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Gabb, Jacqui and Fink, Janet (2015). Telling moments and everyday experience: multiple methods research on couple relationships and personal lives. Sociology, 49(5) pp. 970–987. file

Hempel-Jorgensen, Amelia (2015). Working class girls and child-centred pedagogy: what are the implications developing socially just pedagogy? International Studies in Sociology of Education (Early Access). restricted access item, not available for direct download

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Tremlett, Paul-François (2015). Affective Dissent in the Heart of the Capitalist Utopia: Occupy Hong Kong and the Sacred. Sociology


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politics of enumeration and categorization.
International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 34(9/10) pp. 578–592.


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Wheeler, Kathryn (2012). The practice of Fairtrade support. Sociology, 46(1) pp. 126–141. restricted access item, not available for direct downloadfile


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