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Lillis, Theresa (2019). Book Review of 'On Writtenness: The Cultural Politics of Academic Writing' by Joan Turner. Journal of Second Language Writing, 44 pp. 91–93.

Lillis, Theresa; Leedham, Maria and Twiner, Alison (2019). ‘If it’s not written down it didn’t happen’: Contemporary social work as a writing intensive profession. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (In Press). restricted access item, not available for direct download

Curry, Mary Jane and Lillis, Theresa (2019). Unpacking the lore on multilingual scholars publishing in English: A discussion paper. Publications, 7(2), article no. 27. file


Lillis, Theresa and Curry, Mary Jane (2018). Trajectories of knowledge and desire: Multilingual women scholars researching and writing in academia. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 32 pp. 53–66.

Lillis, Theresa; McMullan, Jenny and Tuck, Jackie (2018). Gender and academic writing. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 32 pp. 1–8.

Leedham, Maria; Lillis, Theresa and Twiner, Alison (2018). Creating a corpus of social workers’ writing: Methodological challenges, representational issues and analytical concerns. In: 4th Corpora and Discourse International Conference, 22-24 Jun 2018, Lancaster University. file


Curry, Mary Jane and Lillis, Theresa (2017). Problematizing English as the Privileged Language of Global Academic Publishing. In: Curry, Mary Jane and Lillis, Theresa eds. Global Academic Publishing: Policies, Perspectives and Pedagogies. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, pp. 1–20.

Lillis, Theresa (2017). Writing in professional social work practice in a changing communicative landscape (WISP). Impact 2017(9) pp.61-63, Science Impact Ltd. file

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Lillis, Theresa (2017). Resistir regímenes de evaluación en el estudio del escribir: hacia un imaginario enriquecido. Signo y pensamiento, 36(71) pp. 66–81. file

Lillis, Theresa (2017). Imagined, prescribed and actual text trajectories: the ‘problem’ with case notes in contemporary social work. Text and Talk, 37(4) pp. 485–508. file

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Lillis, Theresa; Leedham, Maria and Twiner, Alison (2016). Combining ethnography and corpus to research writing practices in social work: challenges and opportunities in methodology, epistemology and application. In: ALAPP 2016 (Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice Conference), 3-5 Nov 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark. file

Lillis, Theresa; Harrington, Kathy; Lea, Mary and Mitchell, Sally eds. (2016). Working With Academic Literacies: Case Studies Towards Transformative Practice. Perspectives on writing. Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse/Parlor Press. file

Lillis, Theresa and Curry, Mary Jane (2016). Academic writing for publication in a multilingual world. In: Manchón, Rosa M. and Matsuda, Paul Kei eds. Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing. Communication Competence Language and Communication Problems Practical Solutions, 11. Boston/Berlin: De Gruyter, pp. 201–222.

Lillis, T.; Leedham, M.; Twiner, A.; Moore, J. and Whitehead, M. (2016). ‘If it’s not written down it didn’t happen’: Social worker perspectives on contemporary writing and recording demands. In: Joint Social Work Education and Research Conference (JSWEC) 2016, 15 Jul 2016, Milton Keynes.

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Lillis, Theresa (2013). The Sociolinguistics of Writing. Edinburgh Sociolinguistics. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Rai, Lucy and Lillis, Theresa (2013). ‘Getting it Write’ in social work: exploring the value of writing in academia to writing for professional practice. Teaching in Higher Education, 18(4) pp. 352–364.

Curry, Mary Jane and Lillis, Theresa (2013). A scholars’ guide to getting published in English: critical choices and practical strategies. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.


Lillis, Theresa (2012). English medium writing for academic purposes: foundational categories, certainty and contingency. In: Tang, Ramona ed. Academic writing in a second or foreign language: Issues and challenges facing ESL / EFL academic writers in higher education contexts. London: Continuum, pp. 235–247.

Lillis, Theresa (2012). Economies of signs in writing for academic publication: the case of English Medium “National” Journals. Journal of Advanced Composition, 32(3/4) pp. 695–722. file

Lillis, Theresa and Rai, Lucy (2012). Quelle relation entre l’écrit académique et l’écrit professionnel? Une étude de cas dans le domaine du travail social [What is the relationship between academic writing and professional writing? A case study in the field of social work]. Pratiques(153/4) pp. 51–70. file

Lillis, Theresa (2012). The sociolinguistics of writing in a global context. ESRC End of Award Report. file


Lillis, Theresa (2011). Legitimising dialogue as textual and ideological goal in academic writing for assessment and publication. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 10(4) pp. 403–434. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Rai, Lucy and Lillis, Theresa (2011). A case study of a research-based collaboration around writing in social work. Across the disciplines, 8(3) file


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Hewings, Ann; Lillis, Theresa and Vladimirou, Dimitra (2010). Who's citing whose writings? A corpus based study of citations as interpersonal resource in English medium national and English medium international journals. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 9(2) pp. 102–115.

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Lillis, T. (2009). Étudiants déficitaires? Le dialogisme de Bakhtine dans l’exploration des pratiques d’écriture des étudiants 'non traditionnels' à l’université’. Cahiers Théodile, 10 pp. 117–132.

Brereton, John; Donahue, Christiane; Gannett, Cinthia; Lillis, Theresa and Scott, Mary (2009). La circulation de perspectives socioculturelles états-uniennes et britanniques : traitments de l'écrit dans le supérieur. In: Daunay, Bertrand; Delcambre, Isabelle and Reuter, Yves eds. Didatique du Français, le Socioculturel en Question. Éducation et Didactiques. Villeneuve d'Ascq: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, pp. 51–68.


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Lillis, Theresa and Turner, Joan (2001). Student writing in higher education: contemporary confusion, traditional concerns. Teaching in Higher Education, 6(1) pp. 57–68.

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