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Brennan, J. (2018). The social dimension of higher education: reproductive and transformative. In: Cantwell, B.; Coates, H. and King, R. eds. Handbook on the politics of Higher Education. Edward Elgar, pp. 79–88.

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Brennan, John; Papatsiba, Vassiliki; Sousa, Sofia Branco and Hoffman, David M. (2016). Diversity of Higher Education Institutions in Networked Knowledge Societies: A Comparative Examination. In: Hoffman, David M. and Välimaa, Jussi eds. Re-Becoming Universities? Higher Education Institutions in Networked Knowledge Societies. Springer, pp. 115–139.

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Brennan, J.L. (2010). Employability of university graduates and graduate outcomes. In: Peterson, Penelope; Baker, Eva and McGaw, Barry eds. International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd edition, Volume 4. Oxford: Elsevier, pp. 354–359.

Brennan, John and Little, Brenda (2010). Graduate competences and relationships with the labour market: the UK case. In: Development of Competencies in the World of Work and Education, 24-26 Sep 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Brennan, John; Naidoo, Rajani and Patel, Kavita (2009). Quality, equity and the social dimension: The shift from the National to the European level. In: Kehm, Barbara M.; Huisman, Jeroen and Stensaker, Bjorn eds. The European Higher Education Area: Perspectives on a Moving Target. Rotterdam: Sense, pp. 141–162.

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Brennan, John (2008). Higher education and social change. Higher Education, 56(3) pp. 381–393.

Brennan, John and Teichler, Ulrich (2008). The future of higher education and of higher education research. Higher Education, 56(3) pp. 259–264.

Brennan, John and Naidoo, Rajani (2008). Higher education and the achievement (and/or prevention) of equity and social justice. Higher Education, 56(3) pp. 287–302.

Brennan, John; Enders, Jurgen; Valimaa, Jussi; Musselin, Christine and Teichler, Ulrich (2008). Higher Education Looking Forward: an agenda for future research. European Science Foundation, Strasbourg.

Brennan, John and Williams, Ruth (2008). Higher education outside the universities: the UK case. In: Taylor, J.S.; Brites Ferreira, J.; Lourdes Machado, M. de and Santiago, R. eds. Non-University Higher Education in Europe. Higher Education Dynamics (23). UK: Springer, pp. 231–244.

Brennan, John and Thorpe, Mary (2008). Public value in adult learning. Ad-Lib, Journal for Continuing Liberal Adult Education, 35 pp. 22–25.

Brennan, John and Osborne, Mike (2008). Higher education's many diversities: of students, institutions and experiences; and outcomes? Research Papers in Education, 23(2) pp. 179–190.

Brennan, John and Patel, Kavita (2008). Student identities in mass higher education: identity and the academic profession. In: Amaral, Alberto; Bleiklie, Ivar and Musselin, Christine eds. From Governance to Identity : a Festschrift for Mary Henkel. Higher Education Dynamics (24). Dortrecht: Springer Netherlands, pp. 19–30.

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Brennan, John (2007). The Multiple Functions of Evaluation and Quality Assessment. In: Cavalli, A. ed. Quality Assessment for Higher Education in Europe: Problems, Practices and Solutions. London, UK: Portland Press, pp. 17–26.

Brennan, John (2007). On Researching Ourselves: the difficult case of autonomy in researching higher education. In: Kayrooz, C.; Akerlind, G. and Tight, M. eds. Autonomy in Social Science University Research: The View from United Kingdom and Australian Universities. International Perspectives on Higher Education Research, 4. UK: Elsevier, pp. 167–182.

Brennan, John; Locke, William and Naidoo, Rajani (2007). United Kingdom: an increasingly differentiated profession. In: Locke, William and Teichler, Ulrich eds. The Changing Conditions for Academic Work and Career in Selected Countries. Werkstattberichte series. Kassel, Germany: International Centre for Higher Education Research.

Brennan, John (2007). Equity, quality and employability - lessons from the United Kingdom. In: Kehm, Barbara M. ed. Looking back to look forward. Analyses of higher education after the Turn of the millennium. Kassel, Germany: INCHER-Kassel, pp. 31–42.

Brennan, John (2007). The rise of the evaluative society and the legitimisation of 'difference' in UK higher education. In: Enders, Jurgen and van Vught, Frans eds. Towards a cartography of higher education policy change. Enschede, NL: Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS), pp. 105–111.

Brennan, John (2007). The Academic profession and increasing expectations of relevance. In: Kogan, Maurice and Teichler, Ulrich eds. Key Challenges to the Academic Profession. Werkstattberichte des INCHER-Kassel (Workshop Reports of the INCHER ) (65). Kassel, Germany: International Centre for Higher Education Research/UNESCO Forum on Higher Education Research and Knowledge, pp. 19–28.

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Brennan, John; Little, Brenda; Connor, Helen; de Weert, Egbert; Delve, Sue; Harris, Judy; Josselyn, Bridget and Scesa, Anna (2006). Towards a strategy for workplace learning: Report to HEFCE by CHERI and KPMG. Higher Education Funding Council for England, Bristol, UK.

Brennan, John and Gourley, Brenda (2006). Strategic alliance between universities and their communities. In: Weber, Luc E. and Duderstadt, James J. eds. Universities and business: partnering for the knowledge society. London: Economica, pp. 39–62.

Brennan, John and Naidoo, Rajani (2006). Managing contradictory functions: The role of Universities in societies undergoing radical social transformation. In: Neave, Guy ed. Knowledge, Power and Dissent: Critical Perspectives on Higher Education and Research in Knowledge Society. Education on the Move. Paris: UNESCO Publishing, pp. 221–234.

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Williams, Ruth; Brennan, John and Woodley, Alan (2005). Alumni studies in the United Kingdom. In: Weerts, David J. and Vidal, Javier eds. Enhancing Alumni Research: European and American Perspectives. New directions for institutional research, 126 (126). Wiley, pp. 83–94.

Brennan, John (2005). Reform and Transformation Following Regime Change. In: Bleiklie, I. and Henkel, M. eds. Governing Knowledge: a study of continuity and change in Higher Education. Higher Education Dynamics, 9. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer Academic Publishers, pp. 49–64.

Brennan, John (2005). Graduate employment surveys in the UK (Indagini sullo stato occupazionale dei laureati nel Regno Unito). In: Cammelli, Andrea ed. La transizione dall'universita al lavoro in Europa e in Italia. Bologna: Il Mulino.

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Brennan, John; King, Roger and Lebeau, Yann (2004). The Role of universities in the transformation of societies: an international research project. Centre for Higher Education Research and Information/Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK.

Brennan, John and Williams, Ruth (2004). Accreditation and related regulatory matters in the UK. In: Schwarz, Stefanie and Westerheijden, Don F. eds. Accreditation and evaluation in the European higher education area. Higher education dynamics (Volume). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, pp. 465–490.

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Brennan, J. and Shah, T. (2003). Access to what? Converting education opportunity into employment opportunity [Final report]. Centre for Higher Education Research and Information, London, UK.

Brennan, John and Shah, Tarla (2003). Report on the implementation of progress files. Centre for Higher Education Research and Information, Milton Keynes, UK.

Brennan, John and Shah, Tarla (2003). Access to what? Opportunities in education and employment. In: Slowly, Maria and Watson, David eds. Higher education and the lifecourse. Buckingham, UK: Open University Press, pp. 106–121.

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Brennan, John; Blasko, Z.; Little, B. and Woodley, A. (2002). UK graduates and the impact of work experience. UK: HEFCE.

Brennan, John (2002). Transformation or Reproduction? Contradictions in the Social Role of the Contemporary University. In: Enders, J. and Fulton, O. eds. Higher Education in a Globalising World: International Trends and Mutual Observation - A Festschrift in Honour of Ulrich Teichler. Higher Education Dynamics (1). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer, pp. 73–86.

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Brennan, John (2001). Quality management, power and values in European Higher Education. In: Smart, John C. ed. Higher Education: handbook of theory and research. Higher Education: handbook of theory and research, XVI. USA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 119–145.

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