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Brewis, Deborah N and Bell, Emma (2020). Provocation Essays Editorial: On the importance of moving and being moved. Management Learning, 51(5) pp. 533–536.

Bell, Emma; Winchester, Nik and Wray-Bliss, Edward (2020). Enchantment in Business Ethics Research. Journal of Business Ethics (Early Access).

2019To Top

Bell, Emma; Meriläinen, Susan; Taylor, Scott and Tienari, Janne (2019). Time’s up! Feminist theory and activism meets organization studies. Human Relations, 72(1) pp. 4–22.

Blundel, Richard; Koomen, Philip and Bell, Emma (2019). Examining Craft Work: Methodological Challenges and Choices. In: 35th EGOS Colloquium, Enlightening the Future: The Challenge for Organizations, 4-6 Jul 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bartunek, Jean M.; Elsbach, Kimberly D.; Bell, Emma; Markides, Costas; Christianson, Marlys G.; Sutcliffe, Kathleen M.; Pratt, Michael G.; Coyle-Shapiro, Jacqueline A.-M.; Glynn, Mary Ann; Ocasio, William; Burton, M. Diane and Ventresca, Marc J. (2019). Theorizing About an AOM President’s Response to Crisis and the Counter Responses It Evoked. Journal of Management Inquiry, 28(3) pp. 276–282.

2018To Top

Bell, Emma; Mangia, Gianluigi; Taylor, Scott and Toraldo, Maria Laura eds. (2018). The Organization of Craft Work: Identities, Meanings, and Materiality. New York: Routledge.

Bell, Emma; Mangia, Gianluigi; Taylor, Scott and Toraldo, Maria Laura (2018). Introduction. In: Bell, Emma; Mangia, Gianluigi; Taylor, Scott and Toraldo, Maria Laura eds. The Organization of Craft Work: Identities, Meanings, and Materiality. Routledge, pp. 1–19.

Kothiyal, Nivedita; Bell, Emma and Clarke, Caroline (2018). Moving Beyond Mimicry: Developing Hybrid Spaces in Indian Business Schools. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 17(2) pp. 137–154.

Bell, Emma and Bridgman, Todd (2018). Expecting the unexpected in Management Learning. Management Learning, 49(1) pp. 3–7.

2017To Top

Bell, Emma; Kothiyal, Nivedita and Willmott, Hugh (2017). Methodology-as-Technique and the Meaning of Rigour in Globalized Management Research. British Journal of Management, 28(3) pp. 534–550.

2016To Top

Bell, Emma and Sinclair, Amanda (2016). Bodies, sexualities and women leaders in popular culture: from spectacle to metapicture. Gender in Management: An International Journal, 31(5/6) pp. 322–338.

Cunliffe, Ann and Bell, Emma (2016). Editorial: Management Learning: Legacies and future possibilities. Management Learning, 47(2) pp. 113–116.

2015To Top

Bell, Emma and Taylor, Scott (2015). Spirituality, Religion and Organization. In: Mir, Raza; Wilmott, Hugh and Greenwood, Michelle eds. The Routledge Companion to Philosophy in Organization Studies. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 550–558.

Bell, Emma; Meriläinen, Susan; Taylor, Scott and Tienari, Janne (2015). An ethic of care within critical management studies? In: Prasad, Anshuman; Prasad, Pushkala; Mills, Albert J. and Mills, Jean Helms eds. Routledge Companion to Critical Management Studies. Routledge companions in business, management and accounting. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 56–68.

2014To Top

Bell, Emma and Shoaib, Haneen (2014). The not-so-dark side of emotions: anger as a resource in research apprenticeship. In: Clarke, Caroline; Broussine, Mike and Watts, Linda eds. Researching with Feeling: The emotional aspects of social and organizational research. Routledge, pp. 66–78.

Bell, Emma and Taylor, Scott (2014). Uncertainty in the study of belief: the risks and benefits of methodological agnosticism. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 17(5) pp. 543–557.

Bell, Emma and Sinclair, Amanda (2014). Reclaiming eroticism in the academy. Organization, 21(2) pp. 268–280.

Bell, Emma; Tienari, Janne and Hansson, Magnus (2014). Organizational death. Culture and Organization, 20(1) pp. 1–6.

2013To Top

Bell, Emma and Taylor, Scott (2013). Writing history into management research. Management & Organizational History, 8(2) pp. 127–136.

2012To Top

Bell, Emma; Cullen, John and Taylor, Scott (2012). Sustainability and the Spiritual Work Ethic. In: Case, Peter; Höpfl, Heather and Letiche, Hugo eds. Belief and Organization. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 185–203.

Bell, Emma; Taylor, Scott and Driscoll, Cathy (2012). Varieties of organizational soul: The ethics of belief in organizations. Organization, 19(4) pp. 425–439.

Bell, Emma and Davison, Jane (2012). Visual Management Studies: Empirical and Theoretical Approaches. International Journal of Management Reviews, 15(2) pp. 167–184.

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2010To Top

Bell, Emma (2010). Managerialism and Management Research: Would Melville Dalton Get a Job Today? In: Cassell, Catherine and Lee, Bill eds. Challenges and Controversies in Management Research. Routledge Advances in management and Business Studies. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 122–137.

Bell, Emma (2010). Organizational Ethnography. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal, 5(2) pp. 216–219.

Bell, Emma and King, Daniel (2010). The elephant in the room: Critical management studies conferences as a site of body pedagogics. Management Learning, 41(4) pp. 429–442.

2009To Top

Taylor, Scott; Bell, Emma and Cooke, Bill (2009). Business history and the historiographical operation. Management & Organizational History, 4(2) pp. 151–166.

2007To Top

Bell, Emma and Bryman, Alan (2007). The Ethics of Management Research: An Exploratory Content Analysis. British Journal of Management, 18(1) pp. 63–77.

Bell, Emma (2007). Disruptive Religion: The Case of the Catholic Worker-Priests (1943–1954). Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 4(4) pp. 432–442.

2006To Top

Kunter, Aylin and Bell, Emma (2006). The Promise and Potential of Visual Organizational Research. M@n@gement, 9(3) pp. 169–189.

2005To Top

Bell, Emma and Taylor, Scott (2005). Joining the club: the ideology of quality and business school badging. Studies in Higher Education, 30(3) pp. 239–255.

Hoque, Kim; Taylor, Scott and Bell, Emma (2005). Investors in People: Market-led Voluntarism in Vocational Education and Training. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 43(1) pp. 135–153.

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2002To Top

Bell, Emma; Taylor, Scott and Thorpe, Richard (2002). Organizational differentiation through badging: Investors in people and the value of the sign. Journal of Management Studies, 39(8) pp. 1071–1085.

Bell, E.; Taylor, S. and Thorpe, R. (2002). A Step in the Right Direction? Investors in People and the Learning Organization. British Journal of Management, 13(2) pp. 161–171.

2001To Top

Bell, Emma (2001). The Social Time of Organizational Payment Systems. Time & Society, 10(1) pp. 45–62.

1999To Top

Bell, Emma (1999). The negotiation of a working role in organizational ethnography. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 2(1) pp. 17–37.


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