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Aradau, Claudia; Huysmans, Jef; Neal, Andrew and Voelkner, Nadine eds. (2014). Critical Security Methods. New Frameworks for Analysis. New International Relations. Abingdon: Routledge.

Hill, Andrew and Aradau, Claudia (2013). The politics of Drawing: children, evidence, and the Darfur conflict. International Political Sociology, 7(4) pp. 369–387.

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Aradau, Claudia (2010). The myth of preparedness. Radical Philosophy, 161, pp. 2–7. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Aradau, Claudia (2010). Derrida: Aporias of otherness. In: Moore, Cerwyn and Farrands, Chris eds. International Relations Theory and Philosophy: Interpretive Dialogues. London: Routledge, pp. 107–118.

Aradau, Claudia (2010). Security that matters: critical infrastructure and objects of protection. Security Dialogue, 41(5) pp. 491–514. file

Aradau, Claudia (2010). Articulations of sovereignty. In: Denemark, Robert A. ed. The International Studies Encyclopedia. Oxford: Blackwell. restricted access item, not available for direct download

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Aradau, Claudia and van Munster, Rens (2009). Exceptionalism and the 'War on Terror': Criminology meets international relations. British Journal of Criminology, 49(5) pp. 686–701.

Aradau, Claudia (2009). Vida, derechos y riesgos: las paradojas del tráfico de personas [Life, rights and risks: the paradoxes of human trafficking]. In: Nicolas Lazo, Gemma; Bodelon Gonzalez, Encarnacion and Bergalli, Roberto eds. Género y dominación. Críticas feministas del derecho y el poder. Rubi: Anthropos, pp. 233–246.

Aradau, Claudia (2008). Forget Equality? Security and Liberty in the 'War on Terror'. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, 33(3) pp. 293–314. file

Aradau, Claudia and van Munster, Rens (2008). Taming the Future: The Dispositif of Risk in the War on Terror. In: Amoore, Louise and de Goede, Marieke eds. Risk and the War on Terror. London, UK: Routledge.

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Aradau, Claudia (2008). Rethinking Trafficking in Women: Politics out of Security. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.

c.a.s.e. collective; Aradau, Claudia; Bell, Colleen; Bonditti, Philippe; Davidshofer, Stephan; Guillaume, Xavier; Huysmans, Jef; Jeandesboz, Julien; Jutila, Matti; McCormack, Tara; Neal, Andrew; Olsson, Christian; Ragazzi, Francesco; Squire, Vicki; Stritzel, Holger; van Munster, Rens and Williams, Michael C. (2007). Europe, knowledge, politics: engaging with the limits, the c.a.s.e. collective responds. Security Dialogue, 38(4) pp. 559–576.

Aradau, Claudia (2007). Law transformed: Guantanamo and the 'other' exception. Third World Quarterly, 28(3) pp. 489–501. file

Aradau, Claudia and van Munster, Rens (2007). Governing terrorism through risk: Taking precautions, (un)knowing the future. European Journal of International Relations, 13(1) pp. 89–115. file

Aradau, Claudia (2006). Only Aporias to Offer? Étienne Balibar's Politics and the Ambiguity of War. New Formations, 58 pp. 39–46. file

Aradau, Claudia (2006). Limits of security, limits of politics? A response. Journal of International Relations and Development, 9(1) pp. 81–90.

Aradau, Claudia (2006). Politics out of Security: rethinking trafficking in women. PhD thesis. The Open University. file

Aradau, Claudia (2004). Security and the democratic scene: desecuritization and emancipation. Journal of International Relations and Development, 7(4) pp. 388–413.

Aradau, Claudia (2004). The perverse politics of four-letter words: Risk and pity in the securitisation of human trafficking. Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 33(2) pp. 251–277.

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