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Ko, Wai Wai (Joyce); Chen, Cheng-Hao; Liu, Gordon; Bang, Nguyen and Sachiko, Takeda (2020). IT-based product innovation strategies for small firms. Information Technology & People (In press).

Bui, Hong; Liu, Gordon; Ko, Wai Wai and Curits, Amy (2020). Harmonious Workplace Climate and Employee Altruistic Behavior: From Social Exchange Perspective. International Journal of Manpower (Early access).

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Ko, Wai Wai; Liu, Gordon; Wan Yusoff, Wan Toren and Che Mat, Che Rosmawati (2019). Social Entrepreneurial Passion and Social Innovation Performance. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 48(4) pp. 759–783.

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Ren, Qun; Rong, Ke; Lu, Chao; Liu, Gordon and Ross, Margaret (2018). Value-informed pricing for virtual digital products: Evidence from Chinese MMORPG industry. International Journal of Market Research, 62(3) pp. 350–368.

Ko, Wai Wai Joyce; Liu, Gordon; Ngugi, Isaac K. and Chapleo, Chris (2018). External supply chain flexibility and product innovation performance: A study of small- and medium-sized UK-based manufacturers. European Journal of Marketing, 52(9/10) pp. 1981–2004.

Liu, Gordon; Rong, Ke and Ko, Wai Wai (2018). Promoting employee entrepreneurial attitudes: an investigation of Chinese state-owned enterprises. International Journal of Human Resource Management (Early Access).

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Liu, Gordon; Ko, Wai Wai and Chapleo, Chris (2017). Managing employee attention and internal branding. Journal of Business Research, 79 pp. 1–11.

Ko, Wai Wai and Liu, Gordon (2017). Overcoming the liability of smallness by recruiting through networks in China: a guanxi-based social capital perspective. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 28(11) pp. 1499–1526.

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Bui, Hong T.M.; Liu, Gordon and Footner, Sarah (2016). Perceptions of HR practices on job motivation and work-life balance. International Journal of Manpower, 37(6) pp. 1004–1023.

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Liu, Gordon and Rong, Ke (2015). The Nature of the Co-Evolutionary Process. Group & Organization Management, 40(6) pp. 809–842.

Liu, Gordon; Chapleo, Chris; Ko, Wai Wai and Ngugi, Isaac K. (2015). The Role of Internal Branding in Nonprofit Brand Management: An Empirical Investigation. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 44(2) pp. 319–339.

Liu, Gordon; Eng, Teck-Yong and Takeda, Sachiko (2015). An Investigation of Marketing Capabilities and Social Enterprise Performance in the UK and Japan. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 39(2) pp. 267–298.

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Liu, Gordon; Eng, Teck-Yong and Sekhon, Yasmin Kaur (2014). Managing Branding and Legitimacy: A Study of Charity Retail Sector. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(4) pp. 629–651.

Liu, Gordon and Ko, Wai-Wai (2014). Charity Retailing in the United Kingdom: A Managerial Capabilities Perspective. Journal of Small Business Management, 52(3) pp. 390–406.

Liu, Gordon; Takeda, Sachiko and Ko, Wai-Wai (2014). Strategic Orientation and Social Enterprise Performance. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(3) pp. 480–501.

Liu, Gordon and Ko, Wai Wai (2014). An integrated model of cause-related marketing strategy development. AMS Review, 4(3-4) pp. 78–95.

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Liu, Gordon; Eng, Teck-Yong and Ko, Wai-Wai (2013). Strategic Direction of Corporate Community Involvement. Journal of Business Ethics, 115(3) pp. 469–487.

Liston-Heyes, Catherine and Liu, Gordon (2013). A study of non-profit organisations in cause-related marketing: Stakeholder concerns and safeguarding strategies. European Journal of Marketing, 47(11/12) pp. 1954–1974.

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Eng, Teck-Yong; Liu, Chih-Yao Gordon and Sekhon, Yasmin Kaur (2012). The Role of Relationally Embedded Network Ties in Resource Acquisition of British Nonprofit Organizations. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 41(6) pp. 1092–1115.

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Liu, Gordon and Ko, Wai-Wai (2011). Social Alliance and Employee Voluntary Activities: A Resource-Based Perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 104(2) pp. 251–268.

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Liu, Gordon; Liston-Heyes, Catherine and Ko, Wai-Wai (2010). Employee Participation in Cause-Related Marketing Strategies: A Study of Management Perceptions from British Consumer Service Industries. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(2) pp. 195–210.


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