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Authored Book

Mombauer, Annika (2002). The origins of the First World War: controversies and consensus. UK: Pearson.

Mombauer, Annika (2001). Helmuth von Moltke and the origins of the First World War. New Studies in European History. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Edited Book

Mombauer, Annika ed. (2013). The Origins of the First World War: diplomatic and military documents. Manchester: Manchester University Press .

Mombauer, Annika and Deist, Wilhelm eds. (2003). The Kaiser. New Research on Wilhelm II's role in Imperial Germany. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapter

Mombauer, Annika (2010). German War Plans. In: Hamilton, Richard F. and Herwig, Holger H. eds. War Planning 1914. UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 48–79. file

Mombauer, Annika (2006). Der Moltke-Plan: Modifikation des Schlieffenplans bei gleichen Zielen? In: Ehlert, Hans; Epkenhans, Michael and Gross, Gerhard P. eds. Der Schlieffenplan: Analyse und Dokumente. Paderborn, Germany: Schoeningh, pp. 79–99. file

Mombauer, Annika (2006). Das Bild Helmuth von Moltkes in der Biography. In: Epkenhans, Michael; Foerster, Stig and Hagemann, Karen eds. Militaerische Erinnerungskultur. Soldaten im Spiegel von Biographien, Memoiren und Selbstzeugnissen. Paderborn, Germany: Schoeningh, pp. 132–151. file

Mombauer, Annika (2005). The Coming of War, 1914. In: Martel, Gordon ed. A Companion to Europe 1900-1945. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 180–194. file

Mombauer, Annika (2000). Helmuth von Moltke: a general in crisis? In: Hughes, Mathew and Seligmann, Matthew S. eds. Leadership in Conflict 1914-1918. Barnsley, UK: Pen and Sword, pp. 95–116.

Journal Article

Mombauer, Annika (2013). The Fischer controversy, documents, and the ‘truth’ about the Origins of the First World War. Journal of Contemporary History, 48(2) pp. 290–314.

Mombauer, Annika (2013). The Fischer controversy 50 years on. Journal of Contemporary History, 48(2) pp. 231–240.

Mombauer, Annika (2007). The First World War: Inevitable, Avoidable, Improbable Or Desirable? Recent Interpretations On War Guilt and the War’s Origins. German History, 25(1) pp. 79–95.

Mombauer, Annika (2006). The Battle of the Marne: myths and reality of Germany's "fateful battle". The Historian, 68(4) pp. 747–769.

Mombauer, Annika (2005). Of war plans and war guilt: The debate surrounding the Schlieffen Plan. Journal of Strategic Studies, 28(5) pp. 857–885.

Mombauer, Annika (2004). From imperial army to Bundeswehr: Continuity and change in the role of the military in German history. The Historical Journal, 47(1) pp. 187–193. file

Mombauer, Annika (1999). A reluctant military leader? Helmuth von Moltke and the July crisis of 1914. War in History, 6(4) pp. 417–446.

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