). The Recueil Fossard 1928-88: a review and three reconstructions. In: Cairns, Christopher ed. The commedia dell'arte from the renaissance to Dario Fo. The Italian origins of European theatre (VI). Lewiston/Queenston/Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press, pp. 99–116. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Paton, Rob (1989). A very concrete example. In: Thomas, Alan; Thornley, Jenny and Cornforth, Chris eds. Co-ops to the rescue! London, U.K.: ICOM Co-publications, pp. 88–105.

Richardson, J. T. E. and Blagrove, M. (1989). Mental imagery and dreams. In: Beaumont, J. G. ed. Brainpower. New York: Harper & Row.

Richardson, John T. E. (1989). Knowledge representation. In: Colman, A and Beaumont, J. G. eds. Psychology Survey, Volume 7. Leicester: The British Psychological Society.

Richardson, John T. E. (1989). Cognitive skills and psychology education. In: Radford, J. and Rose, D. eds. A Liberal Science: Psychology Education Past, Present, and Future. Guildford: SRHE & Open University Press.

White, Glenn J. (1989). The physical structure of star forming regions. In: Winnewisser, G. and Armstrong, J. T. eds. The Physics and Chemistry of Interstellar Molecular Clouds: mm and Sub-mm Observations in Astrophysics. Lecture Notes in Physics (331). Springer, pp. 60–68.

Journal Item

Bevan, D. I.; Burn, G. L.; Karia, R. J. and Robson, J. D. (1989). Principles for the design of a distributed memory architecture for parallel graph reduction. The Computer Journal, 32(5) pp. 461–469.

Bevan, David I. (1989). An efficient reference counting solution to the distributed garbage collection problem. Parallel Computing, 9(2) 179 - 192.

Bliss, Joan; Ogborn, John and Whitelock, Denise (1989). Secondary school pupils' commonsense theories of motion. International Journal of Science Education, 11(3) pp. 261–272.

Charlesworth, Julie; Kraithman, David and Rainnie, A. L. (1989). Corridor or blind alley? The A1M Herts Corridor Consortium. Local Economy, 4(3) pp. 209–218.

Cooper, Charles and Kaplinsky, Raphael (1989). 'Technological revolution' and the international division of labour in manufacturing: A place for the Third World? European Journal of Development Research, 1(1) pp. 5–37.

Drury, Stephen A. and Hunt, Gavin A. (1989). Geological uses of remotely-sensed reflected and emitted data of lateritized archean terrain in western-australia. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 10(3) pp. 475–497.

Fridlund, C. V. M. and White, G. J. (1989). High signal/noise 13CO observations of the bipolar outflow in L1551. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 223(1-2) L13-L16. file

Garthwaite, P. H. (1989). Fractile assessments for a linear regression model: an experimental study. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 43(2) pp. 188–206.

Gillespie, K; Littlejohn, A.; Roberts, K. J.; Sheen, D. B. and Sherwood, J. N. (1989). Environmental facility for synchrotron radiation topography. Review of Scientific Instruments, 60(7) pp. 2498–2501.

Hammersley, Martyn (1989). The problem of the concept: Herbert Blumer on the relationship between concepts and data. Journal of Comtemporary Ethnography, 18(2) pp. 133–159.

Haresnape, J. M. and Wilkinson, P. J. (1989). A study of African swine fever virus infected ticks (Ornithodoros moubata) collected from three villages in the ASF enzootic area of Malawi following an outbreak of the disease in domestic pigs. Epidemiology and Infection, 102(3) pp. 507–522.

Henry, Jane (1989). Parapsychology. The New Psychologist pp. 35–43.

Ison, Raymond (1989). Predicting and managing change in the seed industry. Agricultural Science, 4 pp. 44–48.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1989). Industrial and intellectual property rights in the Uruguay round and beyond. Journal of Development Studies, 25(3) pp. 373–400.

Kaplinsky, Raphael and Cooper, Charles (1989). Introduction. European Journal of Development Research, 1(1) pp. 1–3. file

Lavalette, Michael and Mooney, Gerry (1989). The struggle against the poll tax in Scotland. Critical Social Policy, 9(26) pp. 82–100.

Maguire, P.; Selby, P.; Bleehen, N.; Calman, K.; Fayers, P.; Freedman, L.; Gore, S.; McElwain, T.; Priestman, T.; Smith, A.; Sutton, H. and Wallace, L. (1989). Assessing quality of life in cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer, 60(3) pp. 437–440.

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Potter, Jonathan and Wetherell, Margaret (1989). Fragmented ideologies: Accounts of educational failure and positive discrimination. Text - Interdiciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse, 9(2) pp. 175–190.

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Richardson, John T. E. (1989). Human memory: psychology, pathology and pharmacology. Baillière's Clinical Anaesthesiology, 3(3) pp. 451–471.

Richardson, John T. E. (1989). Student Learning and the Menstrual Cycle: premenstrual symptoms and approaches to studying. Educational Psychology, 9(3) pp. 215–238.

Richardson, John T. E. (1989). The practical benefits of cognitive psychology. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 1(1) pp. 27–46.

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Samuels, Robert (1989). Derrida and Snarrenberg. In Theory Only, 11(1-2) pp. 45–58.

Silverman, B.W. and Jones, M. C. (1989). E. Fix and J.L. Hodges(1951): an important contribution to nonparametric discriminant analysis and density estimation. International Statistical Review, 57(3) pp. 233–247.

Sondheim, Stephen and Herbert, Trevor (1989). Sondheim's technique. Contemporary Music Review, 5(1) pp. 199–214.

Storey, John (1989). Management development: a literature review and implications for future research – Part I: Conceptualisations and Practices. Personnel Review, 18(6) pp. 3–19.

Storey, John (1989). Human Resource Management in the Public Sector. Public Money and Management, 9(3) pp. 19–24.

Storey, John and Fenwick, Neil (1989). Bradford′s Two Revolutions: Political, Organisational and Human Resource Management Change in a Large Local Authority. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2(1) pp. 35–39.

Telford, Steven R.; Dyson, Miranda L. and Passmore, Neville I. (1989). Mate choice only occurs in small choruses of painted reed frogs Hyperolius marmoratus. Bioacoustics, 2(1) pp. 47–53.

Thomas, Alan and Cornforth, Chris (1989). A model for democratic decision-making: the case of worker co-operatives. Economic Analysis and Workers Management, 23(1) pp. 1–15.

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Tones, Michael A.; Bootman, Martin D.; Higgins, Bernard F.; Lane, David A.; Pay, Graham F. and Lindahl, Ulf (1989). The effect of heparin on the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor in rat liver microsomes: dependence on sulphate content and chain length. FEBS Letters, 252(1-2) pp. 105–108. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Turner, John C.; Wetherell, Margaret S. and Hogg, Michael A. (1989). Referent informational influence and group polarization. British Journal of Social Psychology, 28(2) pp. 135–147.

Ugochukwu, Francoise (1989). Un roman camerounais et les mariages entre ethnies. Epasa Moto (Cameroun), 1(1) 96 -105.

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Yamagata, Naoko (1989). The apostrophe in Homer as part of the oral technique. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, 36(1) pp. 91–103.

Conference or Workshop Item

Ampt, P. R. and Ison, R. L. (1989). Rapid rural appraisal for the identification of grassland research problems. In: Proc. XVI International Grassland Congress, Nice,, pp. 1291–1292.

Clover, David (1989). You Can Teach Anything! In: University of Hull Training the Trainers Event, 1 Nov 1989, Hull, UK.

Dooley, L. S. (1989). A VLSI-based intelligent peripheral for a marine simulator computer system. In: VLSI and Computer Peripherals: VLSI and Microelectronic Applications in Intelligent Peripherals and their Interconnection Networks (Compo Euro 89), 8-12 May 1989, Hamburg, West Germany. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Holloway, Jacky (1989). Systems, rationality and politics - models for the National Health Service. In: 33rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, 2-7 Jul 1989, Edinburgh.

Ison, Raymond; Potts, W. H. C. and Beale, G. (1989). Improving herbage seed industry productivity and stability through action research. In: Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, Nice, IGC, pp. 685–686.

Richardson, J. T. E. (1989). Imagery and memory in brain-damaged patients. In: Cognition in Individual and Social Contexts (Bennett, A. F. and McConkey, K. M. eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Williams, P. G.; White, G. J. and Sanderson, C. A. (1989). JCMT observations of the circumstellar envelope IRC+10216. In: Infrared Spectroscopy in Astronomy, 07-09 Dec 1988, Noordwijk, Holland, pp. 393–399. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat (1989). Rapid solidification of zinc based alloys. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Arnot, Madeleine M. (1989). Feminist issues in education: developing a theory of class and gender relations. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Barker-Read, Mary (1989). The treatment of the aged poor in five selected West Kent parishes from Settlement to Speenhamland (1662-1797). PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Baverstock, Suzie Jane (1989). A national method for predicting environmental pollution. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Bayraktaroğlu, Arin (1989). Analysis of conversation: politeness, sequence and topic with special reference to troubles-talk in Turkish. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Burton, James Michael Crowther (1989). The history of the British Meteorological Office to 1905. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Buzzing, Pauline (1989). Estate management at Goodwood in the mid nineteenth century: A study in changing roles and relationships. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Carr, Susan (1989). Conservation on farms: Conflicting attitudes, social pressures and behaviour. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

D'Oliveira, Manuela (1989). The determinants of vote choice in Portugal. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Emerson, Tony (1989). Some issues on the relationship between a co-operative support organisation and its client co-operatives. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Foster, Peter Morris (1989). Policy and practice in multicultural and anti-racist education : A case study of a multi-ethnic comprehensive school. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Fung, Pat (1989). An application of formal semantics to student modelling : an investigation in the domain of teaching Prolog. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Galliers, Julia Rose (1989). A theoretical framework for computer models of cooperative dialogue, acknowledging multi-agent conflict. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Godfrey, Keith William (1989). An optical echo study of caesium-noble gas collisions. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Greer, William (1989). Male teachers' perceptions of factors influencing career progress: A study of career-passage strategies. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Guifo Guifo, Robinson (1989). The statistical properties and coding of handwriting and hand-drawn graphics in tutorial classes. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Harrison, Andrew John (1989). Scientific naturalists and the government of the Royal Society 1850-1900. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Hill, Graham (1989). The sedimentology and lithostratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic Lourinha formation, Lusitanian Basin, Portugal. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Holland, Simon (1989). Artificial intelligence, education and music : the use of artificial intelligence to encourage and facilitate music composition by novices. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Holly, Lesley Margaret (1989). The changing roles of parents in a middle class community. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Humphreys, Valerie (1989). An examination of the Halifax textile industry in a period of intense technological change, 1700 to 1850. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Jefferis, Keith (1989). The performance of worker co-operatives in a capitalist economy: British co-operatives in printing, clothing and wholefoods, 1975-1985. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Jennings, Brian Keith (1989). A critical appraisal of typologies of religious orientation in the theology and ethics of Ernst Troeltsch and H. Richard Niebuhr. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Jones, Gladys May (1989). The Geochemistry of Granitoid Intrusions in Llyn, North Wales. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Lee, Monica Mary (1989). Development in the depiction of depth. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Lennon, Francis P (1989). The class novel in first and second year mixed ability classes. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Lewis, Cherry Louise Eiluned (1989). Petrogenesis and thermal history of the Kunlun Batholith, Northern Tibet. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Lewis, Olive (1989). The teaching of science in English dissenting academies 1662-1800. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Mageean, Deidre M. (1989). A comparative study of pre- and post-famine migrants from north-west Ireland to North America. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Mason, Robin D. (1989). A case study of the use of computer conferencing at the Open University. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Matthews, Peter (1989). The Education, Training and Supply of Teachers in England and Wales, 1963-73: an analysis of policy formation. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Mellor, David W. (1989). Random close packing (RCP) of equal spheres: structure and implications for use as a model porous medium. PhD thesis. The Open University. filefile

Mole, Veronica Claire (1989). Technological innovation and local authorities: a case-study of the Greater London Council (GLC). PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Newsome, Graham (1989). Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymers in yeast fermentations. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Norman, Diana (1989). The patronage of Cardinal Oliviero Carafa 1430-1511. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Panter, David C (1989). Child social relations and gender. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Patel, Sanjay N (1989). Dendritic spines and memory formation in the chick. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Percival, Eric (1989). The foundation, maintenance and management of a free grammar school in South Lancashire, 1520-1842. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Randle, Jane de Grey (1989). Landsat studies of the central Andes. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Robotham, Antony John (1989). The aerodynamic control of the v-type vertical axis wind turbine. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Scraton, Sheila J. (1989). Shaping up to womanhood: A study of the relationship between gender and girls' physical education in a city-based Local Education Authority. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Sim, Joe (1989). Ordering For Care And Caring For Order: Medical Power In English Prisons. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Soobramanien, Marie-Claire Chantal (1989). Studies on the use of alpha-silyl substituted carbanions in organic synthesis. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Stainton Rogers, Wendy (1989). Accounting for health and illness: A social psychological investigation. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Stutt, Arthur (1989). Arguement in the humanities: A knowledge based approach. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Tattersall, Neil (1989). Ideology, education and social change in Latin America: a case study of Bolivia 1930-1953. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Vaughan, Pamela Georgina (1989). Cretaceous Nerineacean gastropods. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Weedon, Charles (1989). Expository Reading In Schools: the Nature of the Reader's Difficulties. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Welford, John Anthony (1989). Nominal record linkage: the development of computer strategies to achieve the family-based record linkage of nineteenth century demographic data. PhD thesis. The Open University. filefile

Whalley, David R. (1989). Image processing techniques in nuclear medicine. PhD thesis. The Open University. filefile

Willey, David Leonard (1989). Sport and the state: ideology and practice. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Williams, Geoffrey J (1989). A survey of the wind energy resource of Cornwall to examine the influence of settlement patterns and topography on optimum wind turbine size and disposition. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Wingate, William Jonathan G (1989). Tilings and Amalgamations. MPhil thesis. The Open University. file

Young, David (1989). F.D. Maurice's experience of Unitarianism and its place in his life and thought. PhD thesis. The Open University. file


Herbert, Trevor (1989). The trombone in 19th-century Italian opera. Welsh National Opera.

Russell, David B.; Ison, Raymond L.; Gamble, Dennis R. and Williams, Ruth K. (1989). A Critical Review of Rural Extension Theory and Practice. University of Western Sydney, Richmond, NSW.

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