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Pittaway, Mark (2009). Hungary. In: Bosworth, R. J. B. ed. The Oxford handbook of fascism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 380–397. file

Bucur, Maria; Gavrilova, Rayna; Goldman, Wendy; Healy, Maureen; Lebow, Kate and Pittaway, Mark (2009). Six historians in search of Alltagsgeschichte. Aspasia, 3 pp. 189–212.


Pittaway, Mark and Dahl, Hans Fredrik (2008). Legitimacy and the making of the post-war order. In: Conway, Martin and Romijn, Peter eds. The War for Legitimacy in Politics and Culture 1936-1946. European Science Foundation - Occupation in Europe: The Impact of National Socialist and Fascist Rule. Oxford and New York: Berg, pp. 177–209. file

Pittaway, Mark (2008). Making peace in the shadow of war: The Austrian-Hungarian borderlands, 1945-1956. Contemporary European History, 17(3) pp. 345–364. file


Pittaway, Mark (2007). A magyar forradalom új megközelítésben: az ipari munkásság, a szocializmus széthullása és rekonstrukciója, 1953-1958. In: Rainer, János M. and Gyáni, Gábor eds. Ezerkilencszászötvenhat az újabb történeti irodalomban. Budapest, Hungary: 1956-os Intézet, pp. 49–71. file

Pittaway, Mark (2007). From Communist to Post-Communist Politics. In: White, Stephen; Batt, Judy and Lewis, Paul eds. Developments in Central and East European Politics 4. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 20–36. file

Pittaway, Mark (2007). The Revolution and Industrial Workers: The Disintegration and Reconstruction of Socialism, 1953-1958. Hungarian Studies Review, XXXIV(1-2) pp. 115–154. file


Pittaway, Mark (2006). A magyar forradalom új megközelítésben: az ipari munkásság, a szocializmus széthullása és rekonstrukciója, 1953-1958. Eszmélet(72) pp. 11–31. file


Pittaway, Mark (2005). Introduction: workers and socialist states in postwar central and eastern Europe. International Labor and Working-Class History, 68(Fall) pp. 1–8. file

Pittaway, Mark (2005). Creating and domesticating Hungary's socialist industrial landscape; from Dunapentele to Sztálinváros, 1950-1958. Historical Archaeology, 39(3) pp. 75–93. file

Pittaway, Mark (2005). Workers in Hungary. In: Breuning, Eleonore; Pritchard, Gareth and Lewis, Jill eds. Power and the People: A Social History of Central European Politics, 1945-1956. Manchester & New York: Manchester University Press, pp. 57–75. file

Pittaway, Mark (2005). A múlt lezárása a háború utáni Ausztriaban: Emlékezet, nemzetiszocializmus és 1945 értlemezése Észak-Burgenlandban. Eszmélet(65) pp. 97–110. file

Pittaway, Mark (2005). Accommodation and the limits of economic reform: industrial workers during the making and unmaking of Kádár's Hungary. In: Hübner, Peter; Kle?mann, Christoph and Tenfelde, Klaus eds. Arbeiter im Staatsozialismus: Ideologischer Anspruch und Soziale Wirklichkeit. Zeithistorische studien (31). Köln, Germany: Böhlau Verlag, pp. 453–471. file


Pittaway, Mark (2004). The politics of legitimacy and Hungary's postwar transition. Contemporary European History, 13(4) pp. 453–475. file

Pittaway, Mark (2004). Workers, Management and the State in Socialist Hungary: Shaping and Re-shaping the Socialist Factory Regime in Újpest and Tatabánya, 1950-1956. In: Brenner, Christiane and Heumos, Peter eds. Sozialgeschichtliche Kommunismusforschung: Tschechoslowakei, Polen, Ungarn, DDR 1945-1968. München: R. Oldenbourg Verlag, pp. 105–131. file

Pittaway, Mark (2004). Control and consent in Eastern Europe’s workers’ states, 1945-1989: some reflections on totalitarianism, social organization and social control. In: Emsley, Clive; Johnson, Eric and Spierenburg, Pieter eds. Social Control in Europe, Volume 2, 1800-2000. Columbus, Ohio, USA: Ohio State University Press, pp. 343–367. file

Pittaway, Mark (2004). Eastern Europe 1939-2000. Brief Histories. London, UK: Hodder Arnold.


Bowman, Marion (2003). From Keltoi to cybercelts: continuity and change in Celtic identities. In: Pittaway, Mark ed. Globalization and Europe. Buckingham, UK: The Open University, pp. 107–165.

Pittaway, Mark (2003). The Education of dissent: the reception of the Voice of Free Hungary, 1951-1956. Cold War History, 4(1) pp. 97–116. file

Pittaway, Mark (2003). Hungary. In: White, Stephen; Batt, Judy and Lewis, Paul eds. Developments in Central and East European politics, Volume 3. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 57–73.

Pittaway, Mark (2003). Az állami ellenőrzés társadalmi korlátainak újraértékelése: az ipari dolgozók és a szocialista diktatúra Magyarországon, 1948-1953. In: Horváth, Sándor; Pethő, László and Tóth, Eszer Zsófia eds. Munkástörténet - munkásantropológia. Budapest, Hungary: Napvilág Kiadó, pp. 71–82.


Pittaway, Mark (2002). The reproduction of hierarchy: skill, working-class culture and the state in early socialist Hungary. Journal of Modern History, 74(4) pp. 737–769. file

Pittaway, Mark (2002). Retreat from collective Protest: Household, Gender, Work and Popular Opposition in Stalinist Hungary. In: Kok, Jan ed. Rebellious families. household strategies and collective action in the 19th & 20th Centuries. International Studies in Social History (3). New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books, pp. 198–228. file


Pittaway, Mark (2000). Stalinism, working-class housing and individual autonomy: the encouragement of private house building in Hungary's mining areas. In: Reid, Susan E. and Crowley, David eds. Style and Socialism: Modernity and Material Culture in Post-War Eastern Europe. Oxford/New York: Berg, pp. 49–64. file


Pittaway, Mark (1999). The social limits of state control: Time, the industrial wage relation and social identity in Stalinist Hungary, 1948-1953. Journal of Historical Sociology, 12(3) pp. 271–301. file

Pittaway, Mark (1999). Hungary. In: Heenan, Patrick and Lamontagne, Monique eds. Central and Eastern European Handbook. London: Fitzroy Dearborn, pp. 12–22. file

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