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Carter, Bernie; Bray, Lucy; Satchwell, Candice and Simons, Joan (2015). Engaging with children in designing pain research: how to do it and is it worth the effort? Pain News, 13(2) pp. 121–124.

Stiver, Alexandra; Barroca, Leonor; Minocha, Shailey; Richards, Mike and Roberts, Dave (2015). Civic crowdfunding research: challenges, opportunities, and future agenda. New Media & Society, 17(2) pp. 249–271. file


DiDomenico, MariaLaura; Daniel, Elizabeth and Nunan, Daniel (2014). ‘Mental mobility’ in the digital age: entrepreneurs and the online home-based business. New Technology, Work and Employment, 29(3) pp. 266–281. file

Fleming, Theresa M.; Clark, Terryann; Denny, Simon; Bullen, Pat; Crengle, Sue; Peiris-John, Roshini; Robinson, Elizabeth; Rossen, Fiona V.; Sheridan, Janie and Lucassen, Mathjis (2014). Stability and change in the mental health of New Zealand secondary school students 2007–2012: Results from the national adolescent health surveys. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 48(5) pp. 472–480. file

Gore, Hannah (2014). Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and their impact on academic library services: exploring the issues and challenges. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 20(1) pp. 4–28.

Mansell, C. W. and Bergamini, S. (2014). A cold-atoms based processor for deterministic quantum computation with one qubit in intractably large Hilbert spaces. New Journal of Physics, 16, article no. 053045. file

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Domingue, John and Simperl, Elena (2014). Raising the stakes in Linked Data education. ERCIM News, 96 pp. 15–16.

Pangala, Sunitha R.; Gowing, David J.; Hornibrook, Edward R. C. and Gauci, Vincent (2014). Controls on methane emissions from Alnus glutinosa saplings. New Phytologist, 201(3) pp. 887–896.

Walker, Colin (2014). Aloe cremnophila and Aloe jacksonii - cliff-dwellers from the Horn of Africa. Northants News, 25(2) pp. 14–16. file

Walker, Colin and Thorburn, Marjorie (2014). The World's biggest cactus flowers. Northants News, 25(3) pp. 12–13. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Anacleto Junior, Osvaldo; Queen, Catriona and Albers, Casper (2013). Forecasting multivariate road traffic flows using Bayesian dynamic graphical models, splines and other traffic variables. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 55(2) pp. 69–86. file

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Pywell, Stephanie (2013). Untangling the law. New Law Journal, 163(7553) pp. 321–322. file

Walker, Colin (2013). Two Kenyan sansevierias of Peter Bally. Northants News, 24(2) pp. 6–7. file

Zhang, Shu Yan; Evans, Alexander; Eren, Elvin; Chen, Bo; Pavier, Martyn; Wang, Yiqiang; Pierret, Stephane; Moat, Richard and Mori, Ben (2013). ENGIN-X – instrument for materials science and engineering research. Neutron News, 24(3) pp. 22–26.


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Hanlon, Joseph (2012). Governance as 'Kicking Away the Ladder'. New Political Economy, 17(5) pp. 691–698.

Krivolapov, Yevgeny; Levi , Liad; Fishman, Shmuel; Segev, Mordechai and Wilkinson, Michael (2012). Super-diffusion in optical realizations of Anderson localization. New Journal of Physics, 14 043047.

Neale, Derek (2012). Writing and dreaming primary and primal scenes. New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing, 10(1) pp. 39–51. file

Papaioannou, Theo (2012). Democratic governance of genomics: the case of UK Biobank. New Genetics and Society, 31(2) pp. 111–133.


Araya, Yoseph N.; Silvertown, Jonathan; Gowing, David J.; McConway, Kevin J.; Linder, H. Peter and Midgley, Guy (2011). A fundamental, eco-hydrological basis for niche segregation in plant communities. New Phytologist, 189(1) pp. 253–258. file

Ball, Kirstie S. and Margulis, Stephen T. (2011). Electronic monitoring and surveillance in call centres: a framework for investigation. New Technology, Work and Employment, 26(2) pp. 113–126. file

Boardman, Carl P.; Gauci, Vincent; Watson, Jonathan S.; Blake, Stephen and Beerling, David J. (2011). Contrasting wetland CH4 emission responses to simulated glacial atmospheric CO2 in temperate bogs and fens. New Phytologist, 192(4) pp. 898–911. file

Brown, Jo (2011). The Athenian harem: Orientalism and the historiography of Athenian women in the nineteenth century. New Voices in Classical Reception Studies, 6 pp. 1–12. file

Lucassen, Mathijs F. G.; Merry, Sally N.; Robinson, Elizabeth M.; Denny, Simon; Clark, Terryann; Ameratunga, Shanthi; Crengle, Sue and Rossen, Fiona V. (2011). Sexual attraction, depression, self-harm, suicidality and help-seeking behaviour in New Zealand secondary school students. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 45(5) pp. 376–383. file

Piotrowicz, M. J.; MacCormick, C.; Kowalczyk, A.; Bergamini, S.; Beterov, I. I. and Yakshina, E. A. (2011). Measurement of the electric dipole moments for transitions to rubidium Rydberg states via Autler–Townes splitting. New Journal of Physics, 13(9), article no. 093012.

Pumir, Alain and Wilkinson, Michael (2011). Orientation statistics of small particles in turbulence. New J. Phys., 13 093030.

Tombs, Steve and Whyte, David (2011). Corporate or Criminal? The dangers of reducing corporate prosecutions. New Law Journal, 161(7449) pp. 81–84.

Ware, Vron (2011). The new literary front: public diplomacy and the cultural politics of reading Arabic fiction in translation. New Formations (73) pp. 56–77. file


Doloughan, Fiona (2010). Bottling the Imagination: writing as metamorphosis in Ali Smith's Girl Meets Boy. New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing, 7(3) pp. 241–251.

Garthwaite, Paul H. and Mubwandarikwa, Emmanuel (2010). Selection of weights for weighted model averaging. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 52(4) pp. 363–382.

Garthwaite, Paul H. and Mubwandarikwa, Emmanuel (2010). Selection of weights for weighted model averaging. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 52(4) pp. 363–382.

Jones, Chris and Sclater, Niall (2010). Learning in an age of digital networks. International Preservation News, 55 pp. 6–10. file

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Pond, Caroline (2010). Bloodless revolution. Physiology News, 78 pp. 21–23. file

Thompson, Grahame F. (2010). 'Financial globalisation' and the 'crisis': a critical assessment and 'what is to be done'? New Political Economy, 15(1) pp. 127–145.

Turner, Nicholas W.; Holdsworth, Clovia I.; Donne, Scott W.; McCluskey, Adam and Bowyer, Michael C. (2010). Microwave induced MIP synthesis: comparative analysis of thermal and microwave induced polymerisation of caffeine imprinted polymers. New Journal of Chemistry, 34(4) pp. 686–692.


Chappell, Timothy (2009). The fear of death. New Blackfriars, 90(1028) pp. 413–423. file

Kale, Dinar (2009). International migration, knowledge diffusion and innovation capacities in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. New Technology, Work and Employment, 24(3) pp. 260–276. file

Lucas, Robert (2009). The design of an Image Bank. New Directions, 5(2009) pp. 26–30. file

Martínez Lucio, Miguel; Walker, Steve and Trevorrow, Pip (2009). Making networks and (re)making trade union bureaucracy: a European-wide case study of trade union engagement with the Internet and networking. New Technology, Work and Employment, 24(2) pp. 115–130.

Minocha, Shailey (2009). A case study-based investigation of students' experiences with social software tools. New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 15(3) pp. 245–265. file

Thomas, Judy and Gosling, Clarissa (2009). An evaluation of the use of “guides at the side” web-based learning activities to equip students in health sciences and nursing with information literacy skills. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 15(2) pp. 173–186. file


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Hvass, Anna (2008). Cataloguing with LibraryThing: as easy as 1,2,3! Library Hi Tech News, 25(10) pp. 5–7. file

Jordan, Sally (2008). Online interactive assessment with short free-text questions and tailored feedback. New Directions, 4 pp. 17–20. file

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