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Abernethy, F. A. J.; Anand, M.; Franchi, I. A. and Grady, M. M. (2013). Graphitic Raman spectra in angrites: a source of high-temperature carbon? In: 76th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 29 Jul - 2 Aug 2013, Edmonton, Canada.

Abernethy, F. A. J.; Verchovsky, A. B.; Anand, M.; Franchi, I. A. and Grady, M. M. (2012). A trapped nitrogen component in angrites. In: 75th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 12-17 Aug 2012, Cairns, Australia.

Abernethy, F. A. J.; Verchovsky, A.; Franchi, I. A. and Grady, M. M. (2011). A preliminary study of magmatic volatiles in angrites. In: 74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 8-12 Aug 2011, London, UK.

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Barber, S. J.; Smith, P. H.; Wright, I. P.; Abernethy, F.; Anand, M.; Dewar, K. R.; Hodges, M.; Landsberg, P.; Leese, M. R.; Morgan, G. H.; Morse, A. D.; Mortimer, J.; Sargeant, H. M.; Sheard, I.; Sheridan, S.; Verchovsky, A.; Goesmann, S.; Howe, C.; Morse, T.; Lillywhite, N.; Quinn, A.; Missaglia, N.; Pedrali, M.; Reiss, P.; Rizzi, F.; Rusconi, A.; Savoia, M.; Zamboni, A.; Merrifield, J. A.; Gibson Jr., E. K.; Carpenter, J.; Fisackerly, R. and Houdou, B. (2017). ProSPA: the Science Laboratory for the Processing and Analysis of Lunar Polar Volatiles within PROSPECT. In: 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 20-24 Mar 2017, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas.

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Downes, H.; Abernethy, F. A. J.; Smith, C. L.; Ross, A. J.; Verchovsky, A. B.; Grady, M. M.; Jenniskens, P. and Shaddad, M. H. (2015). Isotopic composition of carbon and nitrogen in ureilitic fragments of the Almahata Sitta meteorite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 50(2) pp. 255–272.

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Filiberto, Justin; Abernethy, Feargus; Butler, Ian B.; Carthwright, Julia; Chin, Emily J.; Day, James M.; Goodrich, Cyrena; Grady, Monica; Gross, Julianne; Franchi, Ian; Herd, Christopher D. K.; Kelley, Simon Peter; Ott, Ulrich; Penninston-Dorland, Sarah C.; Schwenzer, Susanne P. and Treiman, Allan H. (2011). Maximizing the science return from 3.3 g of Martian meteorite: a consortium study of olivine-phyric shergottite NorthWest Africa 6234. In: AGU Fall Meeting, 5-9 Dec 2011, San Francisco.

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King, A. J.; Russell, S. S.; Schofield, P. F.; Humphreys‐Williams, E. R.; Strekopytov, S.; Abernethy, F.; Verchovsky, A. B. and Grady, M. (2019). The alteration history of the Jbilet Winselwan CM carbonaceous chondrite: An analog for C‐type asteroid sample return. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 54(3) pp. 521–543.

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