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Fenton, Lori; Reiss, Dennis; Lemmon, Mark; Marticorena, Béatrice; Lewis, Stephen and Cantor, Bruce (2016). Orbital Observations of Dust Lofted by Daytime Convective Turbulence. Space Science Reviews, 203(1) pp. 89–142. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Klose, Martina; Jemmett-Smith, Bradley C.; Kahanpaa, Henrik; Kahre, Melinda; Knippertz, Peter; Lemmon, Mark T.; Lewis, Stephen R.; Lorenz, Ralph D.; Neakrase, Lynn D. V.; Newman, Claire; Patel, Manish R.; Reiss, Dennis; Spiga, Aymeric and Whelley, Patrick L. (2016). Dust Devil Sediment Transport: From Lab to Field to Global Impact. Space Science Reviews, 203(1) pp. 377–426. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Lorenz, Ralph D.; Balme, Matthew R.; Gu, Zhaolin; Kahanpää, Henrik; Klose, Martina; Kurgansky, Michael V.; Patel, Manish R.; Reiss, Dennis; Rossi, Angelo Pio; Spiga, Aymeric; Takemi, Tetsuya and Wei, Wei (2016). History and Applications of Dust Devil Studies. Space Science Reviews pp. 1–33. file

Murphy, Jim; Steakley, Kathryn; Balme, Matt; Deprez, Gregoire; Esposito, Francesca; Kahanpää, Henrik; Lemmon, Mark; Lorenz, Ralph; Murdoch, Naomi; Neakrase, Lynn; Patel, Manish and Whelley, Patrick (2016). Field Measurements of Terrestrial and Martian Dust Devils. Space Science Reviews, 203(1) pp. 39–87. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Neakrase, L.D.V.; Balme, M.R.; Esposito, F.; Kelling, T.; Klose, M.; Kok, J.F.; Marticorena, B.; Merrison, J.; Patel, M. and Wurm, G. (2016). Particle Lifting Processes in Dust Devils. Space Science Reviews, 203(1) pp. 347–376. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Reiss, Dennis; Fenton, Lori; Neakrase, Lynn; Zimmerman, Michael; Statella, Thiago; Whelley, Patrick; Rossi, Angelo Pio and Balme, Matthew (2016). Dust Devil Tracks. Space Science Reviews, 203(1) pp. 143–181. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Watkins, Nicholas W.; Pruessner, Gunnar; Chapman, Sandra C.; Crosby, Norma B. and Jensen, Henrik J. (2016). 25 Years of Self-organized Criticality: Concepts and Controversies. Space Science Reviews, 198(1) pp. 3–44. file


Bockelée-Morvan, Dominique; Calmonte, Ursina; Charnley, Steven; Duprat, Jean; Engrand, Cécile; Gicquel, Adeline; Hässig, Myrtha; Jehin, Emmanuël; Kawakita, Hideyo; Marty, Bernard; Milam, Stefanie; Morse, Andrew; Rousselot, Philippe; Sheridan, Simon and Wirstrom, Eva (2015). Cometary isotopic measurments. Space Science Reviews, 197(1) pp. 47–83.


Vasavada, Ashwin R.; Chen, Allen; Barnes, Jeffrey R.; Burkhart, P. Daniel; Cantor, Bruce A.; Dwyer-Cianciolo, Alicia M.; Fergason, Robin L.; Hinson, David P.; Justh, Hilary L.; Kass, David M.; Lewis, Stephen R.; Mischna, Michael A.; Murphy, James R.; Rafkin, Scot C. R.; Tyler, Daniel and Withers, Paul G. (2012). Assessment of environments for Mars Science Laboratory entry, descent, and surface operations. Space Science Reviews, 170(1-4) pp. 793–835. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Benz, W.; Anic, A.; Horner, J. and Whitby, J. A. (2007). The Origin of Mercury. Space Science Reviews, 132(2-4) pp. 189–202.

Spohn, Tilman; Seiferlin, Karsten; Hagermann, Axel; Knollenberg, Jörg; Ball, Andrew J.; Banaszkiewicz, Marek; Johannes, Johannes; Gadomski, Stanislaw; Gregorczyk, Wojciech; Grygorczuk, Jerzy; Hlond, Marek; Kargl, Günter; Kührt, Ekkehard; Kömle, Norbert; Krasowski, Jacek; Marczewski, Wojciech and Zarnecki, John C. (2007). Mupus – A Thermal and Mechanical Properties Probe for the Rosetta Lander Philae. Space Science Reviews, 128(1-4) pp. 339–362.

Wright, I.P.; Barber, S.J.; Morgan, G.H.; Morse, A.D.; Sheridan, S.; Andrews, D.J.; Yau, D.; Evans, S.T.; Leese, M.R.; Zarnecki, J.C.; Kent, B.J.; Waltham, N.R.; Whalley, M.S.; Heys, S.; Drummond, D.L.; Edeson, R.L.; Sawyer, E.C.; Turner, R.F. and Pillinger, C.T. (2007). Ptolemy – an Instrument to Measure Stable Isotopic Ratios of Key Volatiles on a Cometary Nucleus. Space Science Reviews, 128(1-4) pp. 363–381.

Zahnle, Kevin; Arndt, Nick; Cockell, Charles; Halliday, Alex; Nisbet, Euan; Selsis, Franck and Sleep, Norman H. (2007). Emergence of a habitable planet. Space Science Reviews, 129(1-3) pp. 35–78.


Srama, R.; Ahrens, T.J.; Altobelli, N.; Auer, S.; Bradley, J.G.; Burton, M.; Dikarev, V.V.; Economou, T.; Fechtig, H.; Gorlich, M.; Grande, M.; Graps, A.; Grün, E.; Havnes, O.; Helfert, S.; Horanyi, M.; Igenbergs, E.; Jessberger, E.K.; Johnson, T.V.; Kempf, S.; Krivov, A.V.; Kruger, H.; Mocker-Ahlreep, A.; Moragas-Klostermeyer, G.; Lamy, P.; Landgraf, M.; Linkert, D.; Linkert, G.; Lura, F.; McDonnell, J.A.M.; Mohlmann, D.; Morfill, G.E.; Muller, M.; Roy, M.; Schafer, G.; Schlotzhauer, G.; Schwehm, G.H.; Spahn, F.; Stubig, M.; Svestka, J.; Tschernjawski, V.; Tuzzolino, A.J.; Wasch, R. and Zook, H.A. (2004). The Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyzer. Space Science Reviews, 114(1-4) pp. 465–518.


Grady, Monica M. and Wright, Ian P. (2003). Elemental and isotopic abundances of carbon and nitrogen in meteorites. Space Science Reviews, 106(1-4) pp. 231–248.

Jurewicz, A.J.G.; Burnett, D.S.; Wiens, R.C.; Friedmann, T.A.; Hays, C.C.; Hohlfelder, R.J.; Nishiizumi, K.; Stone, J.A.; Woolum, D.S.; Becker, R.; Butterworth, A.L.; Campbell, A.J.; Ebihara, M.; Franchi, Ian; Heber, V.; Hohenberg, C.M.; Humayun, M.; McKeegan, K.D.; McNamara, K.; Meshik, A.; Pepin, R.O.; Schlutter, D. and Wieler, R. (2003). The Genesis solar-wind collector materials. Space Science Reviews, 105(3-4) pp. 535–560.


Fulchignoni, M.; Ferri, F.; Angrilli, F.; Bar-Nun, A.; Barucci, M.A.; Bianchini, G.; Borucki, W.; Coradini, M.; Coustenis, A.; Falkner, P.; Flamini, E.; Grard, R.; Hamelin, M.; Harri, A.M.; Leppelmeier, G.W.; Lopez-Moreno, J.J.; McDonnell, J.A.M.; McKay, C.P.; Neubauer, F.H.; Pedersen, A.; Picardi, G.; Pirronello, V.; Rodrigo, R.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Seiff, A.; Svedhem, H.; Vanzani, V. and Zarnecki, J. (2002). The characterisation of Titan's atmospheric physical properties by the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI). Space Science Reviews, 104(1-4) pp. 395–431.

Zarnecki, J.C.; Leese, M.R.; Garry, J.R.C.; Ghafoor, N. and Hathi, B. (2002). Huygens' surface science package. Space Science Reviews, 104(1-2) pp. 593–611.


Bridges, J.C.; Catling, D.C.; Saxton, J.M.; Swindle, T.D.; Lyon, I.C. and Grady, M.M. (2001). Alteration assemblages in Martian meteorites: implications for near-surface processes. Space Science Reviews, 96(1-4) 365 -392. file

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