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Keeley, N. and Mackintosh, R.S. (2018). Reaction channel coupling effects for nucleons on 16O: Induced undularity and proton-neutron potential differences. Physical Review C, 97(1) pp. 1–12. file


Mackintosh, Raymond (2017). Elastic Scattering Phenomenology. The European Physical Journal A, 53, article no. 66. file

Marquínez-Durán, G.; Keeley, N.; Kemper, K. W.; Mackintosh, R. S.; Martel, I.; Rusek, K. and Sánchez-Benítez, A. M. (2017). Influence of single-neutron stripping on near-barrier 6He+208Pb and 8He+208Pb elastic scattering. Physical Review C, 95(2), article no. 024602. file


Mackintosh, R. S. (2016). Evidence for L-dependence generated by channel coupling: 16O scattering from 12C at 115.9 MeV. Physical Review C, 94 pp. 1–9. file


Mackintosh, R. S.; Hirabayashi, Y. and Ohkubo, S. (2015). Emergence of a secondary rainbow and the dynamical polarization potential for 16O on 12C at 330 MeV. Physical Review C, 91(2), article no. 024616. file


Mackintosh, Raymond and Keeley, Nicholas (2014). Phonon coupling effects in proton scattering from 40Ca. Physical Review C, 90, article no. 044601. file

Keeley, N. and Mackintosh, R. S. (2014). Dynamic polarization potential and dynamical nonlocality in nuclear potentials: nucleon-nucleus potential. Physical Review C, 90(4), article no. 044602. file


Mackintosh, R. S. (2013). Interpreting increases in |SL| due to channel coupling. Physical Review C, 88(5), article no. 054603.

Mackintosh, R. S. and Pang, D. Y. (2013). Significant features of 8B scattering from 208Pb at 170.3 MeV. Physical Review C, 88, article no. 014608. file


Mackintosh, R.S. and Pang, D.Y. (2012). Increase in |SL| induced by channel coupling: the case of deuteron scattering. Physical Review C, 86(4) 047602. file

Mackintosh, R. S. and Keeley, N. (2012). Coupling effects in proton scattering from 40Ca. Physical Review C, 85(6) 064603. file


Mackintosh, R. S. and Keeley, N. (2011). Addendum to “Strong coupling effects in proton scattering from 8He”. Physical Review C, 83(5) 057601. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Keeley, N. and Mackintosh, R. S. (2011). Dynamic polarization potential due to pickup coupling for proton scattering from 6He. Physical Review C, 83(4) 044608. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Pang, D. Y. and Mackintosh, R. S. (2011). Dynamic polarization potential due to 6Li breakup on 12C. Physical Review C, 84(6) file


Mackintosh, R. S. and Keeley, N. (2010). Strong coupling effects in proton scattering from 8He. Physical Review C, 81(3) pp. 1–15. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Keeley, N.; Mackintosh, R. S. and Beck, C. (2010). Breakup coupling effects on near-barrier 6Li, 7Be and 8B + 58Ni elastic scattering compared. Nuclear Physics A, 834(1-4) 792c-795c. file


Mackintosh, R. and Keeley, N. (2009). He6 breakup dynamic polarization potential reexamined. Physical Review C, 79(1) 01461. file


Keeley, N. and Mackintosh, R. S. (2008). Pickup coupling effects in deuteron scattering: The case of d + 40Ca. Physical Review C, 77(054603) pp. 1–13.


Mackintosh, R. S. and Keeley, N. (2007). Strong pickup-channel coupling effects in proton scattering: The case of p+10Be. Physical Review C, 76(024601) pp. 1–6.


Mackintosh, R.S. (2005). Nuclear applications of inverse scattering, present ... and future? In: Perspectives on Nuclear Data for the Next Decade, 26-28 Sep 2005, Bruyeres-le-Chatel, France.

Giot, L.; Roussel-Chomaz, P.; Alamanos, N.; Auger, F.; Cortina-Gil, M.-D.; Demonchy, Ch. E.; Fernandez, J.; Gillibert, A.; Jouanne, C.; Lapoux, V.; Mackintosh, R. S.; Mittig, W.; Nalpas, L.; Pakou, A.; Pita, S.; Pollacco, E. C.; Rodin, A.; Rusek, K.; Savajols, H.; Sida, J. L.; Skaza, F.; Stepantsov, S.; Ter-Akopian, G.; Thompson, I. and Wolski, R. (2005). Study of the ground-state wave function of 6He via the 6He(p,t)alpha transfer reaction. European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei, 25(Suppl. 1) pp. 267–269.

Skaza, F.; Keeley, N.; Lapoux, V.; Alamanos, N.; Auger, F.; Beaumel, D.; Becheva, E.; Blumenfeld, Y.; Delaunay, F.; Drouart, A.; Gillibert, A.; Giot, L.; Kemper, K.W.; Mackintosh, R.S.; Nalpas, L.; Pakou, A.; Pollacco, E.C.; Raabe, R.; Roussel-Chomaz, P.; Scarpaci, J-A.; Sida, J-L.; Stepantsov, S. and Wolski, R. (2005). Important pickup coupling effect on 8He(p,p) elastic scattering. Physics Letters B, 619(1-2) pp. 82–87.

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Mackintosh, Ray (2005). Public awareness activities: creating NUCLEUS. Nuclear Physics News, 15(2) pp. 42–44.


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Heiberg-Andersen, H.; Mackintosh, R.S. and Vaagen, J.S. (2003). A New phenomenological tau-alpha interaction. Nuclear Physics A, 713(1-2) pp. 63–80.


Boztosun, I and Mackintosh, R.S. (2002). Investigation of the coupling potential by means of S-matrix inversion. Physical Review C, 66(064602)


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Mackintosh, Raymond S. (2001). Telling the world about nuclear physics. Physics Education, 36(1) pp. 35–39.

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