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Aradau, Claudia and Huysmans, Jef (2014). Critical methods in international relations: the politics of techniques, devices and acts. European Journal of International Relations, 20(3) pp. 596–619.

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c.a.s.e. collective; Aradau, Claudia; Bell, Colleen; Bonditti, Philippe; Davidshofer, Stephan; Guillaume, Xavier; Huysmans, Jef; Jeandesboz, Julien; Jutila, Matti; McCormack, Tara; Neal, Andrew; Olsson, Christian; Ragazzi, Francesco; Squire, Vicki; Stritzel, Holger; van Munster, Rens and Williams, Michael C. (2007). Europe, knowledge, politics: engaging with the limits, the c.a.s.e. collective responds. Security Dialogue, 38(4) pp. 559–576.

C.A.S.E. Collective (2006). Critical approaches to security in Europe. A network manifesto. Security Dialogue, 37(4) pp. 443–487.

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Guillaume, Xavier and Huysmans, Jef (2013). Introduction: Security and citizenship. In: Guillaume, Xavier and Huysmans, Jef eds. Citizenship and Security The Constitution of Political Being. PRIO New Security Studies. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 1–17.

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Huysmans, Jef (2014). Security Unbound: Enacting Democratic Limits. Critical Issues in Global Politics. Abingdon: Routledge.

Huysmans, Jef and Guillaume, Xavier (2013). Citizenship and securitising: interstitial politics. In: Guillaume, Xavier and Huysmans, Jef eds. Citizenship and Security The Constitution of Political Being. PRIO New Security Studies. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 18–34.

Huysmans, Jef (2009). Conclusion: Insecurity and the everyday. In: Noxolo, Patricia and Huysmans, Jef eds. Community, citizenship, and the ‘war on terror’: Security and insecurity. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Huysmans, Jef and Squire, Vicki (2009). Migration and Security. In: Dunn Cavelty, Myriam and Mauer, Victor eds. Handbook of Security Studies. London, UK: Routledge.

Huysmans, Jef (2008). The jargon of exception—on Schmitt, Agamben and the absence of political society. International Political Sociology, 2(2) pp. 165–183.

Huysmans, Jef (2006). The Politics of Insecurity: Fear, Migration and Asylum in the EU. New International Relations Series. London, UK: Routledge.

Huysmans, Jef (2004). Minding exceptions: the politics of insecurity and liberal democracy. Contemporary Political Theory, 3(3) pp. 321–341.

Huysmans, Jef (2004). A Foucaultian view on spill-over: freedom and security in the EU. Journal of International Relations and Development, 7(3) pp. 294–318.

Huysmans, Jef (2002). Shape-shifting NATO: humanitarian action and the Kosovo refugee crisis. Review of International Studies, 28(3) pp. 599–618.

Huysmans, Jef (2002). Defining social constructivism in security studies: the normative dilemma of writing security. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, 27(1 (suppl)) pp. 41–62.

Huysmans, Jef (2000). The European Union and the securitization of migration. Journal of Common Market Studies, 38(5) pp. 751–777.

Huysmans, J. (1998). The question of the limit: Desecuritisation and the aesthetics of horror in political realism. Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 27(3) pp. 569–589.


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