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Akponah, Precious; Lai, Ai-Ling and Higgins, Matthew (2020). In the Flow: Materiality, Value and Rubbish in Lagos. In: Association for Consumer Research conference, 1-4 Oct 2020, Paris (Virtual).

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Brennan, Ross; Eagle, Lynne; Ellis, Nick and Higgins, Matthew (2010). Of a complex sensitivity in marketing ethics education. Journal of Marketing Management, 26(13-14) pp. 1165–1180.

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Ellis, Nick; Fitchett, James; Higgins, Matthew; Lim, Ming; Saren, Michael and Tadajewski, Mark (2010). Marketing: A Critical Textbook. London: SAGE Publications.

Ellis, Nick and Higgins, Matthew (2006). Recatechizing codes of practice in supply chain relationships: discourse, identity and otherness. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 14(4) pp. 387–410.

Ellis, Nick; Jack, Gavin and Higgins, Matthew (2005). (De)constructing the Market for Animal Feeds: A Discursive Study. Journal of Marketing Management, 21(1-2) pp. 117–146.

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Gray, Keith and Higgins, Matthew (2012). Legacy, trust, and turbulence in the NHS healthcare commissioning process: An exploratory study. International Journal of Healthcare Management, 5(1) pp. 40–47.

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Higgins, Matthew; Morino, Veronica and Iyer, Nigel (2018). Imperialism, Dirty Money Centres and the Financial Elite. In: Grady, Jo and Grocott, Chris eds. The Continuing Imperialism of Free Trade: Developments, Trends and the Role of Supranational Agents. Routledge frontiers of political economy (246). Abingdon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 139–151.

Higgins, Matthew and Ellis, Nick (2015). ‘Who Said We’re Flogging a Dead Horse?’: Re-Framing Ethics & the Supply Chain. In: Pullen, Alison and Rhodes, Carl eds. The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations. Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 249–268.

Higgins, Matthew and Smith, Warren (2002). "Babies Cost Less at Tesco". Journal of Marketing Management, 18(9-10) pp. 833–856.

Higgins, Matthew and Tadajewski, Mark (2002). Anti‐corporate protest as consumer spectacle. Management Decision, 40(4) pp. 363–371.

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Lai, Ai-Ling; Lim, Ming and Higgins, Matthew (2023). Dialogue with the Specter: Absence and Presence in Consumer Research. In: European Association of Consumer Researchers, 6-8 Jul 2023, Amsterdam.

Lai, Ai-Ling; Ming, Lim and Higgins, Matthew (2018). The abject single: exploring the gendered experience of singleness in Britain. In: Arsel, Zeynep; Eräranta, Kirsi and Moisander, Johanna eds. Gendering Theory in Marketing and Consumer Research. Key Issues in Marketing Management. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 7–30.

Lai, Ai-Ling; Lim, Ming and Higgins, Matthew (2015). The abject single: exploring the gendered experience of singleness in Britain. Journal of Marketing Management, 31(15-16) pp. 1559–1582.

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Parker, Martin; Higgins, Matthew; Lightfoot, Geoff and Smith, Warren (1999). Amazing Tales: Organization Studies as Science Fiction. Organization, 6(4) pp. 579–590.

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Smith, Warren; Higgins, Matthew; Kokkinidis, George and Parker, Martin (2018). Becoming invisible: The ethics and politics of imperceptibility. Culture and Organization, 24(1) pp. 54–73.

Smith, Warren and Higgins, Matthew (2000). Reconsidering the Relationship Analogy. Journal of Marketing Management, 16(1-3) pp. 81–94.

Smith, Warren and Higgins, Matthew (2000). Cause-Related Marketing: Ethics and the Ecstatic. Business & Society, 39(3) pp. 304–322.

Smith, Warren and Higgins, Matthew (2000). ʻTrust No-One: Science Fiction and Marketingʼs Future Presentʼ. In: Brown, Stephen and Patterson, Anthony eds. Imagining Marketing: Art, Aesthetics and the Avant-Garde. Routledge Interpretive Marketing Research (2). London: Routledge, pp. 105–120.

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Tadajewski, Mark and Higgins, Matthew (2023). The Porosity of the Consumer. Consumption Markets & Culture (Early Access).

Tadajewski, Mark; Higgins, Matthew; Denegri-Knott, Janice and Varman, Rohit eds. (2019). The Routledge Companion to Critical Marketing. Milton: Milton: Routledge.


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