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Alimajstorovic, Zerin; Pascual-Baixauli, Ester; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Sharrack, Basil; Loughlin, A. Jane; Romero, Ignacio A. and Preston, Jane E. (2020). Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics modulation by diet and cytokines in rats. Fluids and barriers of the CNS, 17, article no. 10 (2020). file

Pucci, Perla; Venalainen, Erik; Alborelli, Ilaria; Quagliata, Luca; Hawkes, Cheryl; Mather, Rebecca; Romero, Ignacio A; Rigas, Sushila; Wang, Yuzhuo and Crea, Francesco (2020). LncRNA HORAS5 Promotes Taxane Resistance in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer via a BCL2A1-dependent Mechanism. Epigenomics (In Press). restricted access item, not available for direct download

Contu, Laura; Carare, Roxana O. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2019). Knockout of apolipoprotein A‐I decreases parenchymal and vascular β‐amyloid pathology in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, 45(7) pp. 698–714.

Rich, Steven A.; Carare, Roxana O.; Snyder, Peter J. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2019). The Case For Cholinesterase Inhibition To Modify Neurodegenerative Diseases Through The Intramural Periarterial Drainage Of The Cns (IPAD). In: Alzheimer's & Dementia, Elsevier, 15(7) P926.

Nizari, Shereen; Carare, Roxana O.; Romero, Ignacio A. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2019). 3D Reconstruction of the Neurovascular Unit Reveals Differential Loss of Cholinergic Innervation in the Cortex and Hippocampus of the Adult Mouse Brain. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 11, article no. 172. file

Contu, Laura; Nizari, Shereen; Heath, Christopher J. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2019). Pre- and postnatal high fat feeding differentially affects the structure and integrity of the neurovascular unit of 16-month old male and female mice. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13, article no. 1045. filefilefilefilefilefile

Albargothy, Nazira J.; Johnston, David A.; MacGregor-Sharp, Matthew; Weller, Roy O.; Verma, Ajay; Hawkes, Cheryl A. and Carare, Roxana O. (2018). Convective infux/glymphatic system: tracers injected into the CSF enter and leave the brain along separate periarterial basement membrane pathways. Acta Neuropathologica, 136(1) pp. 139–152. file

Horsburgh, Karen; Wardlaw, Joanna M.; van Agtmael, Tom; Allan, Stuart M.; Ashford, Mike L. J.; Bath, Philip M.; Brown, Rosalind; Berwick, Jason; Cader, M. Zameel; Carare, Roxana O.; Davis, John B.; Duncombe, Jessica; Farr, Tracy D.; Fowler, Jill H.; Goense, Jozien; Granata, Alessandra; Hall, Catherine N.; Hainsworth, Atticus H.; Harvey, Adam; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Joutel, Anne; Kalaria, Rajesh N.; Kehoe, Patrick G.; Lawrence, Catherine B.; Lockhart, Andy; Love, Seth; Macleod, Malcolm R.; Macrae, I Mhairi; Markus, Hugh S.; McCabe, Chris; McColl, Barry W.; Meakin, Paul J.; Miller, Alyson; Nedergaard, Maiken; O'Sullivan, Michael; Quinn, Terry J.; Rajani, Rikesh; Saksida, Lisa M.; Smith, Colin; Smith, Kenneth J.; Touyz, Rhian M.; Trueman, Rebecca C.; Wang, Tao; Williams, Anna; Williams, Steven C. R. and Work, Lorraine M. (2018). Small vessels, dementia and chronic diseases - molecular mechanisms and pathophysiology. Clinical Science, 132(8) pp. 851–868.

Nizari, Shereen; Romero, Ignacio A. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2017). The role of perivascular innervation and neurally mediated vasoreactivity in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease. Clinical Science, 131(12) pp. 1207–1214.

Morris, Alan W. J.; Sharp, Matthew MacGregor; Albargothy, Nazira J.; Fernandes, Rute; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Verma, Ajay; Weller, Roy O. and Carare, Roxana O. (2016). Vascular basement membranes as pathways for the passage of fluid into and out of the brain. Acta Neuropathologica, 131(5) pp. 725–736. file

Nizari, Shereen; Carare, Roxana O. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2016). Increased Aβ pathology in aged Tg2576 mice born to mothers fed a high fat diet. Scientific reports, 6, article no. 21981. file

Diem, Alexandra K.; Tan, Mingyi; Bressloff, Neil W.; Hawkes, Cheryl; Morris, Alan W. J.; Weller, Roy O. and Carare, Roxana O. (2016). A Simulation Model of Periarterial Clearance of Amyloid-β from the Brain. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 8, article no. 18. file

Weller, Roy O.; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Carare, Roxana O. and Hardy, John (2015). Does the difference between PART and Alzheimer’s disease lie in the age-related changes in cerebral arteries that trigger the accumulation of Aβ and propagation of tau? Acta Neuropathologica, 129(5) pp. 763–766.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Gentleman, Steve M.; Nicoll, James A. R. and Carare, Roxana O. (2015). Prenatal high-fat diet alters the cerebrovasculature and clearance of β-amyloid in adult offspring. Journal of Pathology, 235(4) pp. 619–631.

Weller, Roy O.; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Kalaria, Raj N.; Werring, David J. and Carare, Roxana O. (2015). White matter changes in dementia: role of impaired drainage of interstitial fluid. Brain Pathology, 25(1) pp. 63–78. file

Morris, Alan W. J.; Carare, Roxana O.; Schreiber, Stefanie and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2014). The cerebrovascular basement membrane: Role in the clearance of β-amyloid and cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 6, article no. 251. file

Maki, Takakuni; Okamoto, Yoko; Carare, Roxana O.; Hase, Yoshiki; Hattori, Yorito; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Saito, Satoshi; Yamamoto, Yumi; Terasaki, Yasukazu; Ishibashi-Ueda, Hatsue; Taguchi, Akihiko; Takahashi, Ryosuke; Miyakawa, Taihei; Kalaria, Raj N.; Lo, Eng H.; Arai, Ken and Ihara, Masafumi (2014). Phosphodiesterase III inhibitor promotes drainage of cerebrovascular β-amyloid. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, 1(8) pp. 519–533. file

Carare, R. O.; Hawkes, C. A. and Weller, R. O. (2014). Afferent and efferent immunological pathways of the brain. Anatomy, Function and Failure. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 36 pp. 9–14.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Carare, Roxana O. and Weller, Roy O. (2014). Amyloid and tau in the brain in sporadic Alzheimer's disease: defining the chicken and the egg. Acta Neuropathologica, 127(4) pp. 617–618. file

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Jayakody, Nimeshi; Johnston, David A.; Bechmann, Ingo and Carare, Roxana O. (2014). Failure of perivascular drainage of β-amyloid in cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Brain Pathology, 24(4) pp. 396–403.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Michalski, Dominik; Anders, Rebecca; Nissel, Sabine; Grosche, Jens; Bechmann, Ingo; Carare, Roxana O. and Härtig, Wolfgang (2013). Stroke-induced opposite and age-dependent changes of vessel-associated markers in co-morbid transgenic mice with Alzheimer-like alterations. Experimental Neurology, 250 pp. 270–281.

Hawkes, C. A.; Shaw, J. E.; Brown, M.; Sampson, A. P.; McLaurin, J. and Carare, R. O. (2013). MK886 reduces cerebral amyloid angiopathy severity in TgCRND8 mice. Neurodegenerative Diseases, 13(1) pp. 17–23.

Carare, R. O.; Hawkes, C. A.; Jeffrey, M.; Kalaria, R. N. and Weller, R. O. (2013). Review: Cerebral amyloid angiopathy, prion angiopathy, CADASIL and the spectrum of protein elimination failure angiopathies (PEFA) in neurodegenerative disease with a focus on therapy. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, 39(6) pp. 593–611.

Carare, Roxana Octavia; Teeling, Jessica Liesbeth; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Püntener, Ursula; Weller, Roy O.; Nicoll, James A. R. and Perry, Victor Hugh (2013). Immune complex formation impairs the elimination of solutes from the brain: implications for immunotherapy in Alzheimer's disease. Acta neuropathologica communications, 1(1), article no. 48. file

Dorr, Adrienne; Sahota, Bhupinder; Chinta, Lakshminarayan V.; Brown, Mary E.; Lai, Aaron Y.; Ma, Keran; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; McLaurin, JoAnne and Stefanovic, Bojana (2012). Amyloid-β-dependent compromise of microvascular structure and function in a model of Alzheimer's disease. Brain, 135(10) pp. 3039–3050.

Amritraj, Asha; Posse de Chaves, Elena I.; Hawkes, Cheryl; MacDonald, Richard G. and Kar, Satyabrata (2012). Single-transmembrane domain IGF-II/M6P receptor: potential interaction with G protein and its association with cholesterol-rich membrane domains. Endocrinology, 153(10) pp. 4784–4798.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Deng, LeHua; Fenili, Daniela; Nitz, Mark and McLaurin, JoAnne (2012). In vivo uptake of β-amyloid by non-plaque associated microglia. Current Alzheimer Research, 9(8) pp. 890–901.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Sullivan, Patrick M.; Hands, Sarah; Weller, Roy O.; Nicoll, James A. R. and Carare, Roxana O. (2012). Disruption of arterial perivascular drainage of amyloid-β from the brains of mice expressing the human APOE ε4 allele. PLoS ONE, 7(7), article no. e41636. file

Finney, Constance A. M.; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Kain, Dylan C.; Dhabangi, Aggrey; Musoke, Charles; Cserti-Gazdewich, Christine; Oravecz, Tamas; Liles, W. Conrad and Kain, Kevin C. (2011). S1P is associated with protection in human and experimental cerebral malaria. Molecular Medicine, 17(7-8) pp. 717–725.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Härtig, Wolfgang; Kacza, Johannes; Schliebs, Reinhard; Weller, Roy O.; Nicoll, James A. and Carare, Roxana O. (2011). Perivascular drainage of solutes is impaired in the ageing mouse brain and in the presence of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Acta Neuropathologica, 121(4) pp. 431–443.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Deng, Le-Hua; Shaw, James E.; Nitz, Mark and McLaurin, JoAnne (2010). Small molecule β-amyloid inhibitors that stabilize protofibrillar structures in vitro improve cognition and pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. European Journal of Neuroscience, 31(2) pp. 203–213.

Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Ng, Vivian and McLaurin, JoAnne (2009). Small molecule inhibitors of Aβ-aggregation and neurotoxicity. Drug Development Research, 70(2) pp. 111–124. file

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Sun, Yedi; Zhang, Guohau; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Shaw, James E.; McLaurin, JoAnne and Nitz, Mark (2008). Synthesis of scyllo-inositol derivatives and their effects on amyloid beta peptide aggregation. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 16(15) pp. 7177–7184.

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Hawkes, Cheryl; Kabogo, Doreen; Amritraj, Asha and Kar, Satyabrata (2006). Up-regulation of cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor and endosomal-lysosomal markers in surviving neurons after 192-IgG-saporin administrations into the adult rat brain. American Journal of Pathology, 169(4) pp. 1140–1154.

McLaurin, JoAnne; Kierstead, Meredith E.; Brown, Mary E.; Hawkes, Cheryl A.; Lambermon, Mark H. L.; Phinney, Amie L.; Darabie, Audrey A.; Cousins, Julian E.; French, Janet E.; Lan, Melissa F.; Chen, Fusheng; Wong, Sydney S.N.; Mount, Howard T. J.; Fraser, Paul E.; Westaway, David and St. George-Hyslop, Peter (2006). Cyclohexanehexol inhibitors of Aβ aggregation prevent and reverse Alzheimer phenotype in a mouse model. Nature Medicine, 12(7) pp. 801–808.

Li, Tong; Hawkes, Cheryl; Quereshi, Hamid Y.; Kar, Satyabrata and Paudel, Hemant K. (2006). Cyclin-dependent protein kinase 5 primes microtubule-associated protein tau site-specifically for glycogen synthase kinase 3β. Biochemistry, 45(10) pp. 3134–3145.

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Hawkes, Cheryl; Jhamandas, Jack H.; Harris, Kim H.; Fu, Wen; MacDonald, Richard G. and Kar, Satyabrata (2006). Single transmembrane domain insulin-like growth factor-II/mannose-6- phosphate receptor regulates central cholinergic function by activating a G-protein-sensitive, protein kinase C-dependent pathway. Journal of Neuroscience, 26(2) pp. 585–596.

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Hawkes, Cheryl and Kar, S. (2002). Insulin-like growth factor-II/Mannose-6-phosphate receptor in the spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia of the adult rat. European Journal of Neuroscience, 15(1) pp. 33–39.

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