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López Meneses, Duvan H.; Fraser, Arabella and Cañadas, Sonia Hita (2021). Voices of Arraigo: Redefining relocation for landslide-affected communities in the informal settlements of Bogota, Colombia. In: Ajibade, Idowu Jola and Siders, A. R. eds. Global Views on Climate Relocation and Social Justice. London: Routledge, pp. 127–141.

Fraser, Arabella (2021). La política del conocimiento y la producción de vulnerabilidad en los asentamientos urbanos informales. In: Acevedo, Paloma; Poskus, Mariana; Vera, Felipe and Zambrano-Barragán, Patricio eds. Informando lo informal: estrategias para generar información en asentamientos precarios. Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo | Inter American Development Bank, pp. 178–195.

Fraser, Arabella (2016). The politics of knowledge and the production of vulnerability in informal, urban settlements: learning from Bogota, Colombia. In: Roy, Manoj; Cawood, Sally; Hordijk, Michaela and Hulme, David eds. Urban Poverty and Climate Change: Life in the Slums of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Routledge Advances in Climate Change Research. Routledge, pp. 221–237.

Fraser, Arabella; Pelling, Mark and Solecki, Bill (2016). Understanding Risk in the Context of Urban Development: Definitions, Concepts and Pathways. In: Bartlett, Sheridan and Satterthwaite, David eds. Cities on a Finite Planet: Towards transformative responses to climate change. Routledge, pp. 17–40.

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Pelling, Mark; Chow, Winston T. L.; Chu, Eric; Dawson, Richard; Dodman, David; Fraser, Arabella; Hayward, Bronwyn; Khirfan, Luna; McPhearson, Timon; Prakash, Anjal and Ziervogel, Gina (2021). A climate resilience research renewal agenda: learning lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for urban climate resilience. Climate and Development, 14(7) pp. 617–624.

Schipper, E. Lisa F.; Ensor, Jonathan; Mukherji, Aditi; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Fraser, Arabella; Harvey, Blane; Totin, Edmond; Garschagen, Matthias; Pathak, Minal; Antwi-Agyei, Philip; Tanner, Thomas and Shawoo, Zoha (2021). Equity in climate scholarship: a manifesto for action. Climate and Development, 13(10) pp. 853–856.

Anjum, Gulnaz and Fraser, Arabella (2021). Vulnerabilities associated with slow-onset events (SoEs) of climate change: multi-level analysis in the context of Pakistan. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 50 pp. 54–63.

Byskov, Morten Fibieger; Hyams, Keith; Satyal, Poshendra; Anguelovski, Isabelle; Benjamin, Lisa; Blackburn, Sophie; Borie, Maud; Caney, Simon; Chu, Eric; Edwards, Gareth; Fourie, Kristel; Fraser, Arabella; Heyward, Clare; Jeans, Helen; McQuistan, Colin; Paavola, Jouni; Page, Ed; Pelling, Mark; Priest, Sally; Swiderska, Krystyna; Tarazona, Marcela; Thornton, Thomas; Twigg, John and Venn, Alice (2021). An agenda for ethics and justice in adaptation to climate change. Climate and Development, 13(1) pp. 1–9.

Collodi, Jason; Pelling, Mark; Fraser, Arabella; Borie, Maud and Vicenz, Simone (2021). How do you build back better so no one is left behind? Lessons from Sint Maarten, Dutch Caribbean, following Hurricane Irma. Disasters, 45(1) pp. 202–223.

Fraser, Arabella; Pelling, Mark; Scolobig, Anna and Mavrogenis, Stavros (2020). Relating root causes to local risk conditions: A comparative study of the institutional pathways to small-scale disasters in three urban flood contexts. Global Environmental Change, 63, article no. 102102.

Pelling, Mark; Leck, Hayley; Pasquini, Lorena; Ajibade, Idowu; Osuteye, Emanuel; Parnell, Susan; Lwasa, Shuaib; Johnson, Cassidy; Fraser, Arabella; Barcena, Alejandro and Boubacar, Soumana (2018). Africa’s urban adaptation transition under a 1.5° climate. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 31 pp. 10–15.

Fraser, Arabella; Leck, Hayley; Parnell, Susan; Pelling, Mark; Brown, Donald and Lwasa, Shuaib (2017). Meeting the challenge of risk-sensitive and resilient urban development in sub-Saharan Africa: Directions for future research and practice. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 26 pp. 106–109.

Fraser, Arabella; Leck, Hayley; Parnell, Sue and Pelling, Mark (2017). Africa’s Urban Risk and Resilience. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 26 pp. 1–6.

Fraser, Arabella; Paterson, Shona and Pelling, Mark (2016). Developing Frameworks to Understand Disaster Causation: From Forensic Disaster Investigation to Risk Root Cause Analysis. Journal of Extreme Events, 3(2), article no. 1650008.

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Fraser, Arabella (2022). A just recovery from COVID-19: young people from eight African cities speak out. International Institute for Environmental Development.

Fraser, Arabella (2022). Bridging the urban adaptation finance gap. International Institute for Environmental Development.

Fraser, Arabella (2021). Arraigo: Redefining Relocation for Landslide-Affected Communities in Bogota, Colombia. Building Resilience in Fragile Urban Environments, Global Challenges Research Fund.

Fraser, Arabella; Anjum, Gulnaz; Bukachi, Vera; Eltinay, Nuha and Kraudie, Amilcar (2020). Urbanisation and Climate Security: Towards Integrated Approaches for Cities. Planetary Security Initiative Policy Brief, Clingendael Institute.


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