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Oliveira, Lucas Lima de; da Silva, Andrea Lago; Pereira, Carla Roberta and Chaudhuri, Atanu (2023). The stakeholder's roles in risk management related to food supply chain recalls: a systematic literature review. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 34(1) pp. 106–129.

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de Moraes, Camila Colombo; Costa, Flávio Henrique de Oliveira; da Silva, Andrea Lago; César, Aldara da Silva; Delai, Ivete and Pereira, Carla Roberta (2022). Causes and prevention practices of food waste in fruit and vegetable supply chains: How is Brazil dealing with these issues? Waste Management, 154 pp. 320–330.

Costa, Flávio Henrique de Oliveira; de Moraes, Camila Colombo; da Silva, Andrea Lago; Delai, Ivete; Chaudhuri, Atanu and Pereira, Carla Roberta (2022). Does resilience reduce food waste? Analysis of Brazilian supplier-retailer dyad. Journal of Cleaner Production, 338, article no. 130488.

Bloomfield, Sarah; Pereira, Carla; Mutwarasibo, Fidele; Horáčková, Clare; Mcarthur, Marni and Philips, Mike (2022). Retention issues on CMDA apprenticeship programs: who is withdrawing, when, and why? In: SCiLAB Festival of Scholarship 2022, Tuesday 7 Jun, The Open University.

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de Moraes, Camila Colombo; de Oliveira Costa, Flávio Henrique; Pereira, Carla Roberta; da Silva, Andrea Lago and Delai, Ivete (2020). Retail food waste: mapping causes and reduction practices. Journal of Cleaner Production, 256, article no. 120124.

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Decker Junior, Claudio; Ferreira, João Carlos Espíndola; Henning, Elisa and Pereira, Carla (2019). Assessment of shop floor layouts in the context of process plans with alternatives. Production, 29, article no. e20180078.

Goulart, Betina Capanema; Pereira, Carla Roberta; Leite, Luciana Rosa and Bond, Danielle (2019). Melhoria do processo de importação a partir de conceitos do lean. Revista Produção Online, 19(3) pp. 811–836.

Costa, Flávio Henrique De Oliveira; Da Silva, Andrea Lago; Pereira, Carla Roberta; Pereira, Susana Carla Farias and Gómez Paredes, Fernando José (2019). Achieving organisational resilience through inbound logistics effort. British Food Journal, 122(2) pp. 432–447.

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Brunnquel, Vanessa; Vitor de Oliveira, Paulo; Bond, Danielle; Leite, Luciana Rosa and Pereira, Carla Roberta (2018). Resiliência na cadeia de suprimentos: estudo de caso em uma indústria metalmecânica. Suma de Negocios, 9(19) pp. 25–35.

Pereira, Carla Roberta and Da Silva, Andrea Lago (2018). Rumo a cadeias resilientes. GV-executivo, 17(1) pp. 34–36.

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Costa, Flávio Henrique de Oliveira; Silva, Andrea Lago da and Pereira, Carla Roberta (2016). O que favorece a resiliência na cadeia de suprimentos? Insights a partir de uma revisão sistemática de literatura. Revista Produção Online, 16(3) pp. 916–946.

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da Silva Garcia, Franciele; Lago Da Silva, Andrea and Pereira, Carla Roberta (2015). Supplier Relationship Management: a review focused on Logistics and Production integration. Revista Gestão da Produção Operações e Sistemas, 10(4)

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Lago Da Silva, Andrea; Christopher, Martin and Roberta Pereira, Carla (2014). Achieving supply chain resilience: the role of procurement. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 19(5/6) pp. 626–642.

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