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Bowman, Marion (2016). "Helping Glastonbury to Come into Its Own”: Practical Spirituality, Materiality, and Community Cohesion in Glastonbury. In: Coats, Curtis D. and Emerich, Monica M. eds. Practical Spiritualities in a Media Age. London, New York: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 51–65.

Bowman, Marion (2016). He’s My Best Friend” Relationality, Materiality, and the Manipulation of Motherhood in Devotion to St Gerard Majella in Newfoundland. In: Woo, Terry Tak-ling and Lee, Becky R. eds. Canadian Women Shaping Diasporic Religious Identities. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, pp. 3–34.


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Bowman, Marion (2007). Å følge strømmen. Moderne pilegrimsferd I Glastonbury
To follow the flow. Modern Pilgrimage to Glastonbury.
In: Gilhus, Ingvild Sælid and Kraft, Siv Ellen eds. Religiøse reiser. Mellom gamle spor og nye mål. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, pp. 51–62.


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Bowman, Marion I. (2005). Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem, Heart Chakra of Planet Earth: the Local and the Global in Glastonbury. Numen, 52(2) pp. 157–190.


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