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Bissell, Christopher (2017). The Information Turn in Modelling People and Society: early German Work. IEEE Technology and Society pp. 80–87. file

Bissell, Christopher (2017). A new approach to the introductory teaching of Computing and IT at the Open University UK. In: Proceedings of the HEAd’17. 3rd International Conference on Higher Education Advances (Domenech i Soria, Josep; Cinta Vincent Vela, Maria; de la Poza, Elena and Blazquez, Desamparados eds.), Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València, València, pp. 101–108. file

Bissell, Christopher (2017). Piobaireachd [Pibroch]: the classical music of the Great Highland Bagpipe. Corymbus.

Bissell, Chris (2017). Getting technical. The Linguist, 56(2) pp. 20–21. file

Bissell, Christopher (2017). The anglocentric tendency in the history of information engineering. Translation Journal, 20(2) file

Bissell, Christopher and Boukli, Avi (2017). How the last man to see Sylvia Plath alive was punished for his quiet homosexuality. The Conversation, London.

Bissell, Christopher (2017). Convergence of the history and sociology of technology from the mid 1980s. In: Interdisciplinary Futures: Open the Social Sciences 20 Years Later, 19-20 Jan 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. file

Bissell, Chris (2016). The Information Turn in Modelling People and Society: Early German Work. In: Images of Europe: Past, Present and Future (Espina, Yolanda ed.), Universidade Católica Editora, Porto, pp. 53–60.

Bissell, Christopher (2016). The Celtic Languages in the Age of Globalisation. In: Images of Europe: Past, Present and Future, Universidade Católica Editora, Porto, pp. 719–728.

Bissell, Christopher (2016). Karl Küpfmüller. In: Maloberti, Franco and Davies, Anthony C eds. A Short History of Circuits and Systems. IEEE, pp. 267–268.

Bissell, Christopher (2016). Ernst Adolf Guillemin. In: Malaberti, Franco and Davies, Anthony C eds. A Short History of Circuits and Systems. IEEE, pp. 269–70.

Bissell, Christopher (2016). Compression, convergence and conviviality: the contribution of new technologies to developments in radio from the 1980s. In: ICOHTEC2016, 26-30 Jul 2016, Porto, Portugal. file

Bissell, Christopher (2015). Electronics and Information Engineering: a new approach to modelling 1890 - 1950. In: Pisano, Raffaele ed. A Bridge between Conceptual Frameworks: Sciences, Society and Technology Studies. History of Mechanism and Machine Science (27). Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 1–14.

Bissell, Christopher (2015). The Celtic Languages in the Age of Globalisation: Problems and Possibilities [In Russian]. ВЕСТНИК ЧУВАШСКОГО ОТДЕЛЕНИЯ РОССИЙСКОГО ФИЛОСОФСКОГО ОБЩЕСТВА, 7 pp. 160–170. file

Bissell, Christopher (2014). Interpreting the information age: can we avoid anglocentrism? In: Interpreting the Information Age: New Avenues for Research and Display, 3-5 Nov 2014, Science Museum, London. file

Bissell, Chris (2013). Foreword. In: Pisano, Raffaele; Capecchi, Danilo and Lukešová, Anna eds. Physics, Astronomy and Engineering. Critical Problems in the History of Science. Proceedings of the 32th International Congress of the Italian Society of Historians of Physics and Astronomy. Šiauliai: Scientia Socialis Press, i-vi. file

Bissell, Christopher (2013). The rôle of the history and philosophy of technology in secondary education. In: Fifth International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, 1-3 Nov 2012, Athens. file

Bissell, Christopher (2013). Control in the Cold War: the genesis and early years of the International Federation of Automatic Control. In: 24th International Congress of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, 21-28 Jul 2013, Manchester, UK. file

Bissell, Christopher (2012). In Memoriam Winfried Oppelt. at - Automatisierungstechnik, 60(6) pp. 325–329. file

Barker, Elton; Bissell, Christopher; Hardwick, Lorna; Jones, Allan; Ridge, Mia and Wolffe, John (2012). Digital technologies: help or hindrance for the humanities? Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 11(1-2) pp. 185–200.

Bissell, Chris (2012). Metatools for information engineering design. In: Bissell, Chris and Dillon, Chris eds. Ways of Thinking, Ways of Seeing: Mathematical and Other Modelling in Engineering and Technology. Automation, Collaboration and e-Services (1). Berlin: Springer, pp. 71–94.

Bissell, Christopher (2012). From Andronow to Zypkin: an outline of the history of non-linear dynamics in the USSR. In: NDES 2012, 11-13 Jul 2012, Wolfenbüttel, Germany. file

Bissell, Christopher (2011). The Open University of the United Kingdom. In: Bainbridge, W. S. ed. Leadership in Science and Technology: A Reference Handbook, Volume 2. Sage.

Bissell, Chris (2011). 'The information revolution': taking a long view. In: Ramage, Magnus and Chapman, David eds. Perspectives on Information. Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science. New York, NY, U.S. and Abingdon, U.K.: Routledge, pp. 21–35. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Bissell, Christopher Charles (2011). Hermann Schmidt and German 'proto-cybernetics'. Information, Communication & Society, 14(1) pp. 156–171. file

Bissell, Christopher (2010). Control in the technical societies: a brief history. Measurement and Control, 43(7) pp. 217–221. file

Bissell, Christopher (2010). The social construction of educational technology through the use of proprietary software. In: 7th International Conference on Networked Learning, 3-4 May 2010, Aalborg, Denmark. file

Bissell, Chris (2010). Not just Norbert. Kybernetes, 39(4) pp. 496–509. file

Bissell, Christopher (2009). Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotelnikov: Pioneer of the sampling theorem, cryptography, optimal detection, planetary mapping. IEEE Communications Magazine, 47(10) pp. 24–32. file

Bissell, Chris (2009). Control engineering and the professional societies. In: IEEE 2009 Conference of the History of Technical Societies, 5-7 Aug 2009, Philadelphia, PA. file

Bissell, Christopher (2009). A history of automatic control. In: Nof, Shimon Y. ed. Springer handbook of automation. Springer handbook series (LXXVI). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer Verlag, pp. 53–69.

Bissell, Christopher (2008). Forging a new discipline: Reflections on the wartime infrastructure for research and development in feedback control in the US, UK, Germany and USSR. In: Maas, Ad and Hooijmaijers, Hans eds. Scientific Research in World War II. Routledge Studies in Modern History. UK: Routledge, pp. 202–212.

Bissell, C C and Williams, J P (2008). Coping with a changing world: the UK Open University approach to teaching ICT. In: International Technology, Education and Development Conference: INTED2008, 3-4 Mar 2008, Valencia, Spain. file

Bissell, Christopher C. (2008). “He was the father of us all.” Ernie Guillemin and the teaching of modern network theory. In: History of Telecommunications Conference (HISTELCON '08), 11-12 Sep 2008, Paris. file

Bissell, C. (2007). An interview with Hans Sartorius. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 27(6) pp. 110–112. file

Bissell, Chris and Endean, Mark (2007). Meeting the growing demand for engineers and their educators: the potential for open and distance learning. In: Meeting the growing demand for engineers and their educators 2010-2020, 9-11 Nov 2007, Munich, Germany. file

Bissell, Christopher and Chapman, David (2007). Keeping ahead in ICT: A new approach to updating for final year undergraduates. In: SEFI/IGIP Annual Conference, 1-4 Jul 2007, Miskolc, Hungary.

Bissell, Chris (2007). The sampling theorem. IET Communications Engineer, 5(3) p. 39.

Bissell, C. C. (2007). Historical perspectives - The Moniac A Hydromechanical Analog Computer of the 1950s. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 27(1) pp. 59–64. file

Bissell, C.C. (2007). Control engineering in WW2: reflections on the wartime infrastructure in the UK, USA, USSR, and Germany. In: Museum Boerhaave, 25-26 Jan 2007, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Bissell, C.C. (2006). Karl Küpfmüller, 1928: an early time-domain, closed-loop, stability criterion. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 26(3) 115-116, 126. file

Bissell, C.C. (2006). The flow of scientific information between Russia and the West 1890 – 1960: the case of control theory. In: Annual Conference of the Canadian Science and Technology Historical Association, 28-29 May 2006, Toronto, Canada.

Bissell, C.C (2006). Classic Papers in Information & Communication Technology. Not Set.

Bissell, Christopher and Kear, Karen (2006). Networked Living: a new approach to teaching introductory ICT. In: SEFI 34th Annual Conference: Engineering Education and Active Students, 28 Jun - 1 Jul 2006, Uppsala, Sweden. file

Bissell, C. C. (2006). Math? What math? How mid 20th century information engineers subverted mathematical formalism. In: Annual conference of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, 28-30 May 2006, Toronto, Canada.

Bissell, Chris (2004). Models and Black Boxes: mathematics as an enabling technology in the history of communications and control engineering. Revue d'Histoire des Sciences, 57(2) pp. 307–340.

Bissell, C C (2004). Theory, Politics... and History? Early post-war Soviet Control Engineering. Measurement + Control, 37(10) pp. 312–315. file

Bissell, C.C. (2004). Mathematical 'meta-tools' in 20th Century information engineering. Hevelius, 2 pp. 11–21.

Bissell, C.C. (2004). A great disappearing act: the electronic analogue computer. In: IEEE Conference on the History of Electronics, 28-30 Jun 2004, Bletchley, UK. file

Bissell, Christopher; Chapman, David; Herman, Clem and Robinson, Lee (2003). Still a gendered technology?: Issues in teaching ICT at the UK Open University. European Journal of Engineering Education, 28(1) pp. 27–35.

Bissell, C.C. (2003). Histoires, héritages, et herméneutique : la vie quotidienne des mathématiques de l'ingénieur. Annales des Ponts et Chausseés(107-8) pp. 4–9.

Bissell, Chris (2002). Supporting student projects at a distance through ICT: the UK Open University approach. European Journal of Engineering Education, 27(1) pp. 5–12.

Bissell, C.C. (2002). The 'First All-Union Conference on Automatic Control', Moscow, December 1940. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 22(1) pp. 15–21. file

Bissell, C. C. (2001). The role of A. A. Andronov in the development of automatic control in Russia. Automation and Remote Control, 62(6) pp. 863–874. filefilefilefile

Bissell, C.C. (2001). ICT support at the British Open University for student projects at a distance. In: International Seminar on Information and Communication Technologies in Engineering Education, 2-4 May 2001, Galway, Ireland. file

Bissell, C.C. (2001). A.A. Andronov and the development of control engineering in Russia. In: International Conference on Progress in non-linear Science dedicated to the 100th anniversary of A. A. Andronov, 2-6 Jul 2001, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.


Heap, Nick W.; Kear, Karen L. and Bissell, Chris C. (2004). An overview of ICT-based assessment for engineering education. European Journal of Engineering Education, 29(2) pp. 241–250.


Jones, Allan; Bissell, Christopher and Chapman, David (2012). Open resources for case studies and assignments. In: EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) 25th Annual Conference 2012 ‘The role of open and flexible education in European higher education systems for 2020: new models, new markets, new media’, 27-28 Sep 2012, Paphos, Cyprus. file

Jones, Allan and Bissell, Christopher (2011). The social construction of educational technology through the use of authentic software tools. Research in Learning Technology, 19(3) pp. 285–297.


Ramage, Magnus and Bissell, Christopher (2015). Cyberneticists at war and peace: wrestling with ethical dilemmas of information. In: The Difference That Makes a Difference (DTMD 2015), 5 Jun 2015, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. file

Ramage, Magnus; Bissell, Christopher and Chapman, David (2013). Editorial: Living in a time of change. Kybernetes, 42(1) pp. 5–12. file

Remaud, P. and Bissell, C. (2009). The development of automatic control in France. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 29(2) pp. 108–114. file


Schmidt, Günther and Bissell, Christopher C. (2013). An exhibition that has yet to be. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 33(5) pp. 67–71. file


Walker, Mark; Bissell, Christopher and Monk, John (2010). The PLC: a logical development. Measurement and Control, 43(9) pp. 280–284. file

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