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Drake, Deborah and Muncie, John (2009). Risk prediction, assessment and management. In: Drake, Deborah; Muncie, John and Westmarland, Louise eds. Criminal Justice: Local and Global. Cullompton: Willan, pp. 105–139.

Drake, Deborah; Muncie, John and Westmarland, Louise (2009). Interrogating criminal justice. In: Drake, Deborah; Muncie, John and Westmarland, Louise eds. Criminal Justice: Local and Global. Cullompton: Willan, pp. 1–35.

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Fergusson, Ross; Pye, David; Esland, Geoff; McLaughlin, Eugene and Muncie, John (2000). Normalized dislocation and new subjectivities in post-16 markets for education and work. Critical Social Policy, 20(3) pp. 283–305.

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Goldson, Barry and Muncie, John (2010). Comparative juvenile justice. In: Herzog-Evans, M. ed. Transnational Criminology Manual, Volume 2. Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, pp. 429–448.

Goldson, Barry and Muncie, John (2009). Youth justice. In: Hucklesby, Anthea and Wahidin, Azrini eds. Criminal Justice. Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press, pp. 257–278.

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Muncie, John and Goldson, Barry (2013). Youth justice: in a child's best interests? In: Simon, Jonathan and Sparks, Richard eds. The Sage Handbook of Punishment and Society. London: Sage, pp. 341–355.

Muncie, John and Goldson, Barry (2012). Towards a global ‘child friendly’ juvenile justice? International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 40(1) pp. 47–64.

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Muncie, John (2009). The United Nations, children's rights and juvenile justice. In: Taylor, Wayne; Earle, Rod and Hester, Richard eds. Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, policy and practice. Cullompton: Willan, pp. 20–21.

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Muncie, John (2009). The construction and deconstruction of crime. In: Newburn, T ed. Key Readings in Criminology. Cullompton, Devon: Willan.

Muncie, John (2007). Youth justice and the governance of young people; global, international, national and local contexts. In: Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi and Kassimir, Ronald eds. Youth, Globalization and the Law. Stanford, California, USA: Stanford University Press, pp. 17–60.

Muncie, John (2006). Responsibilisation and rights: explorations in comparative youth criminology. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 45(1) pp. 42–70.

ed. (2005). The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology. 2nd edition. UK: Sage Publications Ltd.

Muncie, John (2004). Youth and crime. 2nd edition. London, UK: Sage Publications Ltd.

Muncie, John (2004). Youth justice: globalisation and multi-modal governance. In: Newburn, Tim and Sparks, Richard eds. Criminal Justice and Political Cultures: National and international dimensions of crime control. Cullompton, UK: Willan, pp. 150–181.

McLaughlin, Eugene; Muncie, John and Hughes, Gordon (2001). The permanent revolution: New labour, new public management and the modernization of criminal justice. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 1(3) pp. 301–318.


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