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Potter, Stephen; Warren, James; Valdez, Miguel and Cook, Matthew (2023). Toward an intelligent mobility regime. In: Droege, Peter ed. Intelligent Environments: advanced systems for a healthy planet, 2nd Edition. Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp. 323–350.

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Haarstad, Håvard; Sareen, Siddarth; Kandt, Jens; Coenen, Lars and Cook, Matthew (2022). Beyond automobility? Lock-in of past failures in low-carbon urban mobility innovations. Energy Policy, 166, article no. 113002.

Cook, Matthew and Valdez, Miguel (2022). Curating smart cities. Urban Geography (Early access).

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Cook, Matthew; Valdez Juarez, AM; Catulli, Maurizio and Potter, Stephen (2021). Consuming the million-mile electric car. In: PLATE – Product lifetimes and the environment 3rd PLATE Conference, September 18–20, 2019 Berlin, Germany (Nissen, Nils F and Jaeger-Erben, Melanie eds.), Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, Berlin, pp. 155–160.

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Karvonen, Andrew; Cook, Matthew and Haarstad, Håvard (2020). Urban Planning and the Smart City: Projects, Practices and Politics. Urban Planning, 5(1) pp. 65–68.

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Potter, Stephen; Valdez, Alan-Miguel and Cook, Matthew (2019). Autonomous vehicles and the urban mobility ecosystem. In: Nuttall, William J; Gibson, David V; Trzmielak, Dariusz and Ibarra-Yunez, Alejandro eds. Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities. ICE Publishing, pp. 83–97.

Cook, Matthew; Horne, Ralph; Potter, Stephen and Valdez, Alan-Miguel (2019). Exploring the epistemic politics of urban niche experiments. In: Jensen, Jens Stissing; Cashmore, Matthew and Späth, Philipp eds. The Politics of Urban Sustainability Transitions: Knowledge, Power and Governance. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 125–147.

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Valdez Juarez, Alan-Miguel; Cook, Matthew; Potter, Stephen and Langendahl, Per-Anders (2018). Exploring participatory visions of smart transport in Milton Keynes. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering Sustainability, 171(4) pp. 204–210.

Cook, Matthew (2018). Product Service System Innovation in the Smart City. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 19(1) pp. 46–55.

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Cook, M. (2014). Fluid transitions to more sustainable product service systems. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 12 pp. 1–13.

Rauws, W.S.; Cook, M. and van Dijk, T. (2014). How to Make Development Plans Suitable for Volatile Contexts. Planning Practice and Research, 29(2) pp. 133–151.

2013To Top

Dewberry, E. L.; Cook, M; Gottberg, A; Longhurst, P. J. and Angus, A (2013). Critical Reflections on Designing Product Service Systems. The Design Journal, 16(4) pp. 408–430.

Johnson, Jeffrey and Cook, Matthew (2013). Policy design: a new area of design research and practice. In: Aiguier, Marc; Boulanger, Frédéric; Krob, Daniel and Clotilde, Marchal eds. Complex Systems in Design and Management. Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 51–62.

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Crilly, Michael; Lemon, Mark; Wright, Andrew J.; Cook, Matthew B. and Shaw, David (2012). Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency: an integrated approach to innovation in the low carbon overhaul of social housing. Energy and Environment, 23(6-7) pp. 1027–1056.

Cook, M.; Gottberg, A.; Angus, A. and Longhurst, P. (2012). Receptivity to the production of product service systems in the UK construction and manufacturing sectors: a comparative analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 32 pp. 61–70.

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Potter, Stephen; Roby, Helen; Cook, Matthew and Langendahl, Per-Anders (2011). Transport and environmental innovation. In: Sustainable Innovation 11 'State of the Art in Sustainable Innovation and Design', 24-25 Oct 2011, Farnham, Surrey.

Dolan, T.; Cook, M. B. and Angus, A. J. (2011). Financial appraisal of wet mesophilic AD technology as a renewable energy and waste management technology. Science of the Total Environment, 409(13) pp. 2460–2466.

Lemon, Mark; Craig, John and Cook, Matthew (2011). Looking in or looking out? top-down change and operational capability. Historical Social Research, 36(1) pp. 143–159.

2010To Top

Potter, Stephen; Roby, Helen; Cook, Matthew and Langendahl, Per-Anders (2010). Transport and environmental innovation. In: ‘State of the Art’ in Sustainable Innovation and Design, 24-25 Oct 2011, Farnham, UK.

Gottberg, Annika; Longhurst, Phillip J. and Cook, Matthew B. (2010). Exploring the potential of product service systems to achieve household waste prevention on new housing developments in the UK. Waste Management and Research, 28(3) pp. 228–235.

Cook, Matthew (2010). Sustainable urban design experiments. In: ECCS 10 European Conference on Complex Systems, 13-17 Sep 2010, Lisbon, Portugal.

Langendahl, Per-Anders; Cook, Matthew and Potter, Stephen (2010). Analysing the eco-innovation process in a UK food processing firm. In: 15th International Conference Sustainable Innovation 2010, 8-9 Nov 2010, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2009To Top

Walker, S. and Cook, M. (2009). The contested concept of sustainable aviation. Sustainable Development, 17(6) pp. 378–390.

Abenyenga, Olivia; Burgess, Paul J.; Cook, Matthew and Morris, Joe (2009). Application of an ecosystem function framework to perceptions of community woodlands. Land Use Policy, 26(3) pp. 551–557.

Cvejic, R.; Cook, M. and White, S. (2009). Implementation of the Water Framework Directive as a sociable process in spatial planning. In: 8th International Conference of the European Society of Ecological Economics, 29 Jun - 2 Jul 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Gasparin, C. P.; Angus, A.; Cook, M.; Peets, A.; Blackburn, D. and Godwin, R. (2008). Measuring farmers’ preference for systems that improve agrochemical traceability. In: 9th Conference on Precision Agriculture, 20-23 Jul 2008.

Cook, Matthew; Gottberg, Annika; Angus, Andrew; Longhurst, Philip and Morris, Joe (2008). Achieving Household Waste Prevention Through Product Service Systems. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Angus, Andrew; Gottberg, Annika; Cook, Matthew and Morris, Joe (2008). Achieving Household Waste Prevention Through Product Service Systems, Technical Report 4: Social and Economic Assessment. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Gottberg, Annika; Cook, Matthew and Longhurst, Philip (2008). Achieving Household Waste Prevention Through Product Service Systems, Technical Report 7: Prospective Case Studies. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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Faeirs, Adam; Cook, Matt and Neame, Charles (2007). Towards a contemporary approach for understanding consumer behaviour in the context of domestic energy use. Energy Policy, 35(8) pp. 4381–4390.

Vaughan, Paul; Cook, Matthew and Trawick, Paul (2007). Toward a sociology of reuse: deconstructing the milkbottle. Sociologia Ruralis, 47(2) pp. 120–134.

Faeirs, Adam; Neame, Charles and Cook, Matt (2007). The adoption of domestic solar power systems: do consumers assess product attributes in a stepwise process? Energy Policy, 35(6) pp. 3418–3423.

2006To Top

Gottberg, Annika; Morris, Joe; Pollard, Simon; Mark-Herbert, Cecilia and Cook, Matthew (2006). Producer responsibility, waste minimisation and the WEEE Directive: case studies in eco-design from the European lighting sector. Science of the Total Environment, 359 pp. 38–56.

Cook, M. B.; Bhamra, T. A. and Lemon, M. (2006). Transfer and application of product service systems: from academia to UK manufacturing firms. Journal of Cleaner Production, 14(17) pp. 1455–1465.

Gottberg, A.; Cook, M.; Morris, J.; Angus, A. and Longhurst, P. (2006). Satisfying household demand using services instead of material products to achieve household waste prevention. In: Waste 2006: Sustainable Waste and Resource Management, 19-21 Sep 2006, Warwick, UK.

2004To Top

Cook, M. (2004). Understanding the potential opportunities provided by service orientated concepts to improve resource productivity. In: Bhamra, Tracy and Hon, Bernard eds. Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development 2004. Bury St. Edmonds, UK: Professional Engineering Publishing Limited, pp. 123–134.

Cook, Matthew B. and Bhamra, Tracy (2004). The transfer and application of sustainable product service Systems in UK manufacturing companies. In: 2nd SusProNet Conference, 3-4 Jun 2004, Brussels, Belgium.

2002To Top

Cook, M. B. and Bhamra, T. A. (2002). Evolutionary perspectives on adoption of the eco-service concept. In: Towards Sustainable Product Design 7th International Conference, 28-29 Oct 2002, London, U.K..

2001To Top

Bhamra, T.; Evans, S.; Zwan, F. van der and Cook, M. (2001). Moving from eco-products to eco-services. Journal of Design Research, 1(2)

Cook, Matthew and Bhamra, T. A. (2001). Eco-services: a model for the diffusion of service orientated concepts in a local economy. In: Business and Environment Conference, Spring 2001, Cardiff, Wales.


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