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Paton, M.D.; Green, S. F.; Ball, A. J.; Zarnecki, J. C. and Hagermann, A. (2016). Detection of structure in asteroid analogue materials and Titan’s regolith by a landing spacecraft. Advances in Space Research, 58(3) pp. 415–437. file


Wolters, Stephen D.; Ball, Andrew J.; Wells, Nigel; Saunders, Christopher and McBride, Neil (2011). Measurement requirements for a near-earth asteroid impact mitigation demonstration mission. Planetary And Space Science, 59(13) pp. 1506–1515.

Bentley, Mark S.; Ball, Andrew; Wright, Ian P. and Zarnecki, John C. (2011). On the application of magnetic methods for the characterisation of space weathering products. Planetary And Space Science, 59(1) pp. 79–91. file


Atkinson, Karl R.; Zarnecki, John C.; Towner, Martin C.; Ringrose, Timothy J.; Hagermann, Axel; Ball, Andrew J.; Leese, Mark R.; Kargl, Gunter; Paton, Mark D.; Lorenz, Ralph D. and Green, Simon F. (2010). Penetrometry of granular and moist planetary surface materials: Application to the Huygens landing site on Titan. Icarus, 210(2) pp. 843–851. file

Paton, M. D.; Kargl, G.; Ball, A. J.; Green, S. F.; Hagermann, A.; Kömle, N. I.; Thiel, M. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2010). Computer modelling of a penetrator thermal sensor. Advances in Space Research, 46(3) pp. 337–345. file


Bentley, Mark S.; Ball, Andrew J.; Potter, David K.; Wright, Ian P. and Zarnecki, John C. (2009). In situ multi-frequency measurements of magnetic susceptibility as an indicator of planetary regolith maturity. Planetary and Space Science, 57(12) pp. 1491–1499. file

Hathi, B.; Ball, A. J.; Colombatti, G.; Ferri, F.; Leese, M. R.; Towner, M. C.; Withers, P.; Fulchigioni, M. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2009). Huygens HASI servo accelerometer: a review and lessons learned. Planetary and Space Science, 57(12) pp. 1321–1333. file

Lorenz, R.; Kargl, G.; Ball, A.; Zarnecki, J.; Towner, M.; Leese, M.; McDonnell, J.; Atkinson, K.; Hathi, B. and Hagermann, A. (2009). Titan surface mechanical properties from the SSP ACC-I record of the impact deceleration of the Huygens probe. In: Kargl, G.; Kömle, N.; Ball, A. and Lorenz, R. D. eds. Penetrometry in the Solar System II. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, pp. 147–155.

Küppers, Michael; Keller, H. U.; Kührt, E.; A’Hearn, M. F.; Altwegg, K.; Bertrand, R.; Busemann, H.; Capria, M. T.; Colangeli, L.; Davidsson, B.; Ehrenfreund, P.; Knollenberg, J.; Mottola, S.; Rathke, A.; Weiss, P.; Zolensky, M.; Akim, E.; Basilevsky, A.; Galimov, E.; Gerasimov, M.; Korablev, O.; Lomakin, I.; Marov, M.; Martynov, M.; Nazarov, M.; Zakharov, A.; Zelenyi, L.; Aronica, A.; Ball, A. J.; Barbieri, C.; Bar-Nun, A.; Benkhoff, J.; Biele, J.; Biver, N.; Blum, J.; Bockelée-Morvan, D.; Botta, O.; Bredehöft, J.-H.; Capaccioni, F.; Charnley, S.; Cloutis, E.; Cottin, H.; Cremonese, G.; Crovisier, J.; Crowther, S. A.; Esposito, F.; Ferrari, A. C.; Ferri, F.; Fulle, M.; Gilmour, J.; Goesmann, F.; Gortsas, N.; Green, S. F.; Groussin, O.; Grün, E.; Gutiérrez, P. J.; Hartogh, P.; Henkel, T.; Hilchenbach, M.; Ho, T.-M.; Horneck, G.; Hviid, S. F.; Ip, W.-H.; Jäckel, A.; Jessberger, E.; Kallenbach, R.; Kargl, G.; Kömle, N. I.; Korth, A.; Kossacki, K.; Krause, C.; Krüger, H.; Li, Z.-Y.; Licandro, J.; Lopez-Moreno, J. J.; Lowry, S. C.; Lyon, I.; Magni, G.; Mall, U.; Mann, I.; Markiewicz, W.; Martins, Z.; Maurette, M.; Meierhenrich, U.; Mennella, V.; Ng, T. C.; Nittler, L. R.; Palumbo, P.; Pätzold, M.; Prialnik, D.; Rengel, M.; Rickman, H.; Rodriguez, J.; Roll, R.; Rost, D.; Rotundi, A.; Sandford, S.; Schönbächler, M.; Sierks, H.; Srama, R.; Stroud, R. M.; Szutowicz, S.; Tornow, C.; Ulamec, S.; Wallis, M.; Waniak, W.; Weissman, P.; Wieler, R.; Wurz, P.; Yung, K. L. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2009). Triple F—a comet nucleus sample return mission. Experimental Astronomy, 23(3) pp. 809–847. file

Smith, A.; Crawford, I. A.; Gowen, R. A.; Ball, A. J.; Barber, S. J.; Church, P.; Coates, A. J.; Gao, Y.; Griffiths, A. D.; Hagermann, A.; Joy, K. H.; Phipps, A.; Pike, W. T.; Scott, R.; Sheridan, S.; Sweeting, M.; Talboys, D.; Tong, V.; Wells, N.; Biele, J.; Chela-Flores, J.; Dabrowski, B.; Flannagan, J.; Grande, M.; Grygorczuk, J.; Kargl, G.; Khavroshkin, O. B.; Klingelhoefer, G.; Knapmeyer, M.; Marczewski, W.; McKenna-Lawlor, S.; Richter, L.; Rothery, D. A.; Seweryn, K.; Ulamec, S.; Wawrzaszek, R.; Wieczorek, M.; Wright, I. P. and Sims, M. (2009). LunarEX: a proposal to cosmic vision. Experimental Astronomy, 23(3) pp. 711–740. file

Ball, Andrew J.; Ulamec, Stephan; Dachwald, Bernd; Price, Michael E.; Nadalini, Riccardo; Luethi, Benjamin; Wolters, Stephen D.; Sheridan, Simon; Green, Simon F.; Zarnecki, John C.; D’Arrigo, Paolo; Seiferlin, Karsten; Kargl, Günter and Goerke, Nils (2009). A small mission for in situ exploration of a primitive binary near-Earth asteroid. Advances in Space Research, 43(2) pp. 317–324.

Ball, Andrew J.; Price, Michael E.; Walker, Roger J.; Dando, Glyn C.; Wells, Nigel S. and Zarnecki, John C. (2009). Mars Phobos and Deimos Survey (M-PADS) – A martian Moons orbiter and Phobos lander. Advances in Space Research, 43(1) pp. 120–127.

Ball, Andrew J.; Price, Michael E.; Walker, Roger J.; Dando, Glyn C.; Wells, Nigel S. and Zarnecki, John C. (2009). Mars Phobos and Deimos Survey (M-PADS)–A Martian Moons Orbiter and Phobos Lander. Advances in Space Research, 43(1) pp. 120–127. file

Baldwin, E. C.; Taylor, E. A.; Ball, A. J. and Atkinson, K. R (2009). Initial results from hydrocode modelling of the impact of SMART-1 on the lunar surface. In: Kargl, Günther; Komle, Norbert I.; Ball, Andrew J. and Lorenz, Ralph D. eds. Penetrometry in the Solar System II. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, pp. 123–131.

Grygorczuk, J.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Kargl, G.; Komle, N.; Ball, A. J. and Seweryn, K. (2009). Use of hammering to determine cometary nucleus mechanical properties. In: Kargl, Günther; Komle, Norbert I.; Ball, Andrew J. and Lorenz, Ralph D. eds. Penetrometry in the Solar System II. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, pp. 93–107.


Hathi, B.; Ball, A. J.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Daniell, P. M.; Garry, J. R. C.; Hagermann, A.; Leese, M. R.; Lorenz, R. D.; Rosenberg, P. D.; Towner, M. C. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2008). In situ thermal conductivity measurements of Titan's lower atmosphere. Icarus, 197(2) pp. 579–584.

Gowen, Robert; Ball, Andrew; Gao, Yang; Crawford, Ian; Smith, Alan; Winter, B.; Theobald, C.; Rees, K.; Hagermann, Axel; Sheridan, Simon; Brown, P.; Oddy, T.; Dougherty, M.; Church, Phillip; Barber, Simeon; Jones, A.; Joy, K. H.; Pike, Tom; Kumar, S.; Hope, T.; Wells, Nigel; Green, K.; Ryden , K.; Griffiths, Andrew; Phipps, Andy; Sims, Mark and Talboys, Dean (2008). An update on MoonLITE. In: International Astronautical Federation - 59th International Astronautical Congress 2008, IAC 2008, 29th Sept - 3rd Oct 2008, Glasgow, Scotland.

Colombatti, G.; Withers, P.; Ferri, F.; Aboudan, A.; Ball, A. J.; Bettanini, C.; Gaborit, V.; Harri, A. M.; Hathi, B.; Leese, M. R.; Makinen, T.; Stoppato, P. L.; Towner, M. C.; Zarnecki, J. C.; Angrilli, F. R. and Fulchignoni, M. (2008). Reconstruction of the trajectory of the Huygens probe using the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI). Planetary And Space Science, 56(5) pp. 586–600.

Crawford, I.; Ball, A.; Barber, S.; Church, P.; Gao, Y.; Gowen, R. A.; Griffiths, A.; Hagermann, A.; Pike, T.; Phipps, A.; Sheridan, S.; Sims, M. R.; Talboys, D. L. and Wells, N. (2008). MoonLITE - technological feasibility of the penetrator concept. In: 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 10-14 Mar 2008, League City, Texas, USA. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Smith, A.; Crawford, I. A.; Ball, A. J.; Barber, S. J.; Church, P.; Gao, Y.; Gowen, R. A.; Griffiths, A.; Hagermann, A.; Pike, W. T.; Phipps, A.; Sheridan, S.; Sims, M. R.; Talboys, D. L. and Wells, N. (2008). MoonLITE – Technological feasibility of the penetrator concept. In: 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 10-14 March 2008, League City, Texas, USA. file


Lorenz, Ralph D.; Zarnecki, John C.; Towner, Martin C.; Leese, Mark R.; Ball, Andrew J.; Hathi, Brijen; Hagermann, Axel and Ghafoor, Nadeem A. L (2007). Descent motions of the Huygens probe as measured by the Surface Science Package (SSP): Turbulent evidence for a cloud layer. Planetary and Space Science, 55(13) pp. 1936–1948.

Ball, Andrew; Garry, James; Lorenz, Ralph and Kerzhanovich, Viktor (2007). Planetary Landers and Entry Probes. UK: Cambridge University Press.

Spohn, Tilman; Seiferlin, Karsten; Hagermann, Axel; Knollenberg, Jörg; Ball, Andrew J.; Banaszkiewicz, Marek; Johannes, Johannes; Gadomski, Stanislaw; Gregorczyk, Wojciech; Grygorczuk, Jerzy; Hlond, Marek; Kargl, Günter; Kührt, Ekkehard; Kömle, Norbert; Krasowski, Jacek; Marczewski, Wojciech and Zarnecki, John C. (2007). Mupus – A Thermal and Mechanical Properties Probe for the Rosetta Lander Philae. Space Science Reviews, 128(1-4) pp. 339–362.

Ehrenfreund, P.; Foing, B. H.; Veillet, C.; Wooden, D.; Gurvits, L.; Cook, A. C.; Koschny, D.; Biver, N.; Buckley, D.; Ortiz, J. L.; Di Martino, M.; Dantowitz, R.; Cooke, B.; Reddy, V.; Wood, M.; Vennes, S.; Albert, L.; Sugita, S.; Kasuga, T.; Meech, K.; Tokunaga, A.; Lucey, P.; Krots, A.; Palle, E.; Montanes, P.; Trigo-Rodriguez, J.; Cremonese, G.; Barbieri, C.; Ferri, F.; Mangano, V.; Bhandari, N.; Chandrasekhar, T.; Kawano, N.; Matsumoto, K.; Taylor, C.; Hanslmeyer, A.; Vaubaillon, J.; Schultz, R.; Erd, C.; Gondoin, P.; Levasseur-Regourd, A.-C.; Khodachenko, M.; Rucker, H.; Burchell, M.; Cole, M.; Koschny, D.; Svedhem, H.; Rossi, A.; Colaprete, T.; Goldstein, D.; Schultz, P. H.; Alkalai, L.; Banerdt, B.; Kato, M.; Graham, F.; Ball, A.; Taylor, E.; Baldwin, E.; Berezhnoy, A.; Lammer, H.; Koschny, D.; Talevi, M.; Landeau-Constantin, J.; Weyhe, B. v.; Ansari, S.; Lawton, C.; Lebreton, J. P.; Friedman, L.; Betts, B.; Buoso, M.; Williams, S.; Cirou, A.; David, L.; Sanguy, O.; Burke, J. D.; Maley, P. D.; de Morais, V. M.; Marchis, F.; Munoz, J. M. H.; Dighay, J.-L. and Taylor, C. (2007). SMART-1 Impact Ground-based campaign. In: 38th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 12-16 March 2007, League City, Texas, USA. file


Ball, Andrew J. and Crawford, Ian A. (2006). Which way to the Moon? Astronomy & Geophysics, 47(4) pp. 17–19.

Hagermann, A.; Ball, A.J.; Hathi, B.; Leese, M.R.; Lorenz, R.D.; Rosenberg, P.D.; Towner, M.C. and Zarnecki, J.C. (2006). Inferring the composition of the liquid Surface on Titan at the Huygens probe landing site from Surface Science Package measurements. Advances in Space Research, 38(4) pp. 794–798.

Walker, R. J.; Ball, A. J.; Price, M. E.; Sims, M. R.; Taylor, F. W.; Wells, N. S. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2006). Concepts for a low-cost Mars micro mission. Acta Astronautica, 59(8-11) pp. 617–626.

Ball, Andrew J. (2006). Low-gravity penetrometry of asteroids and comets. In: Workshop on Spacecraft Reconnaissance of Asteroid and Comet Interiors, 5-6 October 2006, Santa Cruz, California, USA. file

Wells, Nigel; Walker, Roger; Green, Simon and Ball, Andrew (2006). SIMONE: Interplanetary microsatellites for NEO rendezvous missions. Acta Astronautica, 59(8-11) pp. 700–709.


Fulchignoni, M.; Ferri, F.; Angrilli, F.; Ball, A.J.; Bar-Nun, A.; Barucci, M.A.; Bettanini, C.; Bianchini, G.; Borucki, W.; Colombatti, G.; Coradini, M.; Coustenis, A.; Debei, S.; Falkner, P.; Fanti, G.; Flamini, E.; Gaborit, V.; Grard, R.; Hamelin, M.; Harri, A.M.; Hathi, B.; Jernej, I.; Leese, M.R.; Lehto, A.; Lion Stoppato, P.F.; López-Moreno, J.J.; Mäkinen, T.; McDonnell, J.A.M.; McKay, C.P.; Molina-Cuberos, G.; Neubauer, F.M.; Pirronello, V.; Rodrigo, R.; Saggin, B.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Sieff, A.; Simões, F.; Svedhem, H.; Tokano, T.; Towner, M.C.; Traunter, R.; Withers, P. and Zarnecki, J.C. (2005). In situ measurements of the physical characteristics of Titan's environment. Nature, 438(7069) pp. 785–791.

Zarnecki, John; Leese, Mark; Hathi, Brijen; Ball, Andrew; Hagermann, Axel; Towner, Martin; Lorenz, R. D.; McDonnell, James; Green, Simon F.; Patel, Manish; Ringrose, Tim; Rosenberg, Philip; Atkinson, K; Paton, M. D.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Clark, B. C.; Ferri, F.; Fulchignoni, M; Ghafoor, N. A. L.; Kargl, G.; Svedhem, H.; Delderfield, J.; Grande, M.; Parker, D. J.; Challenor, P. G. and Geake, J. E. (2005). A soft solid surface on Titan as revealed by the Huygens Surface Science Package. Nature, 438(7069) pp. 792–795.

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Bentley, M.S.; Ball, A.J.; Dyar, M.D.; Pieters, C.M.; Wright, I.P. and Zarnecki, J.C. (2005). Space weathering: Laboratory analyses and in-situ instrumentation. In: 36th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 14-18 March 2005, Houston, Texas, USA. file

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Zarnecki, John; Hathi, Brijen; Leese, Mark and Ball, Andrew (2004). In-flight performance of the HASI servo accelerometer and implications for results at Titan. In: Planetary probe atmospheric entry and descent trajectory analysis and science, European Space Agency, Noordwijk.

Ball, Andrew; Lognonné, P.; Seiferlin, K.; Pätzold, M. and Spohn, T. (2004). Lander and penetrator science for near-Earth object mitigation studies. In: Belton, M.J.S.; Morgan, T.; Samarasinha, N. and Yeomans, D. eds. Mitigation of hazardous comets and asteroids. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 266–291.

Marczewski, W.; Schroer, K.; Seiferlin, K.; Usowicz, B.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Hlond, M.; Grygorczuk, J.; Gadomski, S.; Krasowski, J.; Gregorczyk, W.; Kargl, G.; Hagermann, Axel; Ball, Andrew; Kuhrt, E.; Knollenberg, J. and Spohn, T. (2004). Prelaunch performance evaluation of the cometary experiment MUPUS-TP. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 109(E7) E07S09. file


Ellery, A.; Barnes, D.; Buckland, R.; Welch, C.; Garry, J.; Zarnecki, J.; Gebbie, J.; Green, A.; Smith, M.; Hall, D.; McInnes, C.; Winfield, A.; Nehmzow, U. and Ball, A. (2003). The UK space and planetary robotics network. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 56(9-10) pp. 328–337.


Spohn, Tilman; Ball, Andrew J.; Seiferlin, Karsten; Conzelmann, Vera; Hagermann, Axel; Komle, Norbert I. and Kargl, Gunter (2001). A Heat flow and physical properties package for the surface of Mercury. Planetary and Space Science, 49(14-15) pp. 1571–1577.

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