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Aldridge, David Robert (1984). Suicidal behaviour : an ecosystemic approach. PhD thesis The Open University.

Ashford, Philip John (1984). The structure of land ownership and occupation in the Vale of Porlock (Somerset) 1760-1850. BPhil thesis The Open University.

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Baines, Arnold Herbert John (1984). Anglo-Saxon Buckinghamshire : the evolution of a duality in the cultural landscape . PhD thesis The Open University.

Banks, J. A. and Mears, R. (1984). Co-operative Democratic Participation. Occasional Paper 4; Co-operatives Research Unit, The Open University.

Barnes, Sarah B. (1984). Language Variation In Young Children. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Bignell, Victor and Fortune, Joyce (1984). Understanding Systems Failures. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Booth, James; Nasta, Susheila; Guptara, Prabhu; Thieme, John and Steele, Charles (1984). African, Caribbean, Indian, Australian, and Canadian Literature in English. The Year's Work in English Studies, 65(1) pp. 665–761.

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Chetwynd, Amanda Gillian (1984). Edge-colourings of graphs. PhD thesis The Open University.

Clark, Philip (1984). Conceptions Of Deprivation: An Empirical Study. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Cobb, Jennifer Mary (1984). The Cult of Vesta in the Roman World. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Cornforth, Chris (1984). The role of local co-operative development agencies in promoting worker co-operatives. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 55(3) pp. 253–280.

Cornforth, Chris and Stott, Martin (1984). A Co-operative approach to Local Economic Development. Monograph 5; Co-operatives Research Unit, The Open University.

Crofts, Sidney William (1984). Techniques of information and persuasion employed by H.M. Government, 1945-51. PhD thesis The Open University.

Cross, Anita (1984). The Role of Art and Design in Cognitive Developments: A Neurological Basis. Design Education Research Note 12; Design Education Research Programme, Design Discipline, The Open University.

Cross, Anita (1984). Cognitive Abilities in Some Design-Related Tasks. Design Education Research Note 13; Design Education Research Programme, Design Discipline, The Open University.

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Davies, Arthur Royston (1984). The Role Of The Ancillary Worker In The Hospital Service. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Dent, W. R. F.; Little, L. T. and White, G. J. (1984). Compact H II regions in the molecular cloud G35.2 - 0.74. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 210 pp. 173–181.

Donnachie, Ian (1984). Scottish criminals and transportation to Australia 1786-1852. Scottish Economic and Social History, 4 pp. 21–38.

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Frith, C. D.; Richardson, J. T. E.; Samuel, M.; Crow, T. J. and McKenna, P. J. (1984). The effects of intravenous diazepam and hyoscine upon human memory. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Section A, 36(1) pp. 133–144.

Furbank, P. N. and Owens, W. R. (1984). "A Vindication of the Press" (1718): Not by Defoe? Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, 78(3) pp. 355–360.

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Generalis, Sotirios Constantinou (1984). Analysis of current correlators within the framework of quantum chromodynamics. PhD thesis The Open University.

Greenwood, R. C. and Edgar, A. D. (1984). Petrogenesis of the gabbros from Mt. St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Geological Journal, 19(4) pp. 353–376.

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Hammersley, Martyn (1984). The paradigmatic mentality: A diagnosis. In: Barton, Len and Walker, Stephen eds. Social Crisis and Educational Research. Croom Helm, pp. 230–255.

Hammersley, Martyn (1984). The researcher exposed: A natural history. In: Burgess, Robert ed. The Research process in Educational Settings: Ten Case Studies. Sussex: Falmer Press, pp. 39–67.

Hammersley, Martyn (1984). Making a vice of our virtues: Some notes on theory in ethnography and history. In: Goodson, Ivor F. and Ball, Stephen eds. Defining the Curriculum: Histories and ethnographies. London: Falmer Press, pp. 15–24.

Hammersley, Martyn (1984). Staffroom news. In: Hargreaves, Andy and Woods, Peter eds. Classrooms and Staffrooms: Sociology of Teachers and Teaching. UK: Open University Press, pp. 230–214.

Hanlon, Joseph (1984). Mozambique: The Revolution under fire. Third World Books. London, UK: Zed Books Ltd.

Haresnape, Janet M. (1984). African swine fever in Malawi. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 16(2) pp. 123–125.

Herbert, Trevor (1984). The trombone in Britain before 1800. PhD thesis The Open University.

Hiley, Nicholas Peter (1984). Making war : the British news media and government control, 1914-1916. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Ison, R. L. and Humphreys, L. R. (1984). Flowering of Stylosanthes guianensis in controlled temperatures under natural photoperiod. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 35(2) pp. 219–228.

Ison, R. L. and Humphreys, L. R. (1984). Flowering of Stylosanthes guianensis in relation to juvenility and the long-short day requirement. Journal of Experimental Botany, 35(1) pp. 121–126.

Ison, R. L. and Humphreys, L. R. (1984). Effects of temperature on the flowering and seed production of Stylosanthes guianensis cultivars. Annals of Applied Biology, 104(2) pp. 347–355.

Ison, R. L. and Humphreys, L. R. (1984). Reproductive physiology of Stylosanthes. In: Stacey, Helen M. and Edye, L. A. eds. The Biology and Agronomy of Stylosanthes. Sydney: Academic Press, pp. 257–277.

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Jones, Ann (1984). Computer Assisted Learning in Distance Education. In: Bates, Tony ed. The Role of Technology in Distance Education. Croom Helm, pp. 77–88.

Jones, Ann and Preece, Jenny (1984). The Educational Software Pack for the Open University Project, Micros in Schools. In: Lovis, F. B. and Tagg, E. D. eds. Informatics and teacher training. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., pp. 129–135.

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Kaplinsky, Raphael (1984). The international context for industrialisation in the coming decade. Journal of Development Studies, 21(1) pp. 75–96.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1984). Trade in Technology - Who, What, Where and When? In: Fransman, Martin and King, Kenneth eds. Technological Capability in the Third World. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Mayromatis, A. and Richardson, J. T. E. (1984). Hypnagogic imagery. In: Sheikh, A. ed. International Review of Mental Imagery, Volume 1. New York: Human Sciences Press.

Mortimer, Patrick Lawrence (1984). Urban development in north Buckinghamshire, 1930-1970. The Open University.

Moss, Ann Jeannette (1984). Procedures of real problem solving. BPhil thesis The Open University.

Murgatroyd, Stephen John (1984). The Validity of the Telic Dominance Scale. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Murray, L. A. and Richardson, J. T. E. (1984). Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems: UK Social Science Inputs. Economic & Social Research Council.

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Pearce, Julian A.; Harris, Nigel B. W. and Tindle, Andrew G. (1984). Trace element discrimination diagrams for the tectonic interpretation of granitic rocks. Journal of Petrology, 25 pp. 956–983.

Potter, Jonathan; Stringer, Peter and Wetherell, Margaret (1984). Social Texts and Context: Literature and Social Psychology. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

Price, Robert Charles (1984). Late Precambrian mafic-ultramafic complexes in northeast Africa. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Reines, R (1984). Green plant fractionation linked to micro-gasification. PhD thesis The Open University.

Richardson, J. T. E.; Frith, C. D.; Scott, E.; Crow, T. J. and Cunningham-Owens, D. (1984). The effects of intravenous diazepam and hyoscine upon recognition memory. Behavioural Brain Research, 14(3) pp. 193–199.

Richardson, John T. E. (1984). Morphemic and phonemic factors in letter cancellation. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 13(5) pp. 351–372.

Richardson, John T. E. (1984). Developing the theory of working memory. Memory & Cognition, 12(1) pp. 71–83.

Richardson, John T. E. and Snape, Wendy (1984). The effects of closed head injury upon human memory: An experimental analysis. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 1(3) pp. 217–231.

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Shelton, Anthony William (1984). Geophysical studies on the northern Oman ophiolite. PhD thesis The Open University.

Shorrocks, Bryan; Rosewell, Jon; Edwards, Kathy and Atkinson, Will (1984). Interspecific competition is not a major organizing force in many insect communities. Nature, 310(5975) pp. 310–312.

Spencer, Richard Michael (1984). INTERPERSONAL EDUCATION THROUGH TUTORIAL WORK. BPhil thesis The Open University.

Stern, Ellen J (1984). Numerical experiments in the diffusion, with trapping, of gases through metal. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Taylor, Reginald George William (1984). Effects of Asbestos in the Human Respiratory Tract. PhD thesis The Open University.

Toates, F. (1984). What is goal-directed behaviour. Biological Psychology, 18 pp. 304–305.

Toates, Frederick (1984). Models yes; homunculus, no - a commentary on the paper by Professor Skinner. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 7(4) pp. 650–651.

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Ugochukwu, Francoise (1984). Ecrire en français au Nigeria: une expérience. Ecriture Française, 6(1-2) pp. 59–62.

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Walker, C. C. (1984). Cremnophila nutans: A Sedum under another name? British Cactus & Succulent Journal, 2(4) pp. 100–103.

Waugh, A.R.; Payne, S.; Worrall, G.M. and Smith, G.D.W. (1984). In situ ion milling of field ion specimens using a liquid metal ion source. Journal de Physique Colloques, 45(C9) pp. 207–209.

Wield, D. and Steward, F. (1984). Science, planning and the state. In: McLennan, Gregor; Held, David and Hall, Stuart eds. State and Society in Contemporary Britain: A Critical Introduction. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, pp. 176–203.

Williams, David Gwilym (1984). Bilingual education in Cardiganshire, 1904-1974. PhD thesis The Open University.

Williams, Leslie Rees (1984). Ultracryotomy and the corneal stroma. PhD thesis The Open University.

Wong, Kam Chooi (1984). View mappings for query languages. PhD thesis The Open University.

Woodhead, Martin (1984). Studies of research, policy and practice in early childhood education. PhD thesis The Open University.


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