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Li, Ai Qiang; Kumar, Maneesh; Claes, Björn and Found, Pauline (2019). The state-of-the-art of the theory on Product-Service Systems. International Journal of Production Economics (Early Access).

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Siraz, Sonia; Sanchez Preciado, Deycy and Claes, Björn Paul (2017). Getting Up After Falling Down: A Tale of Three Communities. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2017(1) p. 17040.

Lorenzo, Oswaldo; Claes, Björn; Oksana, Koryak and Angel, Diaz (2017). Integration through orchestration: the interplay between enterprise systems & inventory management capabilities. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 30(4) pp. 555–583.

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Sánchez Preciado, Deycy Janeth; Claes, Björn and Theodorakopoulos, Nicholas (2016). Transferring intermediate technologies to rural enterprises in developing economies: a conceptual framework. Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, 34(2) pp. 153–170.

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Claes, Bjorn and Raffoni, Anna (2012). Antecedents to successful delivery of integrated product-services: what have we discovered so far? In: POMS Annual Conference, 20-23 Apr 2012, Chicago, IL, USA.

Goffin, Keith; Raja, Jawwad; Claes, Björn; Szwejczewski, Marek and Martinez, Veronica (2012). Rigor in qualitative supply chain management research: lessons from applying repertory grid technique. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 42(8/9) pp. 804–827.

Claes, Bjorn; Koryak, Oksana; Diaz, Angel and Lorenzo, Oswaldo (2012). The role of trust and control in co-exploitation and co-exploration buyer-supplier relationships. In: Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 3-7 Aug 2012, Boston, MA, USA.

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Diaz, Angel; Claes, Bjorn and Lorenzo, Oswaldo (2011). A theoretical and empirical investigation of inventory practices. In: EurOMA 2012, 3-6 Jul 2011, Cambridge, UK.

Díaz, Angel; Lorenzo, Oswaldo; Solís, Luis and Claes, Björn (2011). Benchmarking logistics and supply chain practices in Spain. Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 12(2)

Diaz, Angel; Claes, Bjorn and Solis, Luis (2011). Improving logistics and supply chain management practices in Spain: an analysis of current practises and future requirements. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 9(2) pp. 150–169.

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Koyuncu, Burak; Firfiray, Shainaz; Claes, Björn and Hamori, Monika (2010). CEOs with a functional background in operations: reviewing their performance and prevalence in the top post. Human Resource Management Journal, 49(5) pp. 869–882.

Diaz, Angel; Claes, Björn; Solis, Luis and Lorenzo, Oswaldo (2010). Benchmarking logistics and supply chain practices in Spain. In: The 8th International Conference on Logistics and SCM Research (RIRL 2010), 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2010, Bordeaux, France.

Claes, Bjorn and Martinez, Veronica (2010). Servitization ecology: changing product-centric manufacturers to become product-service providers. In: Dare to Care: Passion and Compassion in Management Practice and Research, 6-10 Aug 2010, Montreal, Canada.

Claes, Björn and Martinez, Veronica (2010). Challenges in transforming manufacturers into product-service providers. In: POMS Annual conference, 7-10 May 2010, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Díaz, Angel; Lorenzo, Oswaldo and Claes, Björn (2010). ERP implementation strategies: the importance of process modelling and analysis. In: Barjis, Joseph ed. Enterprise and Organizational Modeling and Simulation. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (63). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer, pp. 95–112.

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Butcher, Tim; Claes, Björn and Grand, David (2008). Supply chain work organizations: can structuration theory offer new solutions? In: Logistics Research Network Annual Conference, 10-12 Sep 2008, Liverpool, UK.

Diaz, Angel; Claes, Björn and Revilla, Elena (2008). Logistics and supply chain practices in Spain; a methodological approach. In: 7th International Meeting for Research in Logistics, 24-26 Sep 2008, Avignon, France.

Claes, Bjorn (2008). Contracting for success in the era of globalisation: aligning the supply chain manager’s compensation contract with the company’s supply chain strategy. In: Gomez-Mejia, Luis and Werner, Steve eds. Global Compensation: Foundations and Perspectives. Global HRM. London: Routledge, pp. 57–71.

Claes, Björn (2008). Contracting for success: aligning managers’ compensation contracts with the supply chain strategy. In: Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 8-13 Aug 2008, Anaheim, CA, US.

Lorenzo, O.; Diaz, A. and Claes, B. (2008). A descriptive analysis of the antecedents of ERP implementation. In: 15th International Annual EurOMA Conference, 15-18 Jun 2008, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Claes, Björn; Koryak, Oksana and Diaz, Angel (2008). A test of the moderated relation between trust and control mechanisms and alliance success. In: POM 2008 19th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, 9-12 May 2008, La Jolla, CA, USA.

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Claes, Björn; Koryak, Oksana and Diaz, Angel (2007). Control as a key success factor in supply chain alliances. In: 2007 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 3-8 Aug 2007, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Diaz, Angel; Claes, Björn and Borla, Gabriele (2007). Streamlining humanitarian relief operations: the case of United Nations Peace Keeping Operations. In: 18th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, 4-7 May 2007, Dallas, TX, USA.

Salvador, Fabrizio; Forza, Cipriano and Claes, Björn (2007). Effectiveness of the product configuration task: theory formalization and test. In: 18th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, 4-7 May 2007, Dallas, TX, USA.


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