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Blackmore, Chris; Reynolds, Martin; Ison, Raymond and Lane, Andrew (2015). Embedding sustainability through systems thinking in practice: some experiences from the Open University. In: Wyness, Lynne ed. Education for Sustainable Development Pedagogy: Criticality, Creativity, and Collaboration. PedRIO occasional papers (8). Plymouth University: Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (PedRIO), pp. 32–35. file

Blackmore, Chris (2014). Learning to change farming and water management practices in response to the challenges of climate change and sustainability. Outlook on Agriculture, 43(3) pp. 173–178.

Blackmore, Chris (2014). Learning systems, innovation and 'the wrong kind of weather'. In: 11th European International Farming Systems Association Symposium: Farming Systems Facing Global Challenges: Capacities and Strategies, 1-4 April 2014, Berlin, Germany.

Blackmore, Chris; Ison, Raymond and Reynolds, Martin (2014). Thinking differently about sustainability: experiences from the UK Open University. In: Filho, Walter Leal; Azeiteiro , Ulisses; Alves , Fátima and Caeiro, Sandra eds. Integrating Sustainability Thinking in Science and Engineering Curricula. World Sustainability Series. Cham: Springer, pp. 613–630. file

Blackmore, Chris (2013). Knowledge, learning and societal change for sustainibilty. In: Freedman, Bill and Rogers, Deborah S. eds. Global Environmental Change. Handbook of Global Environmental Pollution (1). Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 951–958.

Blackmore, Chris; Cerf, Marianne; Ison, Raymond and Paine, Mark (2012). The role of action-oriented learning theories for change in agriculture and rural networks. In: Darnhofer, Ika; Gibbon, David and Dedieu, Benoit eds. Farming Systems Research into the 21st Century: The New Dynamic. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 159–177. file

Blackmore, Chris (2012). Landscapes of practices, social learning systems and rural innovation. In: The 10th European IFSA symposium: Producing and Reproducing Farming Systems: New Modes of Organisation for Sustainable Food Systems of Tomorrow, 1-4 July 2012, Aarhus, Denmark.

Blackmore, Chris and Ison, Ray (2012). Designing and developing learning systems for managing systemic change in a climate change world. In: Wals, Arjen E. J. and Corcoran , Peter Blaze eds. Learning for Sustainability in Times of Accelerating Change. Wageningen, The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 347–363. file

Blackmore, C. (2012). Sustainability. In: Chadwick, Ruth; Árnason, Vilhjálmur; Faunce, Thomas; Gillies, Alan; Holm, Soren; McGee, Glenn; Poff, Deborah; Reynolds, Martin and Zwart, Hub eds. Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (Second Edition), Volume 4. Elsevier, pp. 274–280.

Blackmore, C.; Collins, K.; Ison, R.; Colvin, J. and Wallis, P. (2012). Social learning systems for collective action: a critical review of cases from UK, South Africa, China and Australia using social learning systems. In: Planet Under Pressure 2012, 25-29 March 2012, London, UK.

Blackmore, Chris (2010). Learning for communication about climate change in the context of farming using Vickers’ concept of an appreciative system. In: Darnhofer, Ika and Grötzer, Michaela eds. Building Sustainable Rural Futures: The Added Value of Systems Approaches. Proceedings of the 9th European International Farming Systems Association Symposium. Vienna: Universität für Bodenkultur, pp. 2228–2236.

Blackmore, Chris (2010). Managing systemic change: future roles for social learning systems and communities of practice? In: Blackmore, Chris ed. Social Learning Systems and Communities of Practice. Springer, pp. 201–218. file

Blackmore, Christine (2009). Learning systems and communities of practice for environmental decision making. PhD thesis The Open University. file

Blackmore, Chris (2009). Social learning and environmental responsibility. In: Reynolds, Martin; Blackmore, Christine and Smith, Mark J. eds. The Environmental Responsibility Reader. Zed Books, pp. 229–235.

Blackmore, Chris (2008). Enabling Duality in Teaching and Learning Environmental Decision Making - A Role for Communities of Practice? In: Kimble, Chris and Hildreth, Paul eds. Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators, Volume 2. Information Age Publishing.

Blackmore, Chris (2007). What kinds of knowledge, knowing and learning are required for addressing resource dilemmas? A theoretical overview. Environmental Science and Policy, 10(6) pp. 512–525.

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Blackmore, Chris (2006). Where do participatory approaches meet social learning systems in the context of environmental decision making? In: Langevel, Hans and Rolings, Niels eds. Changing European farming systems for a better future: new visions for rural areas. Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 29–34. file

Blackmore, Christine (2005). Learning to appreciate learning systems for environmental decision making – a 'work-in-progress' perspective. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 22(4) pp. 329–341. file

Blackmore, Chris (2004). From one-off events to learning systems and communities of practice. In: (Pre)Proceedings of 6th IFSA European Symposium, 4-7 April 2004, Vila Real, Portugal.

Blackmore, Christine and Smyth, John (2002). Living with the big picture: a systems approach to citizenship of a complex planet. In: Dower, Nigel and Williams, John eds. Global Citizenship: A critical reader. Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh University Press. file

Blackmore, C. P. (2002). Learning about learning as systemic practice in the context of environmental decision-making. In: Pre-proceedings of 5th IFSA European Symposium, 8-11 Apr 2002, Florence, Italy. file

Blackmore, Chris and Morris, Dick (2001). Systems and environmental decision-making: postgraduate open learning with the Open University. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 14(6) pp. 681–695. file


Colvin, John; Blackmore, Chris; Chimbuya, Sam; Collins, Kevin; Dent, Mark; Goss, John; Ison, Ray; Roggero, Pier Paolo and Seddaiu, Giovanna (2014). In search of systemic innovation for sustainable development: a design praxis emerging from a decade of social learning inquiry. Research Policy, 43 pp. 760–771. file

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Collins, Kevin; Ison, Ray and Blackmore, Chris (2005). River basin planning project: social learning (Science Report SC050037/SR1). Environment Agency, Bristol, UK. file


Fazey, Ioan; Evely, Anna C.; Reed, Mark S.; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Kruijsen, Joanneke; White , Piran C. L.; Newsham, Andrew; Jin, Lixian; Cortazzi, Martin; Phillipson, Jeremy; Blackstock, Kirsty; Entwhistle, Noel; Sheate, William; Armstrong, Fiona; Blackmore, Chris; Fazey, John; Ingram, Julie; Gregson, Jon; Lowe, Philip; Morton , Sarah and Trevitt, Chris (2013). Knowledge exchange: a review and research agenda for environmental management. Environmental Conservation, 40(1) pp. 19–36.

Furniss, Pamela and Blackmore, Chris (2009). Tools and techniques for environmental decision making. In: Wilson, Gordon; Furniss, Pamela and Kimbowa, Richard eds. Environment, Development, and Sustainability: Perspectives and cases from around the world. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 250–258.


Hubert, Bernard; Ison, Ray; Sriskandarajah, Nadarajah ; Blackmore, Chris; Cerf, Marianne ; Avelange, Isabelle ; Barbier, Marc and Steyaert, Patrick (2012). Learning in European agricultural and rural networks: building a systemic research agenda. In: Darnhofer, Ika; Gibbon, David and Dedieu, Benoit eds. Farming Systems Research into the 21st Century: The New Dynamic. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 179–200. file


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Ison, Ray and Blackmore, Chris (2012). Designing and developing a reflexive learning system for managing systemic change in a climate-change world based on cyber-systemic understandings. In: European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR 2012), 09-13 April 2012, Vienna.

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Ison, Ray; Blackmore, Chris and Collins, Kevin (2006). Learning to start systemically in environmental decision making. In: 7th European IFSA Symposium, 7-11 May 2006, Wageningen, The Netherlands. file

Ison, Ray; Blackmore, Chris and Armson, Rosalind (2003). Learning participation as systems practice. In: International Workshop on Teaching and Learning Participation in Higher Education, 2-4 April 2003, Brighton, UK. file

Ison, R. L.; High , C.; Blackmore, C. P. and Cerf, M. (2000). Theoretical frameworks for learning-based approaches to change in industrialised-country agricultures. In: Cerf, Marianne; Gibbon, David; Hubert, Bernard; Ison, Ray; Jiggins, Janice; Paine, Mark; Proost, Jet and Röling, Niels eds. Cow up a Tree: Knowing and Learning for Change in Agriculture. Case Studies from Industrialised Countries. Science update. Paris: INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) Editions, pp. 31–54.


Morris, Dick; Oreszczyn, Sue; Blackmore, Christine; Ison, Raymond and Martin, Stephen (2006). A Systemic approach to scoping of factors influencing more sustainable land use in Herefordshire. Local Environment, 11(6) pp. 683–699. file


Reynolds, Martin and Blackmore, Chris (2013). Two cultures? Working with moral dilemmas in environmental science. AWERProcedia Advances in Applied Sciences, 1 pp. 233–240. file

Reynolds, Martin; Blackmore, Chris and Smith, Mark (2009). Epilogue. In: Reynolds, Martin; Blackmore, Christine and Smith, Mark eds. The Environmental Responsibility Reader. Zed Books and The Open University, pp. 341–347. file


Sriskandarajah, Nadarajah; Bawden, Richard; Blackmore, Chris; Tidball, Keith G. and Wals, Arjen E. J . (2010). Resilience in learning systems: case studies in university education. Environmental Education Research, 16(5 & 6) pp. 559–573.

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