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Ward, Kevin; Newman, Janet; John, Peter; Theodore, Nik; Macleavy, Julie and Cochrane, Allan (2015). Whatever happened to local government? A review symposium. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 2(1) pp. 434–456. file

Neal, Sarah; Bennett, Katy; Jones, Hannah; Cochrane, Allan and Mohan, Giles (2015). Multiculture and public parks: researching super-diversity and attachment in public green space. Population, Space and Place, 21(5) pp. 463–475. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Cochrane, Allan; Neal, Sarah; Bennett, Katy and Mohan, Giles (2015). Życie w obliczu inności, czyli: jak zrozumieć współczesne miasta
[Living with difference: making sense of the contemporary city],.
In: Smart Metropolia, 23-24 October 2014, Gdansk, Bernardinum, pp. 16–20.

Cochrane, Allan; Colenutt, Robert and Field, Martin (2015). Governing the ungovernable: spatial policy, markets nd volume house-building in a growth region. Policy and Politics (In press). file

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Jones, Hannah; Neal, Sarah; Mohan, Giles; Connell, Kieran; Cochrane, Allan and Bennett, Katy (2015). Urban multiculture and everyday encounters in semi-public, franchised cafe spaces. Sociological Review (Early view). file

Lebeau, Yann and Cochrane, Allan (2015). Rethinking the ‘third mission’: UK universities and regional engagement in challenging times. European Journal of Higher Education (Early view). file


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Cochrane, Allan; Coe, Neil; Randalls, Samuel; Thornes, John; Adey, Peter and Whitehead, Mark (2012). ‘State, Science and the Skies: Governmentalities of the British atmosphere’, by Mark Whitehead (2009): a critical review. Geoforum, 43(6) pp. 1057–1064.

Cochrane, Allan and Ward, Kevin (2012). Guest Editorial: Researching the geographies of policy mobility: confronting the methodological challenges. Environment and Planning A, 44(1) pp. 5–12. file

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Cochrane, Allan (2011). Post-suburbia in the context of urban containment: the case of the South East of England. In: Phelps, Nicholas A. and Wu, Fulong eds. International Perspectives on Suburbanization. A Post Suburban World? Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 192–210.

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Clarke, John; Cochrane, Allan and McLaughlin, Eugene eds. (1994). Managing Social Policy. London, U.K.: Sage.

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