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Haugh, Michael; Kádár, Dániel Z. and Marquez Reiter, Rosina (2022). Offence and morality: Pragmatic perspectives. Language & Communication, 87 pp. 117–122.

Orthaber, Sara and Marquez Reiter, Rosina (2022). “I’m your guy”: Self-promoting behaviour in a Slovenian translators’ forum. In: Xie, Chaoqun ed. Self-praise across cultures and contexts. Springer, (In Press).

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Marquez Reiter, Rosina and Felix-Brasdefer, J. Cesar (2021). Service Encounter Discourse. In: Haugh, M.; Kadar, D. and Terkourafi, M. eds. The Handbook of Sociopragmatics. Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 496–519.

Kádár, Dániel Z.; Parvaresh, Vahid and Marquez Reiter, Rosina (2021). Alternative Approaches to Politeness and Impoliteness: An Introduction. Journal of Politeness Research: language, behavior, culture, 17(1) pp. 1–7.

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Márquez Reiter, Rosina and Hidalgo Dowing, Raquel (2020). Intercultural Communication in a globalised world: the case of Spanish. In: Koike, Dale A. and Félix-Brásdefer, J. Cesar eds. The Routledge Handbook of Spanish Pragmatics. Routledge Spanish Language Handbooks. Routledge.

Marquez Reiter, Rosina and Frohlich, David M. (2020). A pragmatics of intimacy. Internet Pragmatics, 3(1) pp. 1–33.

Marquez Reiter, Rosina (2020). La provisión de servicios. In: M. Victoria, Escandell-Vidal; Amenós Pons, José and Ahern, Aoife Kathleen eds. Pragmatica. Alkal: Madrid.

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Marquez Reiter, R. (2019). Navigating commercial constraints in a Spanish service call. In: Conejos Biltvich, Garcés and Hernández López, P. eds. Mediated Service Encounters. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Marquez Reiter, R. and Martín Rojo, L. (2019). Introduction: Language and speakerhood in migratory contexts. International Journal of the Sociology of Language(257) pp. 1–16.

Martín Rojo, L. and Marquez Reiter, R. (2019). Language surveillance: pressure to follow local models of speakerhood among Latinx students in Madrid. International Journal of the Sociology of Language(257) pp. 17–48.

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Patiño-Santos, A. and Marquez Reiter, R. (2018). Banal interculturalism. Latin Americans in Elephant & Castle. Language and Intercultural Communication, 19(3) pp. 227–241.

Marquez Reiter, Rosina (2018). Navigating commercial constraints in a service call. In: ed. Technology mediated service encounters. John Benjamins Publishing.

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Marquez Reiter, Rosina and Bou-Franch, Patricia (2017). (Im)politeness in Service Encounters. In: Culpeper, Jonathan; Haugh, Michael and Kádár, Dániel Z. eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Linguistic (Im)politeness. Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp. 661–687.

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Marquez Reiter, R (2015). Cortesia y descortesia. In: Gutierrez-Rexach, J. ed. Enciclopedia de Linguistica Hispanica. Routledge.


Marquez Reiter, R and Kadar, DZ (2015). (Im)politeness and (im)morality: Insights from intervention. Journal of Politeness Research: language, behavior, culture, 11(2) pp. 239–260.

Orthaber, Sara and Márquez Reiter, Rosina (2015). 'Thanks for nothing': Impoliteness in service calls. In: Ruhi, Şükriye and Aksan, Yeşim eds. Exploring (Im)politeness in Specialized and General Corpora: Converging Methodologies and Analytic Procedures. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Marquez Reiter, R (2015). IMPOLITENESS IN SERVICE CALLS. In: ed. Exploring (im)politeness in specialized and generalized corpora. Not Set.

Márquez-Reiter, Rosina; Orthaber, Sara and Kádár, Dániel Z. (2015). Disattending Customer Dissatisfaction on Facebook: A Case Study of a Slovenian Public Transport Company. In: Christopher, Elizabeth ed. International Management and Intercultural Communication. Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp. 108–126.

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Marquez Reiter, R. and Martín Rojo, L. (2014). The dynamics of (im)mobility: (in)transient capitals and linguistic ideologies among Latin American migrants in London and Madrid. In: Marquez Reiter, R. and Martín Rojo, L. eds. A Sociolinguistics of Diaspora: Latino Practices, Identities and Ideologies. Routledge, pp. 83–101.

Orthaber, S and Marquez Reiter, R (2014). THANKS FOR NOTHING’ – IMPOLITENESS IN SERVICE CALLS. In: ed. Exploring impoliteness in specialized and generalized corpora: converging methodologies and analytic procedures. Cambridge Scholars Publishing..

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Márquez Reiter, Rosina and Luke, Kang-Kwong (2010). Telephone conversation openings across languages, cultures and settings. In: ed. Pragmatics across languages and cultures. Handbooks of Pragmatics [HOPS] (7). De Gruyter Mouton, pp. 103–138.

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Marquez Reiter, R (2009). How to get rid of a telemarking agent? Facework strategies in an intercultural service call. In: Bargiela-Chiappini, F; Haugh, M and Matsumoto, YFRW eds. Face, Communication and Social Interaction. Equinox.

Marquez Reiter, R (2009). Politeness studies. In: ed. The Handbook of Business Discourse. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 166 - 179.

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Marquez Reiter, Rosina (2008). Intra-cultural variation: Explanations in service calls to two Montevidean service providers. Journal of Politeness Research: language, behavior, culture, 4(1) 1 - 29.

Marquez Reiter, R and Stewart, M (2008). Interactions en site commercial à Montevideo et à Edimbourg (Royaume Uni): “engagement” et « considération enver autri. In: Kerbrat-Orecchioni, C and Traverso, V eds. Les Interactions en site Commercial. Invariants et variants. Lyon: ENS Editions, 277 - 302.

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Marquez Reiter, R (2006). ‘Interactional closeness in service calls to Montevidean carer service company’,. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 39(1) 7 - 39.

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Marquez Reiter, R and Placencia, ME (2005). Spanish Pragmatics. Palgrave.

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Márquez-Reiter, R and Placencia, ME (2004). Current trends in the pragmatics of Spanish. John Benjamins Publishing Co.

Márquez Reiter, R and Placencia, ME (2004). Displaying closeness and respectful distance in Montevidean and Quinteno service encounters. In: Marquez Reiter, RAPME ed. Current Trends in the Pragmatics of Spanish. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 121 - 155.

Marquez Reiter, R and Placencia, ME (2004). The pragmatics of Spanish beyond Spain. In: Marquez Reiter, R and Placencia, ME eds. Current Trends in the Pragmatics of Spanish. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 15 - 30.

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Marquez Reiter, R (2003). Pragmatic variation in Spanish: external request modifications in Uruguayan and Peninsular Spanish’. In: ed. A Romance Perspective on Language Knowledge and Use. John Benjamins, 166 - 180.

Fulcher, G and Marquez Reiter, R (2003). Task difficulty in speaking tests’. Language Testing, 20(3) 321 - 344.

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Marquez Reiter, R (2002). Estrategias de cortesía en el español hablado en Montevideo. Lo cortés no quita lo valiente’. In: ed. Actos de habla y cortesía en español. Lincom, 89 - 106.

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Marquez Reiter, R (1998). The teaching of ‘politeness’ in the language classroom. In: ed. Perspectivas Pragmáticas en Lingüística Aplicada. Zaragoza: Anubar, 290 - 297.

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Marquez Reiter, R (1997). Politeness phenomena in British English and Uruguayan Spanish: the case of requests’,. Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies, 18 159 - 167.

Marquez Reiter, R (1997). Sensitising Spanish learners of English to cultural differences: the case of politeness’. In: ed. The Cultural Context in Foreign Language Teaching. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 143 - 155.


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