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Hague, J. P. (2014). Enhancement of gaps in thin graphitic films for heterostructure formation. Physical Review B, 89(15), article no. 155415.


Davenport, A. R. ; Hague, J. P. and Kornilovitch, P. E. (2012). Mobile small bipolarons on a three-dimensional cubic lattice. Physical Review B, 86(3) 035106.

Hague, J. P. (2012). Polarons in highly doped atomically thin graphitic materials. Physical Review B, 86(6) 064302.


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Hague, J. P. (2011). Tunable graphene band gaps from superstrate-mediated interactions. Physical Review B, 84(15) p. 155438.

Murphy, S. T.; Chroneos, A.; Grimes, R. W.; Jiang, C. and Schwingenschlögl, U. (2011). Phase stability and the arsenic vacancy defect in InxGa1-xAs. Physical Review B, 84(18) p. 184108. file


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Hague, J. P. and Kornilovitch, P. E. (2010). Light and stable triplet bipolarons on square and triangular lattices. Physical Review B, 82(9) 094301. file

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Autes, G.; Mathon, J. and Umerski, A. (2009). Theory of resonant spin-dependent tunneling in an Fe/Ag/MgO/Fe(001) junction. Physical Review B, 80(2) 024415. file

Baake, Michael and Grimm, Uwe (2009). Kinematic diffraction is insufficient to distinguish order from disorder. Physical Review B, 79(2), article no. 020203(R). file

Hague, J. P. and Kornilovitch, P. E. (2009). Bipolarons from long-range interactions: Singlet and triplet pairs in the screened Hubbard-Fröhlich model on the chain. Physical Review B, 80(5) 054301. file

Hardy, T. M.; Hague, J. P.; Samson, J. H. and Alexandrov, A. S. (2009). Superconductivity in a Hubbard-Fröhlich model and in cuprates. Physical Review B, 79(21) pp. 1–4.

Thiem, Stefanie; Schreiber, Michael and Grimm, Uwe (2009). Wave packet dynamics, ergodicity, and localization in quasiperiodic chains. Physical Review B, 80(21) p. 214203.

Wessely, O.; Umerski, A. and Mathon, J. (2009). Theory of spin-transfer torque in the current-in-plane geometries. Physical Review B, 80(1) 014419-1. file


Chroneos, A.; Bracht, H.; Jiang, C. and Uberuaga, B. P. (2008). Nonlinear stability of E centers in Si1-xGex: electronic structure calculations. Physical Review B, 78(19) p. 195201. file

Hague, J. P.; Kornilovitch, P. E. and Alexandrov, A.S. (2008). Trapping of lattice polarons by impurities. Physical Review B, 78(9) 092302. file


Moore, Elaine (2007). First-principles study of the mixed oxide alpha-FeCrO3. Physical Review B, 76(19) p. 195107. file


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Hague, J. P. (2006). d-wave superconductivity from electron-phonon interactions. Physical Review B, 73(6) 060503. file

Mathon, J. and Umerski, A. (2006). Theory of tunneling magnetoresistance in a disordered Fe/MgO/Fe(001) junction. Physical Review B, 74(14) p. 140404. file


Butenko, Yu. V.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Chakraborty, A. K.; Kuznetsov, V. L.; Dhanak, V. R.; Hunt, M. R. C. and Šiller, L. (2005). Photoemission study of onion like carbons produced by annealing nanodiamonds. Physical Review B, 71(7), article no. 075420. file

Cerovski, V.Z.; Schreiber, M. and Grimm, U. (2005). Spectral and diffusive properties of silver-mean quasicrystals in one, two, and three dimensions. Physical Review B, 72(5) 054203. file

Edwards, D.M.; Federici, F.; Mathon, J. and Umerski, A. (2005). Self-consistent theory of current-induced switching of magnetization. Physical Review B, 71(5) (054407)1-(054407)16.

Mathon, J. and Umerski, A. (2005). Theory of resonant tunneling in an epitaxial Fe/Au/MgO/Au/Fe(001) junction. Physical Review B, 71(22) pp. 2204021–2204024.


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Krishnamurthy, S.; Montalti, M.; Wardle, M.; Shaw, M.; Briddon, P.; Svensson, K.; Hunt, M. and Šiller, L. (2004). Nitrogen ion irradiation of Au(110): Photoemission spectroscopy and possible crystal structures of gold nitride. Physical Review B, 70(4) file


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Wang, Xiaoguang; Grimm, Uwe and Schreiber, Michael (2000). Trace and antitrace maps for aperiodic sequences: Extensions and applications. Physical Review B, 62(21) pp. 14020–14031.

Yuan, H. Q.; Grimm, U.; Repetowicz, P. and Schreiber, M. (2000). Energy spectra, wave functions, and quantum diffusion for quasiperiodic systems. Physical Review B, 62(23) pp. 15569–15578.

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