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Levidow, Les; Zaccaria, Daniele; Maia, Rodrigo; Vivas, Eduardo; Todorovic, Mladen and Scardigno, Alessandra (2014). Improving water-efficient irrigation: prospects and difficulties of innovative practices. Agricultural Water Management, 146 pp. 84–94. file

Levidow, Les and Neubauer, Claudia (2014). EU research agendas: embedding what future? Science as Culture, 23(3) pp. 397–412.

Levidow, Les (2014). What Green Economy? Diverse agendas, their tensions and potential futures. IKD, Open University. file

Borras, Saturnino M.; Franco, Jennifer C.; Isakson, Ryan; Levidow, Les and Vervest, Pietje (2014). Towards Understanding the Politics of Flex Crops and Commodities: Implications for Research and Policy Advocacy. Think Piece Series on Flex Crops & Commodities (1). Amsterdam: Transnational Institute. file

Levidow, Les; Lindgaard-Jørgensen, Palle; Nilsson, Åsa; Alongi Skenhall, Sara and Assimacopoulos, Dionysis (2014). Eco-efficiency improvements in industrial water-service systems: assessing options with stakeholders. Water Science and Technology , 69(10) pp. 2113–2121. file

Birch, Kean; Levidow, Les and Papaioannou, Theo (2014). Self-fulfilling prophecies of the European knowledge-based bio-economy: the discursive shaping of institutional and policy frameworks in the bio-pharmaceuticals sector. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 5(1) pp. 1–18. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Berti, Pietro and Levidow, Les (2014). Fuelling expectations: a policy-promise lock-in of UK biofuel policy. Energy Policy, 66 pp. 135–143. file

Levidow, Les and Papaioannou, Theo (2014). UK biofuel policy: envisaging sustainable biofuels, shaping institutions and futures. Environment and Planning A, 46(2) pp. 280–298. file

Levidow, Les (2014). European Union policy conflicts over agbiotech: ecological modernisation perspectives and critiques. In: Smyth, Stuart J.; Phillips, Peter W. B. and Castle, David eds. Handbook on Agriculture, Biotechnology and Development. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp. 153–165. file

Levidow, Les (2014). EU regulatory conflicts over GM food: lessons for the future. In: Thompson , Paul B. and Kaplan , David M. eds. Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Food Ethics. Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media , (In press). restricted access item, not available for direct download

Levidow, Les; Borda-Rodriguez, Alexander and Papaioannou, Theo (2014). UK bioenergy innovation priorities: Making expectations credible in state-industry arenas. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 87 pp. 191–204. file

Hincliffe, Steve; Levidow, Les and Oreszczyn, Sue (2014). Engaging cooperative research. Environment and Planning A, 46(9) pp. 2080–2094.


Levidow, Les; Papaioannou, Theo and Borda-Rodriguez, Alexander (2013). Innovation priorities for UK bioenergy: technological expectations within path dependence. Science & Technology Studies, 26 (3) pp. 14–36. file

Levidow, Les (2013). Pratiche agroecologiche in Europa: adeguare o trasformare il sistema agroalimentare?
[Agroecological practices in Europe: Conforming – or transforming the dominant agro-food regime?].
Bioagricultura(142) pp. 43–46.
restricted access item, not available for direct download

Woodgate, Graham; Lamberti, Lamberto; Belsanti, Virginia; Bessaoud, Omar and Levidow, Les (2013). Sustainable Development of Rural Communities in the Mediterranean Region. CIHEAM-IAMB, Bari, Italy. file

Levidow, Les and Papaioannou, Theo (2013). State imaginaries of the public good: shaping UK innovation priorities for bioenergy. Environmental Science & Policy, 30 pp. 36–49. file

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Levidow, Les (2013). EU criteria for sustainable biofuels: accounting for carbon, depoliticising plunder. Geoforum, 44(1) pp. 211–223.

Levidow, Les and Bonneuil, Christophe (2013). The 2003-06 WTO GMO dispute: Implications for the SPS Agreement. In: Thompson , Paul B. and Kaplan, David M. eds. Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Food Ethics. Heidelberg: Springer Reference. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Levidow, Les (2012). Contending European agendas for agricultural innovation. In: Barbier, Marc and Elzen, Boelie eds. System Innovations, Knowledge Regimes and Design Practices towards Transitions for Sustainable Agriculture. Paris, France: INRA, pp. 171–192. file

Levidow, Les; Papaioannou, Theo and Birch, Kean (2012). Neoliberalising technoscience and environment: EU policy for competitive, sustainable biofuels. In: Pellizzoni, Luigi and Ylönen, Marja eds. Neoliberalism and Technoscience. Theory, Technology and Society. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 159–186. file

Schmid, Otto; Padel, Susanne and Levidow, Les (2012). The bio-economy concept and knowledge base in a public goods and farmer perspective. Bio-based and Applied Economics (BAE), 1(1) pp. 47–63.

Levidow, Les (2012). Generating regulatory futures: From agbiotech blockages to a bioeconomy? In: Howlett , Michael and Laycock, David eds. Regulating Next Generation Agri-Food Biotechnologies: Lessons from European, North American and Asian Experiences. Genetics and Society. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 15–33. file

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Levidow, Les and Psarikidou, Katerina (2012). Making local food sustainable in Manchester. In: Viljoen, Andre and Wiskerke, Johannes S. C. eds. Sustainable Food Planning: Evolving Theory and Practice. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 207–220. file

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Bonneuil, Christophe and Levidow, Les (2012). How does the World Trade Organisation know? The mobilization and staging of scientific expertise in the GMO trade dispute. Social Studies of Science, 42(1) pp. 75–100.


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Levidow, Les (2003). Mercantilizando la educación superior: estrategias neoliberales y contra–estrategias. Boletin de Educación Superior(14-15) pp. 4–11.


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Levidow, Les; Carr, Susan; von Schomburg, Rene and Wield, David (1997). European Biotechnology Regulation: Framing the Risk Assessment of a Herbicide-Tolerant Crop. Science, Technology and Human Values, 22(4) pp. 472–505.


Levidow, L.; Carr, S.; Schomberg, R and Wield, D. (1996). Bounding the Risk Assessment of a Herbicide Tolerant Crop. In: van Dommelen, A. ed. Coping with Deliberate Release: The Limits of Risk Assessment. Tilberg: International Centre for Human and Public Affairs, pp. 81–102.

Levidow, L.; Carr, S.; Schomburg, R. and Wield, D. (1996). Harmonization Difficulties of Uncertainty-Based Regulation. Science and Public Policy, 23(3) pp. 135–157.

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