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Dewberry, E. L.; Sheldrick, L.; Moreno, M.; Sinclair, M. and Makatsoris, C. (2017). Developing Scenarios for Product Longevity and Sufficiency. In: 2nd Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE 2017), 8-10 November, 2017, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands. file


Dewberry, E. L.; Saca, L.; Moreno, M.; Sheldrick, L.; Sinclair, M.; Makatsoris, C. and Charter, M. (2016). A landscape of repair. In: Proceedings of the Sustainable Innovation 2016. Circular Economy Innovation and Design., Towards Sustainable Product Design, The Centre for Sustainable Design, University of the Creative Arts, Epsom, Surrey, UK, pp. 76–85. file

Dewberry, Emma (2016). Eco-literacy in Transition: the role of design ecologies in developing our capacity for radical change. In: Transition Design Symposium, 17-19 June 2016, Dartington Hall. file

Castan Broto, Vanesa and Dewberry, Emma (2016). Economic crisis and social learning for the provision of public services in two Spanish municipalities. Journal of Cleaner Production, 112(4) pp. 3018–3027. file


Aitchison, Iain; Dewberry, Emma and Lotz, Nicole (2015). Out of sight, out of mind: curriculum representation in design education today. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers (Vande Zande, Robin; Bohemia, Erik and Digranes, Ingvild eds.), Aalto University, pp. 1536–1551. file

Walsh, C. L.; Glendinning, S.; Castan Broto, V.; Dewberry, E. and Powell, M. (2015). Are wildcard events on infrastructure systems opportunities for transformational change? Futures, 67 pp. 1–10. file


Powell, Mark; Glendinning , Stephanie; Castan Broto, Vanesa; Dewberry, Emma and Walsh, Claire (2014). Shaped by Shock: Staff on the Emergency Department 'Shop Floor'. Anthropology in Action, 21(2) pp. 14–22.

Castán Broto, Vanesa; Glendinning, Stephanie; Dewberry, Emma; Walsh, Claire and Powell, Mark (2014). What can we learn about transitions for sustainability from infrastructure shocks? Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 84 pp. 186–196.


Dewberry, E. L.; Cook, M; Gottberg, A; Longhurst, P. J. and Angus, A (2013). Critical Reflections on Designing Product Service Systems. The Design Journal, 16(4) pp. 408–430.

Jones, Derek and Dewberry, Emma (2013). Building information modelling design ecologies: a new model? International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling, 2(1) pp. 53–64. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Dewberry, E.; Castán Broto, V.; Glendinning, S; Walsh, C. L. and Powell, M. (2013). Looking Through the Lens of Shock: Exploring Opportunities for Learning and Innovation for Adaptable Infrastructure. In: Sustainable Innovation 2013 8th International Conference, 4 - 5 November, 2013, Epsom, UK.


Jones, Derek and Dewberry, Emma (2012). Building Information Modelling design ecologies - a new model? In: First UK Academic conference on BIM: Conference Proceedings, 5-9 September 2012, Northumbria University. file

Dewberry, Emma (2012). Eco-intelligence: Designing for the Real World. In: Garner, Steve and Evans, Chris eds. Design and Designing: A Critical Introduction. London: Berg.


Dewberry, Emma (2011). Developing an ecology of mind in design. In: 18th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 11), 15-18 August 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark. file


Dewberry, Emma (2010). Escaping from the old ideas. Design Research Society. file

Dewberry, Emma and Johnson, Jeffrey (2010). Design interventions, prediction and science in the sustainable transition of large, complex systems,. In: The 2nd International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2010), 17-19 November, Tokyo. file

Dewberry, Emma and Monterio de Barros, Margarida (2010). The fundamental role of ecological intelligence in creating resilient business practice. In: ‘Changing Times, New Challenges’: A Social Marketing and Socially Responsible Management Conference , 3 November 2010, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, UK.


Dewberry, Emma (2009). Nurturing ecological habits of mind in design. 2012 Imperative Teach-In. file

Dewberry, Emma and Monteiro de Barros , Margarida (2009). Exploring the need for more radical sustainable innovation: what does it look like and why? International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, 2(1) pp. 28–39. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Dewberry, Emma (2008). Creating Sustainability - Ideas that inform the design of safer communities. Emma Dewberry.

Dewberry, Emma (2008). From ecodesign to sustainable innovation: exploring the potential of design education. The Design Council.

Dewberry, Emma (2008). Can we design sustainable habits of mind? In: Introducing the Affective in Sustainable Design, 08 July 2008, Central St Martins College, University of the Arts London.

Gottberg, Annika; Dewberry, Emma; Maggs, Huw and Cook, Matthew (2008). Achieving Household Waste Prevention Through Product Service Systems, Technical Report 2: Developing Experimental Product Service Systems. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.


Bhamra, Tracey and Dewberry, Emma (2007). Re-visioning design priorities through sustainability education. In: ICED 16th International Conference on Engineering Design, Design for Society - Innovation, Sustainability, Knowledge, 28-31 Aug 2007, Paris. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Dewberry, Emma and De Barros, M. Monteiro (2006). Exploring the Need For Different Dialogues In Design. In: WonderGround - 2006 Design Research Society 3rd International Conference, 1-4 November 2006, Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

Dewberry, Emma and De Barros, M. Monteiro (2006). Dialogues on Design for Sustainability: Animating different strategies and outputs. In: 11th International Conference - Sustainable Innovation 06: Global challenges, issues and solutions, 23-24 October 2006, Chicago, USA.


Dostaler, Isabelle; Oliver, Nick and Dewberry, Emma (2004). Le developpement de nouveaux produits: une comparaison des pratiques japonaises, britanniques et nord-americaines. Gestion, 28(4) pp. 7–18.

Dewberry, Emma (2004). Factor 10: the changing landscape of learning. In: Bhamra, Tracy and Hon, Bernard eds. Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development 2004. Bury St Edmunds, UK: Professional Engineering Publishing (Wiley), pp. 145–155.

Oliver, Nick; Dostaler, Isabelle and Dewberry, Emma (2004). New product development benchmarks: The Japanese, North American, and UK consumer electronics industries. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 15(2) pp. 249–260.


Dewberry, Emma (2003). Designing out crime: Insights from ecodesign. Security Journal, 16(1) pp. 51–62.


Dewberry, Emma (2002). Seeing sustainable futures: the potential of design education. In: The Design History Society Situated Knowledges Conference, 3-5 September 2002, Aberystwyth. file

Dewberry, Emma and Sherwin, Chris (2002). Visioning Sustainability through Design. Greener Management International(37) pp. 125–138.

Dewberry, Emma (2002). Design Sustainability - Visions on Education. The British Council.

Fletcher, Kate and Dewberry, Emma (2002). Demi: A case study in design for sustainability. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 3(1) pp. 38–47.

Dewberry, Emma (2002). Packaging for Sustainability. Package Design, 4:113.


Fletcher, Kate; Dewberry, Emma and Goggin, Phillip (2001). Sustainable Consumption by Design. In: Cohen, Maurie J. and Murphy, Joseph eds. Exploring Sustainable Consumption: Environmental Policy and the Social Sciences. London, UK: Pergamon (Elsevier), pp. 213–224.

Dewberry, Emma and Fletcher, Kate (2001). demi: linking design with sustainability. In: The 7th European Roundtable on Cleaner Production, IIIEE, May 2-4 , 2001, Lund, Sweden. file


Dewberry, Emma (2000). Lessons from Ecodesign. Cambridge University.

Dewberry, Emma (2000). Crime reduction through design: insights from ecodesign. In: The British Criminology Conference, 5-7 July 2000, Leicester University, Leicester. file

Dewberry, Emma (2000). Exploring Ecodesign: changing perceptions of design and development. In: The Ninth Annual Business Strategy and the Environment Conference, 18-19 September 2000, Devonshire Hall, University of Leeds.


Oliver, N.; Dewberry, E. and Dostaler, I. (1999). New Product Performance and Practice: An international benchmarking study in the consumer electronics industry. In: EIASM 6th International Product Development Conference, July 8 2008, Cambridge.

Oliver, Nick; Dewberry, Emma and Dostaler, Isabelle (1999). New product development benchmarks: the Japanese, North American and UK consumer electronics industries. In: Academy of Management Conference, August 6th -11th 1999, Chicago. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Oliver, N.; Dewberry, E.; Nilson, P. and Shamir, T. (1998). Product Development Processes in Companies with Class-Leading Products. In: 5th International Product Development Management Conference, May 25-26, 1998, Como, Italy.


Dewberry, Emma (1996). Ecodesign. PhD thesis The Open University. file

Dewberry, Emma and Goggin, Phillip (1996). Spaceship ecodesign. Co-Design: the interdisciplinary journal of design and contextual studies(5/6) pp. 12–17.


Dewberry, Emma and Goggin, Phillip (1995). EcoDesign and beyond: steps towards sustainability. In: 1st International Conference of the European Academy of Design , 11-13 April 1995, Salford University.

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