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Blake, Canan and Scanlon, Eileen (2013). Design for collaboration. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2013(Autumn), article no. 10.

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Scanlon, Eileen; Blake, Canan; Twiner, Alison; Collins, Trevor; Jones, Ann and Kerawalla, Lucinda (2011). Collaboration in communities of inquirers: an example from a geography field trip. In: 9th International Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, 04-08 July 2011, Hong Kong.

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Olakanmi, Eunice; Scanlon, Eileen; Blake, Canan and Jones, Ann (2010). Promoting co-and self-regulation among young science learners in a computer supported collaborative (CSCL) environment. In: STELLA workshop on Self-Regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: Problems and Promises, 1st October 2010, Barcelona, Shaker Verlag, pp. 71–85.


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