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Wiles, Fran and Vicary, Sarah (2019). Picturing social work, puzzles and passion: exploring and developing transnational professional identities. Social Work Education, 38(1) pp. 47–62. file

Wiles, Fran. (2019) Identifying skills for professionalism. In: Boahen, Godfred and Wiles, Fran, Professionalism and Self-management. Social Work Skills in Practice. Open University Press, UK.

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Wiles, Fran (2017). What is professional identity and how do social workers acquire it? In: Webb, Stephen A. ed. Professional Identity and Social Work. Routledge Academic, pp. 35–50. file

Wiles, Fran and Vicary, Sarah (2017). Being a social worker: exploring and teaching about professional identities. In: EASSW-UNAFORIS 2017 European Conference, 27-29 Jun 2017, Paris, France. file

Wiles, Fran (2017). Developing social work students’ professional identity: the role of England’s Professional Capabilities Framework. European Journal of Social Work, 20(3) pp. 349–360. file

Wiles, Fran (2013). ‘Not easily put into a box’: constructing professional identity. Social Work Education, 32(7) pp. 854–866. file

Wiles, Fran (2011). Blurring private-professional boundaries: does it matter? Issues in researching social work students' perceptions about professional regulation. Ethics and Social Welfare, 5(1) pp. 36–51. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Wiles, Frances (2011). Professional registration and the discursive construction of social work students' identities. EdD thesis. The Open University. file

Wiles, Fran (2010). In work and outside work: social work students’ identities. In: Dilemmas for Human Services: papers from the 12th International Research Conference, 2008, 11-12 Sep 2008, University of East London, UK.

Wiles, Fran (2010). Regulating social work identities: some implications and dilemmas in professional registration. In: Seden, Janet; Matthews, Sarah; McCormick, Mick and Morgan, Alun eds. Professional Development in Social Work: Complex Issues in Practice. Post Qualifying Social Work. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 30–36.

Wiles, Fran How does the national context impact on social work professional identity? In: European Association of Schools of Social Work Conference, 26-29 Jun 2017, Paris Descartes University, France. file

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