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Giaxoglou, Korina (2020). A Narrative Approach to Social Media Mourning: Small Stories and Affective Positioning. Narrative, Interaction and Discourse. Abingdon: Routledge.

Giaxoglou, Korina and Spilioti, Tereza (2020). The Shared Story of #JeSuisAylan on Twitter: Story Participation and Stancetaking in Visual Small Stories. Pragmatics, 30(2) pp. 277–302. file

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Giaxoglou, Korina (2020). Mobilizing grief and remembrance with and for networked publics: towards a typology of hyper-mourning. European Journal of Life Writing (In press). file

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Ashery, Oreet and Giaxoglou, Korina (2019). Digital Death and the Digital Afterlife: Oreet Ashery in Conversation with Korina Giaxoglou. In: Zielińska, Joanna ed. Performance Works. Milan: Mousse Publishing for Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. file

Spilioti, Tereza and Giaxoglou, Korina (2019). I’m an Aθenian too: διαγραφηματικές πρακτικές στο αστικό γλωσσικό τοπίο της Αθήνας. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Greek Linguistics. file

Giaxoglou, Korina (2019). Trajectories of treasured texts: laments as narratives. In: Falconi, Elizabeth and Graber, Kate eds. Storytelling as Narrative Practice: Ethnographic Approaches to the Tales We Tell. Studies in Pragmatics (19). Brill, pp. 136–162. file

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Giaxoglou, Korina (2019). From Rest in Peace to #R.I.P.: tracing shifts in the language of mourning. In: Tagg, Caroline and Evans, Mel eds. Message and Medium: historicising English language practices. Mouton de Gruyter (In Press). restricted access item, not available for direct download

Seargeant, Philip and Giaxoglou, Korina (2019). Discourse and the Linguistic Landscape. In: De Fina, Anna and Georgakopoulou, Alexandra eds. The Handbook of Discourse Studies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (In Press).

Giaxoglou, Korina (2018). #JeSuisCharlie? Hashtags as narrative resources in contexts of ecstatic sharing. Discourse, Context, and Media, 22 pp. 13–20. file

Giaxoglou, K. and Spilioti, T. (2018). Mediatizing death and suffering: rescripting visual stories of the refugee crisis as distant witnessing and mourning. In: Burger, M.; Thornborrow, J. and Fitzerald, R. eds. Discours des réseaux sociaux: enjeux publics, politiques et médiatiques. De Boeck, pp. 65–92. restricted access item, not available for direct download

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Giaxoglou, Korina (2017). Storying leaks for sharing: The case of leaking the “Moscovici draft” on Twitter. Discourse, Context & Media (Special Issue: The Digital Agora of Social Media edited by M.Johansson, S. Kleinke, and L. Lehti), 19 pp. 22–30. file

Giaxoglou, Korina (2017). Reflections on internet research ethics from language-focused research on web-based mourning: revisiting the private/public distinction as a language ideology of differentiation. Applied Linguistics Review, 8(2-3) pp. 229–250. file

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Spilioti, Tereza and Giaxoglou, Korina (2016). Scaling the field of intercultural communication: reflections on trajectories of culture. In: Singh, Jaspal Naveel; Kantara, Argyro and Cserzo, Dorottya eds. Downscaling Culture: Revisiting Intercultural Communication. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, pp. 366–373.

Giaxoglou, Korina (2015). 'Everywhere I go, you're going with me': Time and space deixis as affective positioning resources in shared moments of digital mourning. Discourse, Context & Media, 9 pp. 55–63. file

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Giaxoglou, Korina (2014). Language and affect in digital media: articulations of grief in online spaces for mourning. In: Opening New Lines of Communication in Applied Linguistics: Proceedings of the 46th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (O'Rourke, Bernadette; Bermingham, Nicola and Brennan, Sara eds.), Scitsiugnil Press, London, pp. 161–171. file

Giaxoglou, Korina (2009). Entextualizing vernacular forms in a Maniat village: Features of orthopraxy in local folklore practice. Pragmatics, 19(3) pp. 419–434. file

Giaxoglou, Korina (2009). [Book Review] Chryssoula Lascaratou. The Language of Pain. Expression or description? Journal of Greek Linguistics, 9(1) pp. 215–218. file

Giaxoglou, (Kyriaki) Korina (2008). Maniat Laments as Narratives: Forms and Norms of Entextualization. PhD thesis. King's College London. file

Giaxoglou, Korina Τυπική αφηγηματική δομή και παραλλαγές στα μανιάτικα μοιρολόγια
[Typical narrative structure and variations on Manichaean obituaries].
In: Proceedings of the 3rd Athens Postgraduate Conference (Lavidas, N.; Nouhoutidou, E.; Sionti, M.; Sifaki, E.; Dimtsa, A.; Bobota, M.; Varvarigou, P. and Chatzigeorgiou, P. eds.), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens.

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