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Alkhateeb, Wafa; Bromley, Jane; Javadia, Atafeh and Ruddock, K. H. (1987). Functional mapping of stimulus colour in human subjects suffering a central visual defect. In: Journal of Physiology, The Physiological Society, 388(suppl) p. 44. file

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Bohn, Beatrix; Dammer, Karl-Heinz; de Hair, Frauke; Kofferschläger, Günter; Lanvers, Ursula and Laurenz, Helga (1987). Mein richtiges Leben im falschen. Bemerkungen zu Adornus 'Tabus über den Lehrerberuf'. Padagogische Korrespondenz, 1 pp. 34–37.

Bromley, J. M.; Javadnia, A. and Ruddock, K. H. (1987). Visual spatial filtering and pattern discrimination are abnormal in strabismic amblyopia. Clinical Vision Sciences, 1(3) pp. 209–218. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Owens, W., ed. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. By John Bunyan (1666). Harmondsworth, Penguin Books (1987).

Burgess, Hilary (1987). Springing free from formal assessment. Education 3-13, 15(2) pp. 11–16.


Clarke, Tony and Mooney, Gerry (1987). The General Election in Scotland, 1987. Capital and Class(33) pp. 46–54.

Cornforth, Chris and Lewis, Jenny (1987). Creating successful co-operatives business: a summary report. Open University Co-Operatives Research Unit, Milton Keynes, UK.

Cristofolini, R; Menzies, M. A.; Beccaluva, L. and Tindle, A. G. (1987). Petrological notes on the 1983 lavas at Mount Etna, Sicily, with reference to their REE and Sr—Nd isotope composition. Bulletin of Volcanology, 49(4) pp. 599–607.


Donnachie, Ian (1987). The textile industry in south west Scotland 1750-1914. In: Butt, John and Ponting, Kenneth eds. Scottish Textile History. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, pp. 19–36.


Gallagher, H.G.; Littlejohn, A.; Sheen, D.B. and Sherwood, J.S. (1987). A Comparative Study of Anisotropy in Knoop Hardness of Calcite and Sodium Nitrate Single Crystals. Crystal Lattice Defects and Amorphous Materials, 16 pp. 137–143.


Hammersley, Martyn (1987). Ethnography and the cumulative development of theory: A discussion of Woods' proposal for 'phase two' research. British Educational Research Journal, 14(3) pp. 283–296.

Hammersley, Martyn (1987). Ethnography for Survival?: A reply to Woods. British Educational Research Journal, 13(3) pp. 283–295.

Hammersley, Martyn (1987). Some notes on the terms 'validity' and 'reliability'. British Educational Research Journal, 13(1) pp. 73–81.

Hammersley, Martyn (1987). Heap and Delamont on transmissionism and British Ethnography of Schooling. Curriculum Inquiry, 17(2) pp. 235–237.

Hammersley, Martyn and Scarth, John (1987). More questioning of ORACLE: A reply to Croll and Galton. Educational Research, 29(1) pp. 37–46.

Hanlon, Joseph (1987). Post-apartheid South Africa and its neighbours. Third World Quarterly, 9(2) pp. 437–449.

Hanlon, Joseph and Omond, Roger (1987). The Sanctions Handbook. Middlesex, UK: Penguin.

Hopper, Trevor; Storey, John and Willmott, Hugh (1987). Accounting for accounting: Towards the development of a dialectical view. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 12(5) pp. 437–456.


Isin, Engin F. (1987). The urban geography of underdevelopment: A case of petty commodity production. Geoforum, 18(2) pp. 127–149. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Jones, Ann (1987). Beginners’ mental models of a programming language. In: Jones, Ann; Scanlon, Eileen and O'Shea, Tim eds. The Computer Revolution in Education: New Technologies in Distance Education. Brighton: Harvester Press, pp. 198–213.


Kaplinsky, R. and Hoffman, K. (1987). Driving Force: The Global Restructuring of Technology, Labor, and Investment in the Automobile and Components Industries. Westview Press.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1987). Microelectronics and Employment Revisited: A Review. Geneva: International Labour Office.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1987). Human factors in the labour process and the international division of labour in manufacturing. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2(1) pp. 15–24.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1987). Crisis in the World Economy: Some Consequences for Industrial Policy and South-South Trade in Technology. Development and South-South Cooperation, 3(5) pp. 52–6.

Katritzky, M. A. (1987). Lodewyk Toeput: Some pictures related to the commedia dell'arte. Renaissance Studies, 1(1) pp. 71–125. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Katritzky, M. A. (1987). Italian comedians in renaissance prints. The Print Quarterly, 4(3) pp. 236–254. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Maybin, Janet (1987). Account of Fieldwork. In: Edwards, Derek and Mercer, Neil eds. Common Knowledge: The Development of Understanding in the Classroom. London: Metheun, pp. 171–181.

Mayor, Barbara (1987). What does it mean to be bilingual? In: Mercer, Neil ed. Language and Literacy from an Educational Perspective: Language Studies, Volume 1. Milton Keynes, UK: Open University Press, pp. 113–125.

Menzies, M. A.; Rogers, N.; Tindle, A. G. and Hawkesworth, C. J. (1987). Metasomatic and enrichment processes in lithospheric peridotites, an effect of asthenosphere-lithosphere interaction. In: Menzies, M. A. and Hawkesworth, C. J. eds. Mantle Metasomatism. London, UK: Academic Press, pp. 313–361.


Pearson, C.J. and Ison, R.L. (1987). Agronomy of Grassland Systems [first edition]. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Phillippo, M.; Humphries, W. R.; Aktinson, T.; Henderson, G. D. and Garthwaite, P. H. (1987). The effect of dietary molybdenum and iron on copper status, puberty, fertility and oestrous cycles in cattle. Journal of Agricultural Science, 109 pp. 321–336.

Pollard, P. and Richardson, J. T. (1987). On the probability of making Type I errors. Psychological Bulletin, 102(1) pp. 159–163.

Potter, Jonathan and Wetherell, Margaret (1987). Discourse and Social Psychology: Beyond Attitudes and Behaviour. London, U.K.: Sage Publications Ltd.

Preece, Jenny and Jones, Ann (1987). Packages-learning at a distance. In: Taylor, C. A. ed. Science Education and Information Transfer. Science and Technology Education and Future Human Needs, 9. Oxford: Pergamon Press, pp. 117–136.

Preece, Jenny and Jones, Ann (1987). Transfer with computer technology. In: Taylor, C. A. ed. Science Education and Information Transfer. Science and Technology Education and Future Human Needs, 9. Oxford: Pergamon Press, pp. 93–108.


Rainey, Ruth; White, Glenn J.; Gately, Ian; Hayashi, Saeko; Kaifu, Norio; Griffin, Matthew and Cronin, Nigel (1987). A submillimetre CO J=3-2 study of M17 - the interaction of an ionization front and a molecular cloud. In: IAU Symposium No 115 - Star Forming Regions, 11-15 November 1985, Tokyo, Japan, p. 155. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Rainey, Ruth; White, Glenn J.; Richardson, K. J.; Griffin, M. J.; Cronin, N. J.; Monteiro, T. S. and Hilton, J. (1987). Millimetre and submillimetre molecular line observations of the southwest lobe of L 1551 - evidence of a shell structure. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 179 pp. 237–248. file

Reynolds, S.; Peasgood, A.; Oxley, D. P.; Pritchard, R. G.; Walmsley, D. G.; Tomlin, J. L. and Turner, R. J. (1987). Bias polarity-dependent changes in vibrational mode energy in inelastic electron tunnelling spectroscopy. Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics, 20 pp. 4297–4306.

Richardson, J. T. E.; Cermak, L. S.; Blackford, S. P. and O'Connor, M. (1987). The efficacy of imagery mnemonics following brain damage. In: McDaniel, M. A. and Pressley, M. eds. Imagery and Related Mnemonic Processes: Theories, Individual Differences, and Applications. New York: Springer-Verlag.

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Richardson, John T. E. (1987). Luria, A. R. In: Kuper, J. ed. Key Thinkers, Past and Present. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.

Richardson, K. J.; White, Glenn J.; Avery, L. W. and Woodsworth, A. W. (1987). Submillimetre CO observations of the Cepheus A outflow. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 174(1-2) pp. 197–202. file

Rosewell, J. and Shorrocks, B. (1987). The implication of survival rates in natural populations of Drosophila: capture-recapture experiments on domestic species. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 32(4) pp. 373–384.


Scanlon, Eileen; Jones, Ann and O'Shea, Tim (1987). Evaluating Computer-assisted learning at the British Open University. In: Jones, Ann; Scanlon, Eileen and O'Shea, Tim eds. The Computer Revolution in Education: New Technologies in Distance Education. Brighton UK: Harvester Press, pp. 263–276.

Shorrocks, Bryan and Rosewell, Jonathan (1987). Spatial patchiness and community structure: coexistence and guild size of drosophilids on ephemeral resources. In: Gee, John H. R. and Giller, Paul S. eds. Organization of communities: past and present. British Ecological Society Symposium (27). Blackwell Scientific, pp. 29–51.

Smith, S. and Wield, D. (1987). New technology and bank work: Banking on IT as an organisational technology. In: Finnegan, Ruth; Salaman, Graeme and Thompson, Kenneth eds. Information Technology: Social Issues. Hodder Arnold H&S, pp. 98–113.

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Spackman, I. J.; Owens, W. R. and Furbank, P. N. (1987). A KWIC Concordance to Daniel Defoe's 'Robinson Crusoe'. New York and London: Garland Publishing.

Storey, John (1987). The Management of New Office Technology: Choice, Control and Social Structure in the Insurance Industry. Journal of Management Studies, 24(1) pp. 43–62.


Ugochukwu, Francoise (1987). Blancheline, la littérature pour enfants à l’assaut du racisme. Nottingham French Studies, 26(1) pp. 77–80.

Ugochukwu, Francoise (1987). De l’ethnologie à la littérature enfantine, à la découverte des Pygmées. Nsukka Journal of Humanities(1) pp. 75–89.

Ugochukwu, Francoise (1987). The Daughter-in-Law (A.Momodu): un couple mixte et la stérilité. Ethiopiques, 4(3-4) pp. 92–101.


Walker, C. C. (1987). Pelargonium crassicaule L'Herit. Aloe, 24(2) pp. 32–34.

Walker, Colin (1987). Dischidia - an obscure organism? Asklepios, 40 pp. 75–80.

Walker, Colin C. and Thorburn, Marjorie (1987). The euphorbias of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. The Euphorbia Journal, 4 pp. 32–47.

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Wetherell, Margaret; Stiven, Hilda and Potter, Jonathan (1987). Unequal egalitarians: a preliminary study of discourses concerning gender and employment opportunities. British Journal of Social Psychology, 26 pp. 59–71.

White, Glenn J.; Monteiro, Tania; Rainey, Ruth; Richardson, Kevin; Griffin, Matthew and Avery, L. (1987). The submillimetre wavelength spectrum of Orion-A. In: IAU Symposium No 115 - Star Forming Regions, 11-15 November 1985, Tokyo, Japan, p. 153. file

White, Glenn J.; Rainey, Ruth; Avery, Lorne; Phillips, Peter; Griffin, Matthew; Monteiro, Tania; Richardson, Kevin; Cronin, Nigel and Harten, Ron (1987). CO J=3-2 and J=4-3 observations of molecular clouds. In: IAU Symposium No 115 - Star Forming Regions, 11-15 November 1985, Tokyo, Japan, p. 172. restricted access item, not available for direct download

White, Glenn J.; Rainey, Ruth; Hayashi, Saeko and Kaifu, Norio (1987). A study of shock excited gas in the supernova remnant IC443. In: IAU Symposium No 115 - Star Forming Regions, 11-15 November 1985, Tokyo, Japan, p. 207. restricted access item, not available for direct download

White, Glenn J.; Rainey, Ruth; Hayashi, Saeko S. and Kaifu, Norio (1987). Molecular line observations of IC 443 - the interaction of a molecular cloud and an interstellar shock. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 173 pp. 337–346. file

Wield, D. and Quintas, P. R. (1987). The technological relevance of Science Parks. In: Sunman, H. ed. Science parks and the growth of technology-based enterprises : the proceedings of the UK Science Park Association's Annual Conference held on 6th December 1986. UK: CSP Economic Publications, pp. 45–53.

Wield, David (1987). Banking on the new technology: cooperation competition and the clearers. In: Harris, Laurence; Coatley, Jerry; Croasdale, Martin and Evans, Trevor eds. New perspectives on the financial system. Routledge/Croom Helm Ltd, pp. 240–273.

Williams, P. E. V.; Fallon, R. J.; Innes, G. M. and Garthwaite, P. (1987). Effects of food intake, rumen development and live weight of calves of replacing barley with sugar beet-citrus pulp in a starter diet. Animal Production, 44 pp. 65–73. file

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